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The influence of Venus on the zodiac signs

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Venus has been honored in all ancient cultures as the goddess who represents our heart’s desires and the physical, mental and spiritual grace, abundance, love and beauty that permeates life.

She is known as Aphrodite to the Greeks, Isis to the Egyptians, and in our modern culture she is the goddess of the Law of Attraction and Manifestation.

The Venus sign in your natal chart determines a person’s love nature as well as the way they attract a partner.

In a man’s chart, the placement of Venus determines the type of woman he is attracted to.

In a woman’s chart, Venus determines how she views her femininity and how she expresses her feminine qualities.

Venus influences our social attitude, modesty, sincerity, beauty, happiness and well-being, our sense of beauty, love and peace.

She encourages people to socialize and make friends. Venus also focuses heavily on sexual interactions.

Their influence can also affect how someone views the objects they surround themselves with, their taste in clothing, furniture, or other accessories.

The placement of Venus in your natal chart provides insight into what attracts you in a partner and what type of person is attracted to you.

By looking at Venus in our natal chart and examining its placement in a zodiac sign, we can find out what we consider pleasure:

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1. Venus in Aries

People with Venus in Aries love to hunt and flirt.

They mostly express their affection for someone through touch. They’re the kind of people who will touch you in subtle ways when they’re having a conversation with you, and also look you straight in the eyes when they’re talking to you.

They will do their best not to interrupt you out of excitement and will listen carefully to what you have to say.

People who have their Venus in Aries believe that the most exciting part of a relationship is the beginning.

They also love to be teased, so it’s wise to make yourself a little difficult to approach when talking to them.

You are very attracted to mysterious, quiet, and unique people.

They will probably never be attracted to the most beautiful person that everyone would want, but they will find their special someone in someone that someone might not even have noticed.

Status, style, wealth and appearance are not so important to them when looking for a partner. They prefer emotional depth, intelligence and hard work.

They want a person they can work with to achieve their dreams and who will offer them loyalty, not someone who is seen as just desirable by social standards.

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2. Venus in Taurus

People with Venus in Taurus love good old-fashioned love.

These are the people who love any kind of hedonism, whether it’s food, self-care, relationships, or sex.

When they first meet someone they like, they will act shy at first before examining you enough.

But after they get comfortable, they tend to open up and tell a person everything about themselves.

These types of people exude a strong sense of intimacy, making an individual feel loved and understood in a way that may not have been possible before.

They are very attracted to people who approach them first and who show genuine interest in them.

They are also disgusted with mind games and want stability and picture perfect love in their lives.

They are mostly attracted to good looking and sometimes even wealthy people.

But that’s not what keeps them for long, because if they feel unloved, they will end the relationships and never come back.

They need a sense of being loved and stability in order for them to thrive, and if they don’t, they will disappear from your life.

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3. Venus in Gemini

People with Venus in Gemini love to talk to their object of affection.

These people show their affection for someone by being more talkative than usual. They will also be extremely charming when talking to someone they find attractive.

These people’s smiles can light up the whole room, and they are very confident when they have serious plans with someone.

They enter into a romance with very honest and sincere intentions, and they are not the ones to play mind games or fool anyone.

You are very attracted to good looking people who have a good sense of humor and a good education.

Even if a person has a lot of wealth and good looks, a person who has Venus in Gemini will most likely not consider them as a possible partner because without an intelligent and mature conversation they will always feel empty.

These individuals will also demand utmost honesty and will never base their relationship on lies. You are very attracted to reality and never give in to delusions.

They also want their partner to invest in you and their dreams and they will make their life a dream in return.

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4. Venus in Cancer

People with Venus in Cancer are addicted to love and devotion.

These people are very family oriented and are drawn to anything that feels familiar and brings them back to their childhood.

People with Venus in Cancer are sweet, gentle, and interesting. They are very humble people who show us what really matters in life and love us for who we are.

They are mostly intelligent and hardworking, but they will never brag about their abilities. The efforts they put into themselves provide them with a secure base to start a family and have a peaceful and happy future.

You are very attracted to people who are also family oriented, humble and not fascinated by material things and a flashy lifestyle.

You also love animals as much as you do people and will have an even stronger connection with someone who loves animals as much as you do.

To win these types of people over, it’s important to show small signs of affection on a daily basis and to love them unconditionally even on a bad day.

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5. Venus in Leo

People with Venus in Leo are driven by attention and adoration.

These people are very confident and generous, and they will be very direct with someone they like.

A person with Venus in Leo will usually go to the same places, gatherings and parties where they can see you again.

You give gifts and flowers to the person you love and make them feel like the most special person in the world.

You are definitely attracted to people with strong personalities who have a lot of self-esteem and class.

They sometimes even date someone who is just popular instead of someone they are compatible with.

But honesty, loyalty and effort is what ultimately wins out in a relationship with them.

This type of people might also be very interested in dramatic or at least entertaining people.

All that matters is that the relationship remains sincere and stable, and it will end with a real king-and-queen dynamic.

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6. Venus in Virgo

People with Venus in Virgo like good manners and maturity.

These are the types of people who will be very careful before approaching you.

These types of people need to be sure that you like them or at least find them attractive in some way before they open up to you.

A Venus in Virgo person will never be attracted to someone who is immature, spoiled and unambitious.

They’re always looking for their peers when considering a relationship with someone, and that means they’re looking for people who they think have the best qualities.

They need someone they can trust completely, and it’s common for a Virgo to like someone from their childhood days, a school friend, or a work partner.

Just like people who have their Venus in Leo, they like to give gifts, but their type of gifts is more modest and sentimental.

These people will show their love for someone by doing things for them that can be done alone.

By acting in this way, they don’t think their partner is incapable, they simply do it because they care deeply about the person they are with.

These types of people also need a lot of space for their work, so they are very attracted to an understanding partner.

They also do not like to spend money on useless things, so someone who has meterialistic tendencies will not sit well with that person.

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7. Venus in Libra

People with Venus in Libra want refined love.

These types of people love beauty, elegance and luxury. They carry themselves quite well and have self-confidence.

When you find someone attractive, you will look at them with longing and let them know you’ve noticed them.

These people know that you always have the best to offer, but by choosing an appropriate partner, you can have variable tastes.

These people may love anything flashy, but when choosing their life partner, you will go for those with whom you have the most similarities.

They love someone who has depth and a shallow and mindless person will never catch their eye.

They also find people who are arrogant and vain completely repugnant and will never choose someone who is dishonest and snooty.

Just like Venus Leo and Virgo, they love giving gifts to the people they love. But in this case, it’s more of a way to show how well off they are financially.

People who have Venus in Libra also dislike sweet conversations and childish outbursts of love and find them cheesy.

Pretty much anything that makes them doubt that they’re dealing with an adult doesn’t sit well with them.

Honesty, maturity and elegance are key to being spoiled by this person’s love.

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8. Venus in Scorpio

People with Venus in Scorpio want complete satisfaction.

These types of people are very magnetic, they have the ability to notice everything around them even when someone doesn’t notice them.

They are very private and cautious when speaking to someone for the first time, but if you like someone you will speak directly to them even if they are uncomfortable at first.

When you really like someone, you are initially attracted to their appearance.

These people are extremely sexual, but they keep this aspect of their personality hidden until they are comfortable with their partner.

Just like Venus, Aries are very attracted to unusual people, but their frenzied sexuality also makes them attracted to stereotypically beautiful people.

One thing is for sure, they will never look for someone conservative and judgmental.

They will also never fall in love with someone for whom they have to change. A Venus Scorpio always stays true to itself.

How others perceive and think about him will never be anything that bothers him as he has a safe space in his privacy with people he trusts.

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9. Venus in Sagittarius

People with Venus in Sagittarius want exciting love.

These people are attracted to interesting, exciting, and open-minded people.

When a person who has Venus in Sagittarius likes someone, they will let you know by complimenting them and admiring their every move.

You are very attracted to people who want to try new things and broaden their horizons.

They also adore a person who can make them laugh and who is fun to spend time with.

These types of people are easy to converse with, but they are very proud of themselves.

If they ever feel disrespected or ashamed of the other person, they will quickly turn their backs on them.

These people may also want to try something new and exciting before committing to the relationship for good.

They also need to have a lot of freedom in the relationship to be able to grow because without a career they could become dull and lifeless.

Professional growth is just as important to them as a loving relationship, but they need both to achieve anything in life.

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10. Venus in Capricorn

People with Venus in Capricorn only want the best in a partner.

These types of people show they like someone by acting cool, organized, and goal-oriented.

This behavior might seem a bit snooty, but it’s actually their way of showing how awesome they are and how great it would be if they both had a relationship.

They will not express their feelings so openly, and you will seem a little cold, but in reality they are very serious and determined partners.

These people will never date someone who has no goals in life or someone who doesn’t appreciate their hard work.

They value their hard work and stability, and it’s a way for you to know that you’re worthy of a relationship.

Living up to the expectations of others can also pose a problem for them and prevent them from truly appreciating the moment.

While not the most spontaneous of partners, you’re generally pretty consistent and in love. They instinctively value long-term effort and do not run away from responsibility or difficulties.

They are also the type of people who will never get back to their ex after a breakup. They will just find someone new who appreciates them and with whom they can have a loving relationship.

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11. Venus in Aquarius

People with Venus in Aquarius want true love.

These types of people show their affection for someone by being interesting, rebellious, and even a bit provocative when talking to them.

And the more original they appear to be, the more effort they actually put into trying to impress someone.

They want someone who appreciates how different they are and someone to go on new adventures with.

These people are constantly coming up with new ideas and need to be constantly on the move, so a partner who likes to stay at home and is never open to trying something new is not on their wish list.

They might also like a bit of jealousy from time to time, but confrontations and fights are not things they enjoy.

These people often have undefined relationship status and are fine with a relationship that is unlabeled.

Venuses in Aquarius are drawn to unconventionality, independence, and freedom as themes in their social relationships.

Experimental relationships are fascinating for them, and being both friends and lovers with their partners is important to them.

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12. Venus in Pisces

People with Venus in Pisces want to find their soulmate.

These types of people show their affection for someone by teasing them or being extremely indifferent to hide their true feelings.

A very good way to know that a person who has Venus in Pisces likes someone is when they try their best to always be close to them and an indicator that their emotions are very strong is when they say that she dreamed about you.

This trait was inherited from Pisces as they tend to be guided by their dreams.

People with Venus in Pisces are very attracted to people who are true to themselves and who accept their diverse emotions.

Someone who doesn’t understand them on an emotional level and doesn’t help them overcome their constant onslaught of thoughts will not be a suitable partner for them.

These people also don’t find abusive and toxic partners interesting and want someone who makes them feel safe and loved.

They also love people who look cute and have interesting traits. They also don’t care about status and accept the person for what they are.

Pleasing people with Venus in Pisces means enjoying tender moments and romantic times with them.

They also never see things as black or white, these people accept things as they really are and sometimes they even feel lonely because they will never really be saved by anyone.

They will never have the perfect life or be the perfect person, and with that being said, sometimes they don’t see that with all their imperfections, they can still do anything.

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