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The 6 Couples Of The Zodiac Destined To Divorce

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6 zodiac couples who should never get married as their relationship could end in divorce

We all happened to find a partner who didn’t match us at all. It happens when his values, his conception of things, his hobbies, and habits differ greatly from ours. These differences can sometimes be unacceptable and lead to an inevitable breakup. The bottom line is clear: some people aren’t meant to be together. So yes, “the heart has its reasons that reason does not know” however, if we could avoid engaging in a relationship that sooner or later would break and break our hearts, it would be better! Find out which are the most incompatible couples of the zodiac.

Here are the 6 most incompatible love couples of the zodiac:

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By analyzing the position of the stars and planets, astrology practitioners have been able to evaluate the signs of the zodiac whose relationship is doomed to failure based on certain behaviors. Here is the response of the most incompatible couples:

1. Aries + Scorpio

Aries is dynamic and stubborn, moreover, he is animated by an inner passion that drives him to achieve great things. It takes considerable risks without weighing the consequences. Scorpio, on the other hand, is calm and thoughtful. He prefers to act with full knowledge of the facts and does not allow himself to be fascinated by the unknown. These two signs cannot lead to a harmonious relationship. The Scorpio is very attentive to his savings while the Aries tries to satisfy all his pleasures in the immediate future. When one wants to go on an adventure on a whim, the other will blame him on impulsiveness.

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2.Taurus + Sagittarius

Faithful and generous, Taurus seeks stability in their life. Unlike him, Sagittarius seeks action and novelty. Positive and playful, he hates routine. He is constantly looking for new experiences. These two signs will have to deal with a poisonous relationship in which one will ask for his freedom while the other will try to suffocate him by any means.

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3. Gemini + Leo

Gemini is talkative and curious. He likes to go out, make new friends and share his passion for gossip. The lion displays a proud and self-centered character. Focused on his person he is always looking for recognition, he needs a lot of attention in love. Seeing that his Gemini partner is constantly talking to others, he will feel that he is not unique in his eyes. The relationship is likely to end much faster than expected with these two explosive characters.

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4. Virgo + Aquarius

Virgo is a perfectionist and meticulously analyzes their actions to make sure they are not wrong. With very low self-esteem, she needs reassurance at all times. Aquarius is a free thinker who only trusts himself. He fully takes on his evasive and carefree spirit of him. During the relationship, Virgo will require an evolution of the relationship and a commitment that Aquarius will not be able to make. Through quarrels, these signs will soon realize that they are too different and that there is no way out of this situation.

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5. Libra + Pisces

Libra is logical and intelligent. He knows how to build his life by equipping himself with the concrete means to satisfy his aspirations. He does not like surprises and prefers to think before acting. Conversely, the Pisces partner will be more inclined to believe in his dreams and be lulled by his imagination. Immature and irresponsible, he will have difficulty managing the conflicts that arise. Despite all the love these two signs can share, they won’t be able to ignore their differences.

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6. Capricorn + Cancer

Capricorn is very determined. He has a relentless logic that allows him to complete his projects. However, she has a hard time expressing what she feels and takes refuge behind a cold and detached shell. On the other hand, cancer is very emotional and needs its partner to express their love day in and day out. He is sensitive and misunderstands a lack of attention. Being one sensitive and outgoing and the other logical and introverted, this union will not be able to last over time.

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The 6 Couples Of The Zodiac Destined To Divorce

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