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When The Zodiac Signs Are Stressed

Have you ever wondered what turns a flat head into a stressed head according to the zodiac signs?

Wouldn’t it be handy to know how to prevent those pressure points and panic buttons from being pushed?

Stressful situations may not always be avoidable, but we’d like to help reduce the size of your melt by highlighting the things that fill up the characters on chalk.


They cause stress when they don’t trust others.

Aries rarely believe anyone can do a job as good as themselves or in such a short amount of time.

This means they are not good at delegating and end up with too much on their plate.

When stressed, Aries becomes scattered and unable to make decisions.

Also, they take their stress out on everyone in their shooting range, so remember to duck!


Not good at recognizing stress.

The Taurus personality is dependable and dependable and that is how they live their lives.

They don’t handle particularly large changes well, such as a move or a job swap.

It’s not so much letting go as accepting the new that gets her blood pressure pumping.

And that’s exactly what happens with a stressed Taurus – high blood pressure and a propensity to be accident prone.


You make yourself sick because of things that will never happen.

Cancers like to start a sentence with “what if” – what you get hit by a car.

What if you catch a deadly disease? What if a meteorite lands on your head?

They are stressed by the possibility of losing someone close to them and can become the living embodiment of a pessimist.

Nervous symptoms include nightmares and trouble sleeping.


They will have a breakdown if not challenged.

Doing nothing at all weighs heavily on Gemini. Highly intelligent, restless, and agile, they thrive on challenges in their professional and personal lives.

Put them in a repetitive job or a dead end job and they will literally grind to a halt and stop caring.

Weight gain and recurring skin conditions will indicate that a Gemini is stressed.


Withering flowers if left unnoticed.

This sign wants to be relevant and demands that it be noticed.

Leos are large, capable personalities who come off when treated as if they’ve reached their usual age.

This can happen when their beauty fades or their talents become obsolete.

The stress will show in how desperately they try to regain the center of attention – think Casanova’s middle-aged and lamb dressed as a mutton.


They clog it up until it’s all too much.

Virgos are bottlers – as perfectionists, they find emotions messy and abstract.

The problem is that Virgos are just like all of us, and when the lid of their ingenious bottle of emotion pops open, stress quickly becomes their downfall.

Virgo will respond with mysterious physical ailments as they try to shut down their declining sanity!


Harmony and balance – usually stress-free.

The Libra personality doesn’t sweat the little things and can balance the big things in life in a healthy way.

They have a direct connection to their emotions and can use a range of techniques such as music, meditation and exercise to reduce stress.

However, they can also attract bullies who aren’t fans of their ease.

Bullied Libra shows stress in the back, throat and through memory loss.


They break when loved ones are disloyal.

Never cheat on a Scorpio or betray their trust.

This sign is jealous by nature, so evidence of infidelity will send their stress levels into a tail cycle.

They lash out when attacking fickle friends and loved ones, and they can become ruthless.

A stressed Scorpio is someone who seems to be surrounded by a dark, menacing cloud, and they will be plagued with intestinal problems.

Scorpio demands honesty and reassurance at all times.


Happy goes happy, except when micromanaged .

Sagittarius relies on the big picture and broad brushstrokes, and he refuses to get bogged down in the details.

They also enjoy change and new horizons, but their usually happy demeanor can turn into stressful when they need to focus on what matters most.

Under the spotlight of constant scrutiny, they feel trapped and are prone to weight loss and even hair loss.


All work and no play makes Capricorn stupid.

An ambitious sign, sometimes they can lose sight of anything but the ultimate goal.

They are usually generous and temperate, but have been known to become reckless under stress and will go to lengths to attain that elusive promotion.

It’s also not uncommon for them to work 24/7, which can lead to isolation and burnout.

When this happens, they must be taught to reconnect and rest, otherwise a heart attack may occur.


They will feel your pain and avoid their own.

Aquarius absorbs the stress of other people intuitively and empathetically.

They pick up on body language and group dynamics and can tell when someone isn’t coping.

This makes them perfect for HR or complaints departments, but they can suffer from empathy overload and avoid their own accumulating stress.

Stressed Aquarius is often present in emergency departments with chest pains and dizziness that turn out to be panic attacks.


You bury yourself in stress.

Pisces can be stress heads as they constantly dig their way out of difficult and compromising situations.

They are also not good at saying no and spend too much time pleasing people who are not worthy of friendship.

When stress overwhelms them, Pisces tend to get messy and unkempt.

They often turn into hoarders and need intensive therapy to clean up their lives.

When The Zodiac Signs Are Stressed

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