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When the zodiac signs get sad

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We all get the blues from time to time. Sadness is an important emotion and part of the human spectrum.

It allows us to be thankful for happiness when it occurs, but too much of it can be unhealthy.

However, if we recognize triggers – then it stands to reason that we can develop better coping mechanisms.

To understand these triggers – today we present – why the signs become sad!

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I just don’t feel like myself today.

Aries does not like it when they are not physically well or only partially well due to injuries.

They are terrible patients and poor listeners when given medical advice.

As a result, they become sad and moody if they don’t get back to their former fearless selves fast enough.

Like a caged animal, they languish and often need a good therapist and understanding friends to help them cope with physical setbacks.

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If I keep smiling, no one will notice.

Giving up makes Taurus sad – simply because their stubbornness won’t allow them to fail.

When all their efforts are unsuccessful and they realize there is no plan B, sadness and despair will take over.

This sign is so bull-headed that they often act like everything is fine — but their erratic behavior will signal a dose of the blues.

Let them know you’re there when they’re ready to open up.

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Deep waters and slow healers.

Family and friends are everything to Cancer, and when a loved one is lost it will grieve for a long, long time.

You tend to see this person everywhere and need to mark anniversaries with rituals and stories.

Because they feel the loss so deeply, there is no point in rushing them through the grief.

Give them plenty of time and be a good listener – things will eventually get better.

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If I talk fast enough, the sadness will go away.

Geminis are usually good at navigating the chaos, but sometimes they can try too much too quickly and fall over from exhaustion and burnout.

This usually happens with a crash, and the resulting sadness is loud and heartbroken.

Put them to bed and rest for a few days – they should be fine on the weekends.

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Please don’t touch her things!

The Leo personality loves to own beautiful things and they take pride in the life they have built.

When one of their prized possessions is damaged or stolen, they feel betrayed and disappointed.

They also hate being ripped off, which can lead to loss of pride and feelings of sadness.

Leo’s blues is angry and filled with disbelief that anyone could treat her so appallingly.

Most of the time, though, their self-worth resurfaces and they persuade themselves to be happy again.

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Please clean up this mess, it makes me sad!

Virgos can be control freaks, and they like everything just the same. They hate half-hearted plans and messiness.

When things get messy and Virgo is no longer in control of their surroundings, grief overcomes them.

In response, they often shut down and become physically ill — migraines and stomach aches are common symptoms of the Virgo blues.

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It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to – and then be happy tomorrow.

Sometimes it seems like Libras are always able to keep their emotions under control and stay on top of things.

A lot will make you sad – but it’s only temporary.

In response to sadness, Libra will give a good – if somewhat awkward – cry, blow their nose, and then proceed to spread happiness across the universe.

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Don’t push me, because I’m on the verge of the abyss.

For the Scorpio personality, rumination and sadness are one and the same and they love both – in fact, the darker things in life often reach their peak.

Deeply romantic, they linger over lost and unrequited loves, and elegantly weep over the terrifying beauty of natural disasters.

When Scorpio’s normal melancholy becomes a concern, friends might notice signs of self-harm, or a growing fondness for hallucinogens — then maybe it’s time to suggest rehab.

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Whats so funny about that?

Sagittarius is a natural skeptic – and because of this, they can poke fun at almost anything in the universe.

Humor is their safety valve. Sagittarius becomes sad when an event or person is so terrible that even the blackest humor cannot be applied.

Sagittarius becomes unnaturally quiet and needs time to process and seek out their lost funny bone.

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What happened to my five year plan?

Capricorn is a tough guy – especially with themselves. They visualize and plan well and know exactly where they want to be in ten years.

Sadness arises when the plan is not fulfilled or a loved one refuses to offer support.

If Capricorn feels that success has passed them by – then sadness and bitterness set in.

You must get back on horseback and come up with a new plan as soon as possible.

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Stop the world, I want to get off!

Aquarians are often like gypsies – not attached to one place or person – if you push them to commit or conform, they become sad and oxygen deprived.

Her sadness manifests itself in a lack of appetite and disinterest in the world at large.

The best tactic for getting this sign out of a hump of sadness is to send them on a vacation where they can indulge their wanderlust and roam freely.

With any luck, they’ll come back to you—eventually.

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Why do I keep making the same mistakes over and over again?

Pisces make themselves sad. This sign has a tendency to rekindle destructive behaviors and self-sabotaging relationships – then they beat themselves up for not being able to change and end up sad and angry.

But they can and do change—it only takes 1 to a trillion tries.

Hold them when they’re sad and don’t judge their questionable decisions.

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When the zodiac signs get sad

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