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How the zodiac signs survive a breakup

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Maybe it’s hard to say that summer is a season for breaking up.

The sunlight floods your brain with bliss and you become far less dependent on your relationship.

Maybe last spring’s romance is making you gasp, or maybe you’ve been thinking about ending your relationship and having a hot-girl summer.

Or you’ve been abandoned and you’re feeling the sadness of summertime.

Before you do anything rash, read on to find out how your zodiac sign bounces back after a breakup.

Here are some heart healing tips to help you get back on your feet.

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1. Aries

Aries can fall in love and break up very quickly. But when your romantic partner leaves them, they get angry.

Aries is the sign of self-love. You are proud and confident and the thought of someone rejecting you is a huge blow to your ego.

While other zodiac signs beat themselves up with their minds after the breakup, people born under the Aries zodiac sign often wonder why that person is crazy enough to even consider leaving them.

You know you’re a good catch. This independent zodiac sign is not that easy to bond with.

Once you find that special someone, you throw yourself into the relationship and you want it to last forever. As a warrior sign of the zodiac, you fight to make it last forever, even when love is dead.

You also have a childlike innocence about you, and you want to keep that fantasy alive forever.

If you need to move forward, it’s best to limit contact with your ex.

And since you’re a fire sign, light the pyre and burn something, whether it’s your ex-flame’s t-shirt or a letter you wrote, you’ll feel better about actually posting it.

With a little time and space, you’ll be ready for the next perfect person to knock you off your feet.

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2. Taurus

The lovely Taurus are not a fan of change – and that includes changing partners.

Since you view every relationship as an investment, breakups just don’t make sense in your playbook. Wait, isn’t romance supposed to last forever?

When romance doesn’t go according to your fairytale plan, you can get caught up in negative patterns and think you’ve “wasted” all that energy on your ex!

Like a raging bull, you become more and more aroused until you become a ticking time bomb, ready to explode with rage or be ultra-defensive with a new partner.

We know recovery is hard, especially for a loving creature like you. Ironically, the fastest way to heal is to make conscious changes to your environment and daily habits.

First of all, stop doing all the things you used to do with your ex and find new places that you frequent.

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3. Gemini

When someone breaks your heart, it’s easy to get lost in your own head. You analyze the situation from all angles and whirl around until you’re mentally exhausted.

Part of you withdraws, and the other part revolves around all the things you could have done in that specific situation.

There are indeed a thousand ways to look at the situation, but that doesn’t mean you have to explore every one of them.

While other zodiac signs might be crying around the house, keep moving. Within hours you’re meeting up with friends for drinks or even making out with a new friend to take your mind off your ex.

Or you could get convincingly haughty and let everyone know it’s “for the best.” And you post it all on social media, making your ex think you never cared about him. While nothing could be further from the truth.

When you are granted a second chance with your ex (and you want one), choose it with all your heart — with all its flaws and strengths — and stop looking around every corner for a better solution.

As a verbal twin, true healing happens when you talk and write about your feelings.

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4. Cancer

Relationships are the ultimate comfort for Cancers, but you don’t just give your tender heart to just anyone.

A lover must have long-term potential to be worthy of your love. What if they have? Then you are in!

When a relationship ends without further ado, some Cancers put up a violent front. Behind the scenes, you indulge in your hurt feelings, isolate yourself, or snuggle up with your best friends or mom.

Even when your crab claws aren’t visibly in action, you might be clinging to nostalgia for what once was.

Ultimately, you show up and often share your heartbreak in a weird but good way that helps others heal from similar situations.

After the initial pain of separation is gone, you throw yourself back into your own self.

The risk of trusting again can feel unbearable, and we know many Cancerians who have avoided relationships for years to avoid feeling that level of pain again.

But it doesn’t have to be like that! Instead of hardening your shell, immerse yourself in a healing journey.

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5. lion

You are a hopeless romantic and love is your drug. Until it becomes unbearable, you stand by your partner and do whatever it takes to keep the relationship together.

You may even forgive your partners for cheating and lying. Since your relationships often begin in public, the breakups can be an equally dramatic spectacle.

You and your partner may break up and get back together numerous times, which can drain friends who spend hours comforting you.

For this reason, it would be wise to implement a “no social media” rule for 48 hours after any type of breakup.

When it’s really over, nothing heals the lionheart like throwing yourself into a creative project.

Your art is your life, and you might cry your way through a series of oil paintings or, if you don’t feel it, just do nothing, but only for a little while.

Then throw yourself back into your work and realign yourself with the shining star that you are!

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6. Virgo

Nothing throws a Virgo into analysis paralysis like a breakup. You can go nuts with a million questions and play out this scenario and that – and all the things you wish you had done differently.

You can explode your own head from all the things you could have done so that you literally have to force yourself to stop lingering – or you have to do something physical to distract yourself.

If you’re the one breaking off, you might be wracked with guilt about keeping your ex on your phone contract for months or having to pay him rent just to get him out of your apartment.

At worst, you can slip into self-destructive behavior.

As a zodiac perfectionist, you can waste far too much time trying to protect yourself from getting your heart broken again.

They’ll read every relationship advice book, light candles from the local witch shop, or sign up for expensive self-help workshops.

Or you could go into janitor mode or get busy helping friends solve their problems.

Allow yourself to engage and talk about all the painful feelings. We know it’s unfair that love doesn’t come with insurance, but dating is ultimately a numbers game.

Don’t wait too long to get back out there.

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7. Libra

You are a shameless flirt. But when it comes to commitment, feel free to take your time, weigh all the options, and test people for as long as you want.

Finally, when you give your heart away, you have no plans to go anywhere.

As long as it takes you into a relationship, breaking up is even more intense for you!

It may sound a bit cliche, but for the heartbroken Libra, time heals all wounds.

But as you go through the process, remove any visual cues from your ex that may be triggering your aesthetically oriented sign.

Pamper yourself as much as your budget allows. They are finally ruled by glamorous Venus!

Don’t rush to activate all your dating sites, take your time and take things slow.

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8. Scorpio

Scorpios are a sign that likes extremes, so a breakup can be just as messy. You know that bond, once connected, goes deeper than the roots of a tree.

The idea of ​​breaking a connection literally feels like having your insides ripped out.

As a result, you can go for years without ever opening your heart — even if you’re in a committed relationship! It’s also ironic that after breaking up with your partner, you really realize how much they mean to you.

You can unconsciously destroy your own relationship just to see what’s left afterward. Scorpios only trust love that gets through tough times.

What Scorpios often don’t realize is how much they care about people. When you’re “ready,” your partner may have had enough of the power struggles and head games and moved on.

If only people understood how to read between the lines of your intricate twist of love. Maybe that’s why so many Scorpios date.

But when a relationship ends, the first step is to find something new to obsess over instead of your ex.

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9. Sagittarius

A Sagittarius can really be blown away by a breakup. As a zodiac optimist, you only ever look on the bright side of things, so a breakup is rarely seen coming.

But when you’re in the romance, at least you’re in it for a while. You will break many hearts along the way.

But somehow you’re never prepared to have your heart broken! You hate giving up and may literally beg your ex to give the relationship another chance.

If they refuse to do that, it challenges you to accept it and move on.

But you keep bouncing back and trying again. It’s the time between breakup and recovery that’s so tough and dramatic.

Sagittarius rules the higher spirit. So stay yourself by meditating, reading inspirational books, or signing up for a class.

In the end, you will always keep going. In fact, in those moments when you meet someone new and promising, you could literally develop amnesia about the person you cried hopelessly over days before.

Just be the bigger person, go to a higher level and forgive everyone and forget what happened!

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10. Capricorn

They are always busy and like to invest in quality. This makes you a long-term partner who is serious about relationships (and most things in life). But you are also persistent!

Because of your Zodiac nature, you see life as a rocky climb and you are ready to take on the challenges that come with a relationship.

But you also want someone who gives as well as he receives. You’d rather be left alone than settle for someone who doesn’t meet your checklist of requirements.

Breakups hurt you just like everyone else. As a provider of the zodiac sign, you struggle to reach out for support and may bury yourself in your work to avoid feeling the pain.

But this is one of those moments when you really should let old friends and family be there for you like you were for them!

Otherwise, keeping your feelings to yourself can make you very pessimistic.

You have to push yourself out and have new experiences instead of staying in the past. A little spontaneity can go a long way in the healing process.

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11. Aquarius

You may act cool, but deep down, breakups are hard for you.

The stress of a broken romance can show through your body language. Suddenly you are twitching, full of nervous energy and adrenaline.

You may overreact, complete a million tasks, or rush into talking about all the other things that worry you – money, work, often anything but the simple fact that you have a heartache.

Or you can unleash your inner rebel by showing up on the party scene every night and hooking up with strangers.

Breathe deeply. We know a breakup can be a shock to your system, but only if you sit still and work through the pain will it heal.

Aquarius is an emotionally detached sign and you can have a hard time accessing your feelings until life forces you to. Consider this: Emotions are stored as energy, and if you block them, they get stuck.

You have to let your feelings flow through you like electricity through a wire. Go for a run on the beach or do some breathing exercises, book a session with a Reiki master, energy healer or acupuncturist.

Unleash your anger proactively! Take a baseball bat with you on a mattress or hit the bag at a boxing studio.

Surrounding yourself with your best friends or family and focusing on being in the present moment will have a major impact on your heartbroken healing journey.

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12. Pisces

Pisces is a very emotional sign, but they handle broken romances surprisingly well.

Although you may appear fragile and broken at times, you possess an amazing inner resilience.

Behind those soulful eyes is a survivor and one hell of a tough guy.

When you’re not involved in a breakup, you’re usually supporting someone else who is.

With your deep compassion and wisdom you know how to deal with matters of the heart. Pisces is the sign of the nurse, a natural caregiver.

Even if you sacrifice much for others, you may find it difficult to ask for the same support. Be sure to lean on all those heartbroken friends who have reached out to you!

Another key to your healing lies in engaging in healthy activities and being social. But make sure they are positive and uplifting people!

Avoid being a victim, be proactive, and inspire others to handle the breakup as well and as strongly as you do.

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