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How each zodiac sign deals with rejection

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We all have the desire to connect with others and have someone see and accept us for who we are.

We fulfill this need in the various relationships that we enter into, in family, friends, jobs and of course in partnerships.

Let’s be honest – it’s a terrible feeling when someone rejects you.

It’s hard to find the courage to admit that you like someone. If you succeed in this first step, the worst thing that can happen next is that the person rejects you.

It doesn’t matter if you like someone a little or if you’re madly in love, when they reject you, it hurts. Rejection is a reality that shapes a large part of life.

It’s painful and takes a long time to get over, especially when it involves a specific person for whom we have special feelings.

Here’s how your zodiac sign reacts to and deals with rejection, and at the very end of the text you’ll find some helpful tips for all zodiac signs.

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Aries needs to overcome the fear of rejection

Aries is afraid of rejection and even afraid to think about it. The refusal surprised him a lot because it was never an option for him. He never wanted to think about it.

When a rejection happens, Aries starts acting very immature and emotions start to run them. Although he thinks he knows what he’s doing and that he’s in control, it’s not nearly so.

All of this is the result of his fear of rejection.

Aries digests the whole story very badly and adds burdens from past relationships to subsequent relationships.

That is why it is very important for him to overcome his fear of rejection and to digest the current situation well.

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Taurus needs to learn to talk about their problems

Taurus does not like change at all, and when faced with rejection, it means that some things need to change.

Taurus loves security and comfort in a relationship, and rejection can mean that they will never find a new or better relationship.

Rejection is particularly difficult for him because he doesn’t like to show his vulnerability. After the rejection, there is a period of great sadness for him, but he can also feel a little lost.

Taurus is very stubborn, but avoids talking about their situation. Because of such behavior, he may take a little longer to heal.

It’s always better to talk about it

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The Gemini goes on with his life without any problems

The Gemini doesn’t make a big deal out of the rejection. He just keeps looking for new partners. Gemini loves to have fun, and new people and new acquaintances are ideal for good fun.

The Gemini never fully surrenders to their love partner.

That’s why rejection doesn’t come as too much of a shock to him, because he knows there’s no point in being with someone who doesn’t want anything to do with you.

Maybe he already had a backup option.

Every day is a new beginning and offers new opportunities to experience something new. It can be said that Gemini is the zodiac sign that suffers the least after a rejection.

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Cancer needs to start thinking rationally

Cancer finds it difficult to endure the situation when someone rejects them. He acts like the whole situation doesn’t concern him and doesn’t like to talk about it at all.

In addition, he may develop passive aggression toward the person who rejected him. He’s trying to convince her that he never wanted to have a serious romantic relationship.

Emotions just overwhelm him and he’s completely irrational about the whole story.

It takes a while for him to work out some things with himself so that he can adequately process the rejection and meet new people.

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Gives the lions their queen

The lion initially refused to accept the cancellation. Simply put, the king is used to always getting what he wants.

The lion digests rejection very badly. Because of his pride and vanity, he begins to believe that he wasn’t good enough for this person.

His attempts to prove that he is always the right person for everything fail.

The lion needs to find a person who will treat him like a king, and so the king will find his queen.

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When it’s all over, Virgo will return stronger than ever

Virgo likes to invest a lot in interpersonal relationships and therefore it is very difficult for them to endure rejection.

Virgo doesn’t like to show their pain and refuses to share experiences and sorrows with other people.

First, she will build a stronger defensive wall around herself so that these experiences don’t happen to her again.

However, over time, she realizes that rejection is a part of life and that we all have to go through it at some point.

After that she embarks on love adventures again, but this time with more life experience.

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Libra moves resolutely towards new love adventures

For the Libra, a rejection is not a big problem. Of course, it is impossible to remain completely indifferent in such situations, and Libra is no exception.

But Libra very quickly recovers after rejection and immediately begins to meet new people.

Libras are aware that if they get too upset about rejection, they will never find their happiness in love again.

Look straight up into the sun and you won’t be able to see any shadows!

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The Scorpio has to admit that he is not the right love partner

Scorpio reacts very temperamentally to rejection. The Scorpio does not like rejections at all and turns the rejection into a big drama.

He wants his partner to know that he’s not going to put up with this whole story.

Scorpio finds it difficult to accept that they just don’t match a certain person. As painful as it is.

All of this can take a long time, but deep down he knows that in time he will have to admit it to himself.

Some truths can hurt a lot!

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The Sagittarius

If Sagittarius cares deeply about someone, it means that Sagittarius was willing to sacrifice their beloved freedom for that person. This is certainly no small amount for a shooter.

Because of this, after the rejection, they will initially feel uncomfortable and deny the whole story. He still manages to keep a cool head.

Sagittarius finds it difficult to cope with the changes that have occurred, but over time he returns to his beloved freedom. He does not like to live in the past, preferring to move forward.

If Sagittarius has not been overly emotionally attached to a particular person, they will behave nonchalantly. Sagittarius tolerates rejection very well.

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The stubborn Capricorn is not easy to get down

Capricorn is someone who invests heavily in relationships and likes to build a relationship slowly and thoroughly.

He has wide arms in love and loves to give his partner expensive pleasures. It is very important to him to make a good impression.

That’s why he gets very upset about a rejection. After the rejection, he reconsiders all his love affairs and begins to think that the rejection is his own fault.

Rejection can be painful and exhausting for him. It takes a while for Capricorns to approach new people again.

But he is adamant in his intention to overcome the pain of rejection.

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Aquarius needs to control their anger.

Aquarius responds to rejection with a lot of anger at the person who rejected them. At first he behaves like a child who doesn’t like to talk about his feelings.

Aquarius takes a lot of time to get over this person, but unfortunately they cannot get over their partner while they are angry with them.

In a way, he finds himself in a vicious circle from which there seems to be no way out.

Of course there is a way out! Aquarius needs to calm down and appropriately accept the whole situation.

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The fish wait for time to wash away all wounds

Pisces will immediately start blaming themselves for the rejection.

After being rejected, they are sad and disappointed in love, causing her to flee from reality. They flee into their world and let time gently heal the wounds of love.

It takes a long time before they return to the real world and try their luck in love again. But Pisces is one of those zodiac signs that emerges from the whole story stronger and smarter for a new love affair.

Finally, a few tips for all zodiac signs on how to deal with rejection:

How each zodiac sign deals with rejection

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