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What type of narcissist are you based on your zodiac sign (males and females)

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You may have dated a narcissist , are dating one, have a narcissistic friend, or (maybe) be a narcissist yourself. 

We’re not saying you really are. It’s also not easy to understand that almost everyone has (or had) some narcissistic tendencies in their life.

Be it in our personal life, at work, or in romantic relationships, certain personality traits are more likely to show up depending on our current or past life situation, the way we were raised, and how we perceive ourselves as human beings.

Narcissists mask insecurities with their ego and use manipulation to get what they want.

Manipulation is the most common trait narcissists use, and it’s also the most useful way to spot narcissists.

Being in a relationship with a narcissist is a different story, and we’ll sum it up in one sentence – it’s not easy.

But did you know that there are other subtypes of narcissism?

Both sociologists and psychologists have come up with subcategories of narcissism to best describe these manipulative and even abusive behaviors.

Through these subtypes, we not only see the different forms in which narcissism can manifest itself, but also the degree of difficulty in which a person exhibits narcissistic traits and tendencies.

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It’s not uncommon for all of us to have some sort of narcissistic tendencies. Deep down they are present in every human being.

But what kind of narcissist are we talking about exactly? Well, that could be answered simply by looking at your zodiac sign .

Each zodiac sign has specific traits that are most commonly found within the zodiac sign.

Undoubtedly, certain zodiac signs are more prone to narcissistic tendencies than others.

If you want to know about your own or someone else’s narcissistic tendencies, take a look at your zodiac sign.

To make things easier, we’ve broken each zodiac sign into two sections – one for men and one for women .

1. Aries Man: Overt narcissist

They are alpha males and leaders. They are outgoing, determined and have an explosive temper when provoked. As narcissists, Aries men tend to fall into the category of overt narcissism.

Overt narcissists are classified as individuals with massive egos who constantly feel the need to be in control.

When things don’t go as they should, they can become verbally and even physically aggressive.

These men do what they want, when they want, with no regrets about how it might affect others.

Overt narcissists are also very repressive individuals. They are the ones who dominate, and everyone else is below them.

Aries men are typically big and loud personalities, but when you add the obvious narcissism, these qualities are exaggerated.

2. Aries woman: Insecure narcissist

Aries women are the kind of people who take charge.

They have no problem taking the initiative in the tasks at hand and they are the leaders in their lives.

They are always striving to improve and achieve their goals, which can sometimes lead to slightly impulsive behavior as they tend to rush headlong into their latest plans.

As narcissists, Aries women fall into the category of insecure narcissists. These women want to do everything well, and they want everyone to know.

They consider themselves elite and try to climb the social ladder to improve their “image”.

They’re constantly bragging about their latest breakthrough, but don’t let that fool you!

Deep down, they happen to be very sensitive, seeking admiration to overcompensate for their insecurities .

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3. Taurus Man: Bullying Narcissist

Taurus men want security as well as the finer things in life, and are willing to work hard to get whatever they want.

They can be extremely stubborn and get stuck in their own ways.

These men like to respect that you have an opinion that differs from theirs, but they will never accept it as anything other than their own.

Taurus men tend to believe that they are always right and once they make up their minds about something, no one will ever change it.

For these reasons, Taurus men typically fall under the category of bullying narcissists. Bullying narcissist will demean you and make you doubt yourself .

If you can’t get your way, Taurus men will take to that level of bullying to make you bend down.

As you strive to compromise, they will try to force you to be the one to settle down.

4. Taurus Woman: Know-it-all narcissist

You would think that this person would have the best advice for everything. Everyone has that one person in their life who can give you advice on all sorts of things while still wanting the best for you.

These are definitely traits that people born under the Taurus zodiac sign possess.

They tend to think they are always right and are too stubborn to change their behavior.

Taurus women tend to fall into the subtype of narcissism known as the know-it- all narcissist.

The know-it-all narcissist may have a hard time listening to others since they are already thinking about how they will respond.

They want to feel like they’re the expert on any topic, and often they come off as a lecturer. Ultimately, they are harmless as long as you can tolerate or ignore their often condescending nature.

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5. Gemini Man: Compensatory Narcissist

Twins already get a bad rap for their ” two faces “. They can be somewhat deceptive and hypocritical, saying one thing one moment and doing another the next moment.

Because of their dishonest nature, they end up in the subgroup of compensatory narcissists.

Compensatory narcissists create illusions about their lives and accomplishments.

They do it to boost their ego and self-image.

This type of narcissist hates criticism and people who see through their lies, so they look for sensitive people to buy their lies.

6. Gemini woman: conversational narcissist

Women born under the Gemini zodiac sign are social creatures.

They love being around people and making new friends.

That is why we place them in the subgroup – conversational narcissist.

Their oxygen is when you give them a lot of attention, usually through conversation. They love being talked about.

Even if the conversation goes differently, they will bring it back to themselves. It’s a bit annoying, but this sure isn’t the worst kind of narcissist.

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7. Cancer Man: Victim Narcissist

You have the emotional side of a Cancer and are sensitive and caring. You would never call them narcissists. But the crabs manipulate you into seeing them as victims .

The victim narcissist is a master manipulative and in some cases you will never know that they have taken control of the situation.

Feel sorry for these narcissists. Sometimes the circumstances are real, other times they are entirely made up. Either way, they will twist and turn the situation, making you want to help them.

Just know that nothing you do can ever help them, as they will always resort to playing the victim card to get their way.

8. Cancer Woman: Reverse Narcissist

Reverse narcissists are also known as dependent narcissists. They are not narcissists themselves; rather, they constantly attract narcissists.

You are narcissistic by association. Cancer women are also very sensitive and willing to be there for anyone who is going through a difficult time.

And this sensitivity attracts narcissists like a magnet, they need it like the air they breathe.

Cancer women typically fall into the trap of the dependent narcissistic relationship, giving the narcissist undivided attention, nurturing, and praise.

Narcissists will fulfill all of their needs in the relationship while like a vampire they suck the emotional strength of the dependent person.

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9. Leo Man: Grandiose narcissist

Leos are known to have narcissistic tendencies and it’s really no surprise .

The grandiose narcissism is probably one of the most recognizable forms of narcissism.

By definition, grandiose narcissists see themselves as more important and influential than anyone else. They think they are the greatest, they walk with confidence and have one of the biggest egos possible.

Grandiose narcissists want to be envied and admired at the same time. Just as lions think they are kings, grandiose narcissists believe they are destined for great things.

10. Leo Woman: Somatic Narcissist

They are proud of themselves and put a lot of effort into everything they do. These women value appearances , which is why they fall into the category of somatic narcissists.

This subset of narcissists is obsessed with physical beauty and bravery.

Whether it’s their physical beauty or their fashion choices, these narcissists thrive on the attention and compliments they receive.

They love being in the spotlight, getting compliments, being adored and getting a reaction from people.

They attract a variety of love interests and manipulate them into believing they would be the perfect match.

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11. Virgo man: Celebrated narcissist

They want to be the best in their careers , work hard and achieve that goal, always striving for validation and perfection when the time comes.

Virgo men believe they have superior intellect and knowledge. They want to know everything and believe that their level of intelligence surpasses everyone else.

They like to point out negative traits in other people to make themselves appear superior, and they also tend to lie and make up stories to appear greater in the eyes of others.

12. Virgo Woman: Acquired Narcissist

This form of narcissism does not develop until late adolescence or adulthood .

Acquired narcissists have this notion that they are more important than everyone else, which is usually prompted by constant attention and adoration from others.

Suddenly getting rich is another cause of acquired narcissism. They are goal oriented and willing to do whatever it takes to get what they want and succeed in life.

While they may not have been narcissistic in the past, Virgo women’s egos can enter narcissistic territories with a touch of fame or success.

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13. Libra Man: Narcissist in love

They are great flirts, loyal and charming, and this serves them well in any situation. They are the Casanovas of narcissism , jump from relationship to relationship and are ultimate heartbreakers.

Narcissists in love will use their charms, flattery, and even gifts to manipulate others to get on their good side.

However, they quickly drop you when they get bored. They fulfill their goals and quickly move on to the next romantic adventure.

14. Libra Woman: Seductive Narcissist

They are outgoing, loyal and make friends very easily. For these reasons, they attract many friends into their lives; however, as far as narcissists go, these women tend to be seductive narcissists.

Unlike other narcissistic subgroups, who make others feel bad about themselves so they can feel good about themselves, seductive narcissists do the opposite .

You will make someone feel comfortable so that those people will return the favor. The seductive narcissist wants support and admiration, but in order to get it from you, she will first idealize and admire you.

For these narcissists, it’s a two-way road, and when they’re done with the attention, they’ll just keep walking until the next person shows up.

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15. Scorpio Man: Malignant narcissist

They are very passionate and have intense emotions, but they don’t like to show it. When it comes to their narcissistic tendencies, Scorpios belong in the malignant narcissist category .

This is perhaps one of the worst forms of narcissism, as malignant narcissists, unlike the other subgroups of narcissists, exhibit some paranoid traits.

They are stubborn, jealous and violent. The more satisfaction they get from their accomplishments, the worse their narcissistic traits become.

They will do whatever it takes to stay in control of everything (including relationships), so don’t get in their way.

They don’t care about being liked, they just try to dominate others and get their admiration.

16. Scorpio Woman: Vengeful narcissist

Remember never to put yourself on their bad side. These women are fierce, loyal, and protective, but once you’re their enemy – it’s over for you .

Scorpio women love to be in control and will do anything to get it, even if it means she has to manipulate the situation a bit.

Of all sub-types of narcissism, Scorpio women tend to be vengeful narcissists. They are determined to take revenge on everyone who has wronged them and show them that they are inferior.

If anyone tries to take their power away from them, they will be destroyed and put in place. These narcissists are highly aggressive and “toxic”!

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17. Sagittarius Man: Boomerang Narcissist

They are free spirits who like freedom , they do what they want, when they want. Because of this, they often find it difficult to commit.

And because of this, Sagittarians are more likely to fall into the boomerang narcissism subgroup than any other group of narcissism.

Boomerang narcissists are in your life one moment and out of your life the next, only to come back again.

You always have potential love interests waiting in the “back seat.” When they get back to the waiting partners, you usually take them back.

Manipulation at its best, they bombard you with affection and support until they get bored and leave you again.

18. Sagittarius Woman: Covert narcissist

They don’t feel the need to try to convince others of their awesomeness.

Just because they don’t seek the praise of those around them doesn’t mean these women don’t tend to be narcissists.

In fact, these women tend to belong to a group known as covert narcissists .

They don’t brag about themselves and how special they are, they make themselves special through association .

For example, you can say that women who have read a particular book are incredibly smart simply because they have read that particular book themselves. Strange, isn’t it?

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19. Capricorn Man: Aggressive narcissist

Extremely focused and want everything. Aside from that, these men tend to be aggressive narcissists.

This subset of narcissism is thus defined as an excessive dose of self-esteem .

They act and see everyone else as inferior. They are also master manipulators who won’t think twice about lying to you to get what they want.

This is especially true when it comes to their rise to success. Most people fall prey to this very wily narcissist because they appear charming at first glance.

The reason they got their name as aggressive narcissists is because they display all the traits of classic narcissism without ever feeling any kind of remorse for how their actions affect others.

It’s all about them and what they want.

20. Capricorn Woman: Corporate narcissist

These women only care about being successful . They are hardworking and demonstrate their dedication to every task they complete while striving for perfection.

For this reason, women born in the Capricorn zodiac sign are considered narcissists, corporate narcissists.

This subset of narcissists is defined by their one-track drive to succeed.

They want the high profile jobs, or to be at the top of their careers. All they care about is making money and seeing the fruits of their success.

However, this excessive drive can backfire, as corporate narcissism drags everyone down (including co-workers).

And to get where the narcissists want to go, they will not regret doing anything.

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21. Aquarius man: Spiritual narcissist

You are independent, like to go out and have fun and are always looking for new adventures.

They feel the need to keep meeting new people and trying different things.

The reason Aquarius men fall into the subgroup of spiritual narcissists is because of their need to continuously boost their ego.

In general, spiritual narcissists are looking for a higher purpose to feed their ego. This can come in the form of religion or self-improvement books.

They try to build themselves up through the stories and teachings of others. However, spiritual narcissists only use spirituality as a front for their true intentions of augmenting their own ego.

22. Aquarius Woman: Collective narcissist

Collective narcissists are also known as group narcissists. Instead of having an inflated ego, collective narcissists have an exaggerated self-love for their group .

While most narcissists are only focused on themselves, collective narcissists share this same level of love and extend it to their group.

In her eyes, her group, whether it’s a social group of friends or a team, is undoubtedly superior to all others. No one else can live up to their level.

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23. Pisces Man: Parasitic narcissist

They are looking for an emotional connection, be it friendship or a love interest. Pisces men’s need to feel close to someone also extends to their need to feel safe and cared for.

Because of this, these men fall under the subtype of parasitic narcissists.

Parasitic narcissists have all the behaviors and attitudes of a classic narcissist, but the reason they are in their own subgroup is because they need to be taken care of.

They use their manipulation skills to connect with others who will later take care of them.

As a rule, they are looking for strong partners who can take the lead in the relationship.

24. Pisces Woman: Narcissist at risk

They are fiercely loyal, will stand by you through thick and thin, and generally go with the flow. They rarely get angry, but on the other hand they are very sensitive.

Apart from that, these women share narcissistic tendencies. Pisces women are vulnerable narcissists due to their sensitive nature.

These types of narcissists fear rejection and abandonment .

This fear motivates the vulnerable narcissist to act out. They try to overcompensate for these feelings of insecurity with a sense of grandiosity.

They don’t care about other people’s feelings, only their own. So they will deign to manipulate others through guilt and shame in order to gain their sympathy and attention.

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