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Ranking Of The Signs That Are Most Compatible With The Heart Of Cancer

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Sensitive, dedicated and complicated souls. Not just anyone can handle the heart of Cancer, because their mood is a seesaw, a cluster of emotions that can overwhelm many. Sometimes they don’t even know what’s going on inside them. Do you want to know what is the ranking of the signs most compatible with the heart of Cancer? This ranking shows who is most likely to shake your thoughts.

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12.- Aquarius 

It is very unlikely that Aquarius will conquer the heart of Cancer, let’s say that their ideas are completely opposite. Aquarius puts the intelligentsia first, he loses himself in the thoughts that lead him to deep conversations. While Cancer is betting on the emotional, he lets his vulnerable side come out of the shell. If for some reason they end up in a relationship it might work, but romance wouldn’t be the main ingredient. Both would have to be very tolerant and have to give in to things that will please them, because the heart and mind are in constant discussion.

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11.- Aries 

Aries is the second to last on the list. A reckless, independent soul who enjoys risk. Without a doubt, their personality is a magnet for Cancer, because they secrete energy in each of their steps. The problem arises when Aries loses control with innovation, forgets reality and only wants adrenaline in their days. While Cancer finds it difficult to flow and pretend nothing is happening. Aries loves freedom, wants excitement and fun. Contrary to Cancer who is more homey, honors family and enjoys calm. The union between the two signs could become a time bomb. Cancer gets tired of so much instability.

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10.- Gemini 

A free soul? Without a doubt, Gemini is the one who goes with the flow, the sign that adds a touch of joy to your days, who is always eager to put their creative side into practice. However, Cancer does not feel very comfortable living in expectation, he needs something more structured, something that is an invitation to formality. Cancer seeks commitment, a future relationship with a traditional touch, but Geminis want to fly, fulfill dreams and go out to enjoy every corner of the world. Cancer loses hope next to Gemini, when he has no intention of settling down.

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9.- Sagittarius 

Who dares to mix fire and water? Without a doubt, it is a risk that can end in a dangerous relationship. Sagittarius is the one who has a thirst for adventure, runs away from commitment and likes that their lifestyle is respected. It is a very independent sign and that can go against the Cancer personality that puts love , solidarity and respect first. It is possible that they have a healthy emotional bond, because they do have things in common, but both must do their part and decide to choose each day over any discussion or difference. Their personalities can become very opposite and things get out of hand.

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8.- Leo 

In the ranking of the signs most compatible with the heart of Cancer, Leo occupies number 8. The intensity of Leo can enchant the heart of Cancer, because they secrete brightness in each of their steps. They are hardworking, they are committed and they are very loyal. The problem arises when Leo shows his dominant side, he is a very demanding being and when he does not have the necessary attention he leaves. Although Cancer is very protective and dedicated, it can come to feel used by the so rapturous way in which Leo behaves. It is a sign that can become very selfish and territorial, which does not get along with the loving, tender and brotherly side of Cancer.

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7.- Capricorn 

Capricorn is the one who puts work ahead, he is the one who has his feet firmly on the Earth. Their goals are clear, they like direct things and when it comes to starting a relationship they show their emotions openly. In fact, his personality fits with that of Cancer, both want to have something serious, long-term and where love is an indispensable ingredient. The problem is that their personalities can argue, a practical and stubborn side of Capricorn. With a sensitive and passionate side of Cancer. Sometimes the same, sometimes like water and oil.

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6.- Libra 

Libra is the one who is always willing to put a social touch to everything. It is a sophisticated, fun and passionate sign. However, Cancer can be attracted to such a free soul, because it is enveloped by the intense way in which they see life. The problem is that Libra always has something to do,has a full schedule and does not like to get so hooked on love matters. Which becomes a problem for Cancer, because it needs attention, security and knowing that the other person will not end up in the arms of someone else. They are both loyal, but their way of seeing life is not the same.

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5.- Virgo 

Virgo and Cancer is one of the most beautiful couples that you can find in the zodiac. Both are faithful, protective and traditional signs. Without a doubt, Cancer is the one who represents dedication on a mental, physical and spiritual level, but Virgo is not far behind, it is also a sign that honors generosity. When both meet it is like seeing the tender side of love, two souls willing to adore each other and put themselves at the top of their agendas. Both are inspired, admired and recognize their weak and strong part. They can get to have something very stable.

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4.- Cancer 

Cancer and Cancer, who said they can’t become the perfect couple? It is one of the most beautiful mirrors of the zodiac, the kind that represent sensitivity, complexity and the desire to enjoy every moment of life. The bad thing is that being so equal, they know that their mood is changing and that can become exhausting, it becomes a very emotional relationship, where the wounds of the past and the present appear constantly. They need to do their part to make the relationship work, to learn that the other is not always going to act as they please. Cancer and Cancer, they can be for each other, but there is a very fine line, which makes them the worst of nightmares.

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3.- Taurus

In the ranking of the signs most compatible with the heart of Cancer, Taurus occupies number 3. We are talking about two centered signs, who know perfectly what the concept of family means. When it comes to relationships they don’t take it lightly, they prefer something that is built with long-term patience, than getting lost overnight under the covers. They are the ones who bet on classic love, the one in which letters, kisses, caresses, everything is slower, with the aim of enjoying it deeply. The bad thing is that Taurus can become very stubborn with what he wants and in the face of such demand Cancer can lose control and show his darker side.

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2.- Scorpio 

Two water signs that love without fear, that add intensity to kisses and hugs . When Scorpio appears in Cancer’s life, it shows him what total surrender is, because it is a sign that does not beat around the bush and that he likes to pay attention to his partner. Cancer loves commitment, loyalty, and someone with whom she can show her most vulnerable side. While Scorpio does not understand reasons, it is very passionate, which drives Cancer crazy. Their chemistry is perfect, they have the mental, the physical and the emotional. One of the most durable ties in the zodiac.

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1.- Pisces 

The union of two water signs, synonymous with protection, love, dedication and honesty. Without a doubt, Pisces can become Cancer’s soulmate. Nature is on your side and seeing them together is like honoring abundance, the perfect moment when two pieces come together. They are the couples that connect emotionally and mentally, in a very deep way. They embrace more than their bodies, they are two spirits eager for a bond for life, they are not afraid of commitment. It is such a genuine bond that they can plan until the last of their days together.

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Ranking Of The Signs That Are Most Compatible With The Heart Of Cancer

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