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This Disney prince is your soulmate according to your zodiac sign

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When I was little, I often fell in love with the Disney princes.

Tarzan was my dream man.

He wasn’t a prince, not really a prince with a crown and a lock, but he was the king of the jungle.

I’ve always fantasized that I live in the jungle; play with the animals and make friends with them.

I could also imagine being Tarzan’s bride today… not Jane, but Koko – that would be really great.

We both would explore the jungle, bathe in the rivers, eat pineapple and have little cute blonde big eyed babies.

I would be very happy to hear from you which princes you dreamed of when you were little.

It would be great to meet the Disney princes in real life to see if they are really charming, loving and heroic or boring and self-absorbed.

But I’m optimistic and I think Tarzan would be my dream man in real life.

Let’s see which prince suits your zodiac sign.

I wish you a lot of fun and wish you all that you find your prince in real life!

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As an Aries you are adventurous and not afraid of anything.

You always need variety and spontaneity is your greatest quality.

Aladdin, as your animated dream man is exactly the right one.

He has a magic carpet that you could use to explore the world.

In one day you could be having breakfast in Brazil and flying to Paris for dinner.

Oh Aladdin, why are you just an animated character!?

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Prince Charming (Cinderella)

Tauruses need a lot of love, but they also love luxury and men who have both feet on the ground.

The Prince Charming could give you everything you are looking for in a man because he is romantic and would search the whole world until he found you to give you all his love.

Ladies, if you hear of or know of a man like this, please let me know.

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Humor is very important to twins.

Therefore, her dream man should be funny and make her laugh.

We shouldn’t rule out external beauty because Geminis are very aesthetic and love to be surrounded with beautiful people at all times.

Is there a more handsome animated character than Hercules!? I do not think so.

Hercules is a real lion and would carry you in his strong arms all day, tell you jokes, carry you to the clouds to kiss you there.

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Eric (The Little Mermaid)

Crayfish have a hard shell.

When they meet someone and feel loved by that person, they leave the shell behind and give their heart away.

Erick is perfect for you because he put a lot of effort into getting to know and helping Ariel.

He is a good guy and would surely bring you breakfast in bed, whisper nice words in your ear and you would be the most important person in the world to him.

It would be very nice to be kissed by Erick!

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Edward (Cursed)

Leos love to feel desired and adored.

They love it when they feel they are the most beautiful person in a room.

But they want comfort and security, and that’s why they need someone like Prince Edward.

He can be a little too much, but he conquers everyone with his goodness.

Edwardm knows just what to say to get a smile from you.

You would surely get romantic love letters from him.

His hands around your waist would melt you.

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Flynn Rider aka Eugene (Rapunzel)

Virgos need a lot of love and affection.

At the same time, they also need someone to make them laugh.

You spend a lot of time in your head, thinking about many and unnecessary things.

Eugene is perfect for you because he is the most empathetic person, has a strong character, is deep and will help you to be yourself and break the barriers in your head.

My dear Eugene, let’s go to a desert island to stay there forever.

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Star Lord aka Peter Quill (Guardians of Galaxy)

Libra loves to get lost in music.

She is full of life and loves to hang out with people and have fun.

Maybe you didn’t know that Peter Quill is a real Disney prince.

Yes, that’s what he really is.

The Star-Lord would be your protector; your strong hand that would guide you through life.

Please Peter take me to a galaxy where we could be undisturbed lovers forever.

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Beast aka Prince Adam (Beauty and the Beast)

Scorpios are very passionate and need a lot of action in their lives.

Boredom kills her.

The Beast is what they need: soulful and strong in character.

You’re hard to follow, but the Beast would be willing.

Both of you are very emotional, although you can’t tell at first glance.

You have a hard shell and a soft core.

Prince Adam, are you a beast in bed too?…I think so!

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Kristoff (Frozen)

Sagittarians are very adventurous and cannot stay calm and in one place for long.

They are hungry for adventure and to experience something new without anyone stopping them.

Your soulmate should be just as adventurous, and if they can’t keep up with you, they should tolerate and respect your character.

Kristoff is a fictional character who certainly exists as a real man in the world…he’s just hard to find because he’s always adventuring and traveling the world.

Please Kristoff, let’s conquer Mount Everest!

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Li Shang (Mulan)

Capricorns are very goal oriented and always have a safe goal in mind.

They love it when their partner is ambitious too, but if they think their partner is overdoing it a bit, it bothers and annoys them.

Known for his honor and perseverance, Li Shang has the right character traits that Capricorns need.

I beg you, Li Shang, never put on a shirt and let me admire your upper body forever.

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Naveen (Kiss the Frog)

Aquarius himself is very emphatic, and he suits those people who are just as emphatic as Aquarius himself.

Before Naveen was turned into Frog, he was a no-go for every woman in the world .

But after this humiliating amphibious experience, when he starts giving back to the community afterwards, Aquarius is totally smitten with him.

Dear Naven, I hate frogs but you as a human I would give all my love.

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Phillip (Sleeping Beauty)

Pisces need someone who would do anything for them and give their love only to them.

Prince Phillip is exactly the prince charming who is made for her because he would even fight a dragon for you.

He would completely fulfill your fantasies of a great and overly romantic love.

Phillip, wake me up with a kiss every morning.

Now that you know who your personal Prince Charming is, all you have to do is become happy forever.

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This Disney prince is your soulmate according to your zodiac sign

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