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4 Zodiac Signs That Would Never Return To Their Ex

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There are zodiac signs that would give an old relationship a second chance. And there are zodiac signs who would never return to their ex no matter what.  They are not a boomerang that you throw and keep coming back.

Are you one of those people who’s definitely done with their ex once they break up?

If you’re one of these four signs, you are probably a little proud of the fact that you can almost never be talked into taking your ex back. But apart from that, you also know that these people are mostly like this because they have been hurt or disappointed too often.

Here are the 4 zodiac signs that don’t look back:

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Last but not least, Capricorns are known as the signs of the zodiac that have strict principles. They are all about efficiency. From their point of view, it would be an enormous waste of time and resources to be with someone again who they know is not good for them. As an earth sign, a Capricorn is grounded, which means they don’t have time for instability. He doesn’t want a relationship that is likely to fail again, and since it has obviously failed before, he is guaranteed not to get involved with the same partner again.

Whether an ex is trying to get back into their heart or just playing flirty, fleeting games with them, reuniting with an ex will be nearly impossible. That is why the ex-partner will have to take a tough no from Capricorn.

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And Scorpio is also one of the zodiac signs that no longer take their ex back, no matter what. If you’ve ever stood by the side of a Scorpio, you probably know that they can’t play around and stab very quickly if their trust is betrayed. Of course, you also know that they are like that for a good reason. You don’t mean it badly. They really just want to protect themselves so as not to get hurt.

A Scorpio won’t get back together with an ex. But not only that, he will also blame himself for the breakup. It’s not that he doesn’t realize the ex-partner’s mistakes. If your ex is a Scorpio, then he will definitely educate you about what bothered him. But Scorpios will also be mad at themselves for not seeing these fatal relationship mistakes coming.

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It doesn’t matter so much why you broke up with a Leo. What is important is that wherever your relationship went, you have likely hurt your Leo ego a little, even if you weren’t too aware of it yourself or if you didn’t do it on purpose. When lions are injured, they become cooler and shinier than ever. It is entirely what relationship problems a Leo has with you, you will never see him lose his pride! He just gets up, straightens his crown, and runs away, and it really doesn’t matter where something went wrong.

It does not mean that a Leo is indecisive when they have to think about certain things and request some time to themselves. It just means that he’s deeply hurt and has to grapple with whether or not to really draw the line. A breakup means that a Leo has officially run out of energy and has slowly drawn to the end of his or her trust. Now there is little else you can do to sway a Leo in your favor.

One of the zodiac’s best-kept secrets is that while Leo always looks so strong and inviolable, it is actually extremely sensitive. He seems to be very exuberant and fearless, but there is a soft core slumbering in him that is very sensitive to rejection. The wild mane and loud roar of a lion’s personality actually hide the heart of a cute kitten.

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When an Aries falls in love, they lose themselves quickly and fall even lower when abandoned or disappointed. But once you get into a conflict with an Aries, it’s more like messing with a Greek god of war. The fact that they are a fire sign is going to come to you really sharply in a relationship with an Aries. When it comes to arguments, Aries tend to throw fire and brimstone about. And then there is no turning back from their fiery point of view.

That being said, there comes a point where an Aries isn’t just hot-headed: he gets to a point where he’s absolutely through with the situation. And from that point he will always let you know as best he can that you are no longer in his life and that it is over for good, he is really done with you and he is no longer interested in a relationship with you. Even if the romantic attraction is still there, an Aries cannot return now because it would take them to Hell.

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4 Zodiac Signs That Would Never Return To Their Ex

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