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Which Makes You Repulsive, Depending On Your Sign

The defects of the Aries native are impulsivity and a permanent mood for arguing, that’s why she is sometimes shunned by those around her.


The fact that you never admit your fault makes you repulsive, those around you feel the superiority you transmit.
You talk a lot and stupidly just for the sake of saying something and seeming like you know it all. Try to give up pride if you want to have friends!


People avoid you because you are not very sociable and you seem to have no confidence in yourself at all.
The fact that you stay withdrawn and never express your point of view makes those around you think you are weak and incapable of great things.


You are an envious person and very rarely give compliments to the people around you, even if you appreciate them in yourself.
You are also repulsive in that you gossip and offend without caring about anyone’s opinion or that you can ruin real friendships.


You are stressed all the time, and your agitation makes those around you avoid you.
In love, jealousy and possessiveness make your lovers run away, and socially, exaggerated criticism makes you repulsive. The many defects presented are, however, defeated by the qualities!


Indifference is your greatest flaw, and those around you feel that they cannot rely on you and avoid you.
You always change your mind and annoy the people around you to the max without realizing it. In general, you let yourself be carried away and are kind only when you have an interest.


You always put evil in front of you and you are quite presumptuous, that’s why those around you avoid you most of the time.
Your constant negativism really annoys people, because no one wants a frowning face around them.


You are of volcanic nature, and those around you are quite scared when they are around you.
You always want to decide everything, not letting anyone have their point of view. When something doesn’t turn out the way you wanted, your behavior is not appropriate.


The insecurity you show often makes those around you avoid you, leaving them with the impression that you are not in a good mood.
You cannot tolerate your mistakes, but this does not make you more ambitious, on the contrary, it closes you in on yourself.


You talk a lot and force those around you to do what you want, and that is not very pleasant for them.
You don’t know everything and it’s important to admit when you’re wrong and try to learn from others, that’s the only way you’ll be able to improve.


You are very slow and you bore those around you, nobody wants to waste time waiting for you.
Even if at the beginning you are advised to change your style, along the way people will stop bothering with you!


The defects of your sign are certainly impulsivity and a permanent mood for argument, that’s why you are sometimes repulsive.
Those around you avoid you when you are not in your best shape, precisely to avoid a real scandal.


You whine a lot, and those around you will stop listening to you at some point.
Your pessimism is repulsive, no one would want a friend who doesn’t even try to smile. Even if you have problems, try to make fun of them more!

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