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The zodiac signs are based on the people I know personally

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While some traits we have are already determined by astrology, when I think of a particular zodiac sign and its uniqueness, I like to think of people I love and value.

Even though we’re talking about people who are total strangers to others, it’s still interesting how we can all connect and relate to one another based on the zodiac sign we share with someone.

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1. Aries

This is probably the hardest working person I know who never has an excuse to improve their life.

This person has no filters and never agrees with people who have wrong opinions.

She doesn’t need to be loved by everyone, and she cares little about the opinions of others.

She literally drops everything when I need help and is always there to listen if I have a problem.

She always has an interesting story to tell and makes me laugh even when I feel like screaming inside.

This person is also very deep and sees and understands things as they really are.

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2. Taurus

This person is the most loyal companion one could ask for and a hopeless romantic with a big heart.

She will never make you feel like you are not worth her time and she will do anything to make you feel loved and accepted.

Whenever I was feeling down and needed someone to talk to, my Taurus friend was always there for me.

This person also makes the best gifts and makes the people they like feel confident, happy, and admired.

She’s always there to listen and offer advice, but only if we ask her to.

Love is also the central part of this person’s life, so with her you can see how wonderful it can be when we finally open our hearts to others.

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3. Gemini

This person has a regal quality where they come across like a queen from the olden days when they enter the room.

Very cold but beautiful, she only opens up to those who deserve to be embraced by her kindness.

This person does not condone lies and manipulation, and even if they break down in pain at times, they know they are beyond it all.

She likes to tell the truth, no matter how hard that truth may be, and her main motive is to protect those she loves with the knowledge she has gathered.

She can be a bit selfish and ignorant at times, but her tendency towards self-sufficiency is the reason she may appear that way.

This person also has many talents and is extrodinary in everything they do.

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4. Cancer

This person is the sweetest and most positive person I know.

There is never a day when she is in a bad mood and takes it out on others, nor will she ever make anyone feel bad or unwanted.

Anything positive that happens in her life, she will celebrate with others, and she appreciates the small things in life and keeps friendships.

When there is a lot to do, she will never complain, and she enjoys learning new things.

This person also quite enjoys enjoying good food and talking about the finer things in life.

They are also grateful for everything they have and appreciate hard work.

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5. lion

This person is the most extroverted person I know.

She will never miss a good party or an opportunity to take part in a fun social gathering.

Her positivity can be felt from afar across the room, and she is able to make anyone happy with just her warm presence.

She is active, has many talents and is quite confident in everything she tries and does.

Her opinions are direct and bold, and at times she says all the things we would be afraid to say ourselves.

Her mindset is also very interesting and she is someone you could talk to forever without wanting to stop.

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6. Virgo

This person goes beyond all their shortcomings just to achieve their goals and be successful.

Everything she does is planned to perfection and rarely is work left unfinished.

The relationship she has with other people is very cautious, and most of the time she prefers to be in the presence of a smaller group of friends she trusts.

Even though she is brilliant and amazing in many ways, she still has a tendency to be sad for no reason.

She does not understand mind games and does not like to hurt others, so in return she will be very careful about whom she will pay attention to.

This person also likes stability, and money for them is something that should not be spent on unimportant things.

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7. Libra

This is a person who is liked by everyone and who loves to be the star of every party.

She has a great sense of humor and her jokes are so original that they make the person incredibly unique.

The opinions of others are very important to them, and they want to be on good terms with everyone.

They also like to be admired by others and enjoy wearing the latest fashions to impress others.

In general, they like self-improvement and work hard to be their best possible selves.

This person is also a good advisor, and they are happy to offer their opinions when needed.

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8. Scorpio

This person is hardworking and ambitious, always looking for new knowledge.

They only have a small circle of friends that they trust, and other “friends” are just as easily replaceable to them as everyone else.

While I find this person interesting and admirable, they still have a dark and self-destructive tendency that can negatively affect others.

If a person is overly sensitive, this behavior could turn out to be negative.

Lying is also not part of this person’s personality, and they will be very honest about their feelings.

The dark humor is also a great fondness of theirs.

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9. Sagittarius

This person is probably the funniest I know.

She loves to make others laugh and is always there to make a boring day more interesting.

Hard work is also her great pride and she is not afraid to get her hands dirty.

Independence and good organizational skills are also a big part of her personality.

Despite this, it can sometimes happen that this person interrupts the peace in the house just because he found it too boring.

Otherwise, a loyal and valuable soul can be found in this person.

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10. Capricorn

This person does not tolerate people complaining and any kind of whining.

Highly determined, educated and confident, she always strives for more in life.

Her advice is direct, open, and honest, and she won’t sugarcoat things to make others feel better.

This person generally doesn’t have the patience for pointless talk and drama, preferring to talk a lot more about the future.

She also likes to be better than others at certain things, but at the same time she doesn’t make them feel less valuable.

This person would also like to own only a few things, but they must be of quality.

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11. Aquarius

This person is a real bundle of energy who always takes others on adventures.

She always has the most unusual ideas and likes to make people happy with the most creative gifts.

The way she expresses herself is honest, and she has no intention of changing for anyone.

Quarrels and dramas are also something she doesn’t enjoy and even when they happen she will easily forgive others.

She likes to do things at the last minute or on the spur of the moment, and planning is not part of her personality.

Her fashion sense is also very questionable, and depending on her mood she can look like a model one moment and a complete mess the next.

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12. Pisces

Pisces are one of the most complex individuals I have ever encountered.

You feel a lot of things at once, and sometimes I feel like I’ll never really understand this person.

She can be emotional and sad at times and surprisingly upbeat and calm at other times.

She always has this sad tendency to think she’s missing something in life.

Sometimes her coping mechanism can be both humor and being overwhelmed, depending on the environment she is in.

This person also has the wildest of dreams, and I love hearing about everything they dream so vividly about.

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The zodiac signs are based on the people I know personally

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