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What does your zodiac sign say about which accessories you should have in your closet

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We dedicate this article to accessories because there are far too many trends these days that we can’t follow all at once.

We look at the zodiac signs to see what to look for when shopping for accessories.

We will also see how we differ when it comes to accessories.

Let’s ask the stars how we can improve our style.

After reading this article, I wish you a happy shopping!

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Aquarius is very daring.

You love unusual pieces, are not afraid of prints and love different color combinations.

When you see a new cut or an unusual silhouette in a boutique that you’ve never seen before, you reach for it and can’t resist buying it.

Your zodiac sign advises you to buy bright red boots with a small heel because you could combine it well with jeans as well as with a dress.

You could also have a colorful hobo bag in your closet because these days it goes with everything and the seasons you can wear it doesn’t matter.

What defines your style:


You love shopping for things that are timeless and will always be trendy.

Although the trends change every year, you show no interest in them.

You love leather and most of all suede.

A brown suede jacket would be a top investment for you, as would a black peplum leather jacket.

A large black or cream leather bag would complete your wardrobe.

What defines your style:


You’ve found your style and now you just need some pieces to spice it up a bit.

A bit of color and some new colorful pieces would complete your wardrobe.

You can buy a hat to add a little more interest to your outfit.

Put a feather in the hat – that would look great, especially on a winter hat.

White shoes are very fashionable and thank goodness the days when only brides wore them are over.

Buy white high-heeled stilettos and conquer the world!

What defines your style:


It takes a lot of persuasion for your best friend to convince you to try something that’s the latest trend.

You stick to your style and don’t like to change it.

For you, spool heels would be right because they’re very classic, but because of the heel, they’re a bit edgy.

Feminine handbags with different patterns would add an elegant touch to your style and spice up your look at the same time.

What defines your style:


You have no problem being the center of attention because of your look because you exude confidence and you’re not shy.

Investing is your other name because you don’t mind investing a lot of money in something if you know that this piece of clothing will serve you for many years and you can combine it with everything in your closet.

It would be good next time you go shopping to try some snazzy pieces like a modern backpack or sun yellow mules .

What defines your style:


You love new trends and are always ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion.

You can’t wait for a new season to start and new cuts and patterns to hit the boutiques.

If something is no longer interesting to you or you have worn it out, you have no problem throwing it away.

For you, statement pieces of clothing or accessories are just right because you can wear them well.

Next time you go shopping try bright heeled boots and a bright baguette bag and I’m sure you’ll love it.

What defines your style:


You don’t need an event to dress up. 

You like to combine your romantic style with a casual shoulder bag.

A romantic dress combined with sneakers is your favorite outfit.

The modern necklaces and bracelets  will suit your style well.

What defines your style:


If you open your closet, you can immediately see that noble fabrics dominate.

You like it when you feel silk against your skin and how it makes you feel cool.

It is the same with cashmere; and you have no problem spending a lot of money when it comes to good quality.

You’re always true to your style and rarely change it because once you’ve found the right one, you stay true to it.

Next time you go shopping, buy a pair of nice hair clips – maybe gold ones with pearls.

What defines your style:


It always has to be a little bit sexy, but discreet and not so conspicuous.

You love to invest in good shoes and have a box full of jewelry that you wear and combine differently every day.

You can’t resist bags that are a bit unusual.

You can decorate a classic bag with a scarf by wrapping it around the bag handle.

You can change the scarf according to your mood and outfit, so a classic bag can always look different.

What defines your style:


You loved dressing up from a young age.

Even today you keep changing your style because you look at it like a game and you enjoy it.

Comma shoes with pointed toe combined with a hip bag is exactly what would look extremely good on you.

What defines your style:


You love functional clothing – what you can wear to work, you should also be able to wear to a party.

You are always looking for something of high quality.

You also like going to thrift stores as there are a lot of quality parts to be found there.

Classic pieces with an eye-catcher, such as a scarf with a crazy pattern, are right up your alley.

You can combine a classic, single-colored shirt with a fancy waistcoat.

What defines your style:


Your style is always modern and you love to buy clothes that are comfortable and look good on you at the same time.

You prefer buying a valuable piece of jewelry once a year than spending money on costume jewelry throughout the year.

Animal prints are a must have in your wardrobe.

When it comes to bags and shoes, you like texture with a modern twist.

What defines your style:

What does your zodiac sign say about which accessories you should have in your closet

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