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Which yoga style suits you best based on zodiac sign?

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Everyone knows their zodiac sign and what personal characteristics are assigned to each of them. Our zodiac signs not only have a great influence on our way of life or our love relationships, but also on our preferences and strengths.

Perhaps you have never thought about the fact that yoga and astrology are two things that combine perfectly.

 Both yoga teaching and astrology are based on many years of experience and knowledge and contribute to well-being and relaxation.

Yoga is becoming more popular every day because it has many health benefits for both body and soul.

When you practice yoga, you can relax better, strengthen your back, or simply get fit. In addition, the physical exercises increase the ability to concentrate and increase mobility.

Whether athletic, meditative or physical, apart from the numerous yoga positions, there are numerous yoga styles today. Sometimes it can take a little longer to figure out what style suits a person and what feels right.

If you want to know which yoga style suits you best, the zodiac sign can help you:

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Aries – Bikram Yoga

This type of yoga is one of the most celebrated out there. The only catch is that this style isn’t for everyone. As a fire sign, Aries are more likely to be drawn to anything that is not only challenging but also energetic.

They are characterized by their fighting spirit and outstanding temperament.

Bikram Yoga is practiced at high room temperatures of around 40 degrees . Consisting of 24 asanas and two breathing exercises, it has many health benefits.

The high room temperature and high humidity allows toxins to be released much more easily, and as each movement gains in intensity, muscles are stretched and strengthened.

This type of yoga helps Aries gain flexibility while building strength. He can concentrate more effectively and approach his plans and intentions more consciously and put them into practice.

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Taurus – Hatha Yoga

Tauruses know how important it is to balance body and mind. Yoga can be helpful to better channel their creativity. Sometimes he can do it while meditating, practicing different sports or trying new types of yoga.

Hatha Yoga, which is one of the most popular yoga styles worldwide, is therefore best suited for Taurus. There are several reasons for this, which fit perfectly with the character traits of Taurus.

Hatha yoga alternates slow and powerful postures, and ends with breathing exercises and meditation.

For example, hatha yoga helps people connect their body to their mind, be more focused and in control.

As an earth sign, Taurus is known for being consistent but overly focused on aspects that may not be relevant.

Taurus are very thorough and extremely practical and love whatever they can experience through their senses. In yoga they want to explore and strengthen their own nature.

Practicing hatha yoga would help a Taurus to disconnect and make them more patient in their daily life.

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Gemini – Kundalini Yoga

Geminis have great communication skills and love sharing ideas and feelings with those around them.

They know how easy it is to converse with people and give the impression that they can communicate with anyone.

They establish contact with their fellow human beings quickly and effortlessly and bring momentum to any society.

However, when it comes to connecting with themselves, they need to put in a little more effort.

Kundalini Yoga helps Gemini to explore and understand the mysterious duality of their own being.

It is a dynamic style of yoga that simultaneously combines chanting, breathing exercises and asanas to release blockages and allow energies to flow freely. It also awakens spiritual energy, because these exercises consist of both regular breathing exercises and meditation.

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Cancer – Yin Yoga

People born under this zodiac sign are very emotional and characterized by feelings and sensitivity.

They love to commit to someone and let their feelings run free, especially in intimate and long-term relationships.

They love adventure, but can also withdraw at times or distance themselves from their fellow human beings.

Yin Yoga is particularly good for Cancer. This style focuses on breathing deeply and feeling calm.

The exercises have two elements: they contain yin-the calm part and yang-the active part, and focus on stretches that can help Cancer release fears and emotions.

It is a slow process, with poses introduced very slowly and held a little longer than other types of yoga, up to 10 minutes.

Yin Yoga is characterized by passive stretching exercises to let yourself fall into the asanas and to be able to relax completely.

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Leo – Power Yoga

Leos are powerful and energetic. They love to show both their skills and their strengths.

This type of yoga is known to be one of the more intense types as it is more of a style based on a combination of fitness and a work-out.

The asanas are practiced dynamically and performed very powerfully. As the name suggests, this type of yoga is exhausting and sweaty.

Thanks to the challenging sequences, the muscles are trained and strengthened.

This yoga style awakens your life energy in the lion and you find your inner center.

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Virgo – Iyengar Yoga

This earth sign loves to be organized and peaceful while letting things work their way.

Structured and a bit of a perfectionist, they need everything to be right at all times.

Health and a sensible lifestyle are very important to them.

Iyengar Yoga focuses on precision and control, and the exercises focus on each asana being performed with precision and great concentration.

The precise and slow postures contribute to better posture, but with their help bad posture can be trained and discomfort in the neck and shoulder area alleviated.

Both breathing and posture should flow evenly and consciously. This allows Virgos to refine their intuition.

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Libra – Vinyasa Yoga

Libras are very fun-loving and do not lose their optimism even in difficult situations.

They attach great importance to inner harmony and spiritual balance.

It is well known that Libras are always looking for that perfect balance and want to keep that balance, and that is why Vinyasa Yoga is for them.

Vinyasa Yoga is based on combining the movement of the body with breathing exercises and includes various yoga postures.

This style helps yogis to balance their movements and breathing while calming and relaxing the body and mind.

The positions vary in each yoga class, so that it is always varied and dynamic.

Additionally, these yoga classes instill in this zodiac sign a sense of utter calm and serenity, a feeling that Libras seek and need to harmonize their inner contradictions time and time again.

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Scorpio – Acro Yoga

Scorpios love to connect with others – they make great life partners. In addition, they are very passionate about what they do and tend to improve and improve in all things.

You strive for special knowledge and spiritual experience and love to challenge yourself and to push your body to its limits again and again.

Acro Yoga is yoga where fun is guaranteed. It must be performed by a yoga teacher with an acrobatic background that you trust, and it is usually practiced with one or even more partners.

In acro yoga, trust in your partner is the number one priority , as it requires a lot of balance, communication and relying on being held by your counterpart and vice versa.

Since Scorpios love physical contact and are always looking forward to trying and experiencing something new, this style of yoga is ideal for them and they will be rewarded with lots of fun.

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Sagittarius – Meditation

The typical Sagittarius is honest, fiery and very passionate. This zodiac sign is very wise and always tries to understand things in a deeper way.

This is why meditation is best for them, as it helps to strengthen positive thinking and inner serenity.

During meditation, one is brought into a natural state free from stress and filled with peace, joy, love and happiness.

In addition, meditation can be used in a variety of ways: to clear the mind or to relieve stress. Sagittarians see meditation as a way to relax and seek a higher level of consciousness.

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Capricorn – Ashtanga Yoga

Capricorns, ruled by Saturn, are very practical and responsible while also being very good at self-control.

People born under this zodiac sign are very tough and possess exceptional endurance.

Once they set their minds on something, nobody can stop them from their plans.

That is why Ashtanga Yoga, the hardest yoga style, suits this zodiac sign perfectly because it is dynamic and physically very demanding. In order to practice this type of yoga, one must repeat the same postures over and over again in each class.

Ashtanga Yoga consists of six series that must be performed one after the other, with the intensity increasing over and over again.

For Capricorns, this style is the best fit as it offers an elaborate plan and structure that gives Capricorns the stability they so desperately need.

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Aquarius – Jivamukti Yoga

If you’ve ever met an Aquarius, you know how open and upbeat they are, while at the same time being very sensitive to other people’s emotions.

The typical Aquarius loves everything unconventional and is extremely witty and original.

The best yoga style for Aquarius is Jivamukti Yoga, which focuses on spirituality and bhakti.

This type of yoga combines sweaty and vigorous exercises and is mainly focused on chanting mantras, meditation and pranayama (regulating the breath through certain techniques and exercises).

Since Aquarius is dynamic and wants to challenge themselves physically and mentally , this type of yoga is particularly suitable for them.

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Pisces – Restorative Yoga

This watermark is very artistic, intuitive and wise.

No other zodiac sign has as much empathy as Pisces.

They love to be at peace with themselves and often being alone is one of their favorite pastimes to connect with their inner energy at the same time.

You are one of those people who love to discover and explore their own self and inner world in order to attain spiritual liberation.

Restorative yoga offers this zodiac sign the opportunity to pause and calm the physical, emotional and mental tensions of the body and mind.

Since this type of yoga is not very strenuous and physically demanding, it is perfect for the sensitive Pisces.

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