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Everyone has “two faces”. Here are yours (according to your zodiac sign)

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Nothing in life can exist without light and darkness. We can’t have happiness without sadness, life without death, success without failure, good without evil… I think you got it.

So the same can be said of your zodiac sign. Each of us possesses both positive and negative traits, but we must learn to use both our strengths and weaknesses in order to grow and thrive in life.

Did you know that every zodiac sign has two sides? There are those who are completely faithful to their zodiac sign’s description, and then there are others who were born so close to another zodiac sign that their traits clash.

If you have always found your zodiac reading to be wrong, it is probably due to the reason mentioned above.

After reading this you may feel like you are a much better match for your zodiac sign.

There are tons of variations on each zodiac sign, and whether we realize it or not, no two people of the same zodiac sign are exactly alike. We all have other characteristics outside of our sign as well.

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First Face: Aries are known to be risk takers, and they are highly motivated by their goals.

Their plans are clear and they rarely deviate from them. They light up the room with their presence. Her aura is irresistible.

Second Sight: They are extremely moody, and they get frustrated with even the most trivial of things.

They can’t take it when things don’t go as planned.

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The first face: You are looking for a decent job with good pay and a partner who keeps you on the ground.

Taurus are devoted and loyal in love and will remain loyal to their partner.

They love the little things in life and want to make life easier for their loved ones. They are also sensible and loved everywhere they show up.

Second sight: On the other hand, Taurus can also end up being relentless and uncompromising.

In love, he can also be extremely possessive, which can lead to quarrels in relationships. They can also be stubborn and too forgiving at times.

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First Face: Gemini epitomizes what it means to have two sides of yourself.

On the one hand, Geminis are known for being friendly, outgoing, outgoing, social butterflies and it seems they never frown in life.

You get the feeling that they float through life and don’t let anything weigh them down. Geminis have tons of friends and are usually up for any kind of adventure.

The second sight: However, the other Gemini gets restless easily, can appear superficial at times and makes decisions impulsively.

The dark side of this sign comes out when the Gemini is under stress, depressed or afraid of something.

Geminis tend to feel restless a lot because of this “split” in their personalities.

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The First Face: You are someone who is quick to sympathize with others and you are also a good listener.

They perceive the problems and concerns of other people. Cancer is a good friend because you always get good advice from them.

The second sight: You are very sensitive, not to say overly sensitive, and prone to emotional outbursts.

This often leads to disappointment and Cancer is often misunderstood.

And then they lock themselves in their room and wait until all is right with the world again.

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The First Face: You are obnoxious and overly self-centered. Nothing in this world means anything to you but yourself.

You don’t think about the welfare of others, only your own, and you’re an asshole.

People hate you but are forced to pretend they like you because you hold a high position.

The Second Face: You love yourself and the limelight, but don’t mind helping others from time to time.

You are fun and outgoing and willing to teach and learn rather than pretend you know something you don’t.

You are insecure about some things, but not to the point where it consumes you.

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First Face:  Virgos born between August 23 and September 22 are problem solvers because they are analytical and organized by nature.

They have a high level of analysis and logic, which makes them detail-oriented.

If they need to find a solution to a problem, they will interfere too much. They also have incredible patience.

The Second Sight: Although they may appear rigid and inflexible, they remain in their own world.

You tend to be overly critical of yourself and others.

They may be obsessed with looking for a plan, and as a result, they don’t break free easily.

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The first face: You are a peacemaker. You treat almost everyone well and need stability in your life.

They don’t get involved in disputes that don’t concern them and don’t cause trouble.

The second sight: It takes a long time to make decisions and you always want to weigh everything, which sometimes makes others not want to wait for your answer.

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First Face: Scorpios, the next water sign on the list, have sharp minds and a sarcastic sense of humor that makes them irresistible to those who understand how their minds work.

Scorpios are passionate, organized, resourceful, and independent. They are loyal and dependable people if you put yourself on their good side.

The Second Face: However, if you get on the bad side of Scorpio, you will see how manipulative and vindictive they can be.

Scorpios don’t like to feel betrayed or challenged, and instead of losing their temper and screaming, they just walk away and start plotting revenge.

Beware if you know a Scorpio because they can quickly turn ugly once you cross them.

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The First Face: You travel too much and love to do whatever you enjoy. You are emotionally distant and never settle down with one person.

Although you have gained a lot of wisdom in your travels, you still do not know how to implement it.

Second Face: You love having travel companions and you are more than okay with settling down in one place for a while from time to time.

You are a free spirit more connected to this world than most.

You are kind and loving and will help those who need help no matter what that means to you.

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The first face: You put a lot of effort into maintaining an attitude on the outside. You are very disciplined.

A Capricorn can hardly be swayed from his path because he always knows where he wants to go and he goes ahead with full force.

The Second Sight: Because of your superiority (which stems from your ambition) you are often difficult to work with in a team as you are very stubborn and you lack adaptability.

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The first face: You always think first before you say anything and keep an open mind. You are a terrible liar and often giggle halfway.

You’re more creative than most other signs, and people often think you’re a bit otherworldly.

The second face: You are independent and self-reliant and responsible to the utmost. You hate asking others for help and you will go to great lengths to avoid doing so.

People tend to misunderstand you and nobody can predict your actions. You learn from your past mistakes and never make the same mistake twice.

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First Face: Pisces, like Cancer, is a deeply emotional, sensitive, caring sign with a flair for creativity.

Pisces are very sensitive and therefore find wonderful friends and partners. They are loyal to their loved ones and will do anything for them.

Second sight: Pisces, however, have a hard time dealing with reality and often look for a way out.

They also tend to be loners as they need a lot of alone time.

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Everyone has “two faces”. Here are yours (according to your zodiac sign)

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