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Which luxury fashion brand suits you based on your zodiac sign

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Based on your zodiac sign, we found out which fashion brand suits you.

After reading this article, all you need is a little money… well – a lot of money, and sorry about that, we can’t help you with the shopping money.

What do women like most? To shop, of course.

And when it comes to luxury fashion brands, we lose our heads.

When we can’t afford something we like, we love to daydream about it and say to ourselves, “One day I’m sure I’ll buy it!”.

It’s something very positive for me when you have a goal, whether it’s a house or luxury shoes; because a goal is a goal, big or small.

I think it’s very nice when a woman is well-groomed and thinks about how she looks.

Of course women want to dress their best; and when I say “the best” I’m thinking of the great fashion designers in the world.

“I love new clothes. If everyone could just wear new clothes every day, there would be no more depression.”

– Sophie Kinsella

Some like Fendi more than Versace because Versace is too sexy for them, or Dior is too stuffy for them…

Which luxury fashion brand suits you?

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Aries: Chanel

You are a born boss and a trendsetter.

Go through life without fear and flourish wherever you are or whatever you do.

Because you are a brave person and have both feet on the ground, Chanel suits you perfectly, because you are a pioneer in many things, which was also Coco Chanel in her time.

During the time she lived, women did not work at all; let alone that they had their own company.

She was a real heroine and a role model for all of us.

Chanel clothing is immortal and never goes out of style because it is classic like the little black dress made famous by Chanel.

Chanel No5  perfume is also immortal and women will always love it.

Every woman should have a Chanel suit, who of course has enough change for it, because it can even cost 3000-4000€.

The Chanel brand and its entire range exudes strength and power.

It’s definitely for the Aries because you’re a special and independent woman.

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Taurus: Burberry

My dear Taurus, you are a good soul and you are always there for others.

You’re always reliable because you’re such a good friend.

You love luxury items and the luxury brand that suits you best is Burberry because its quality can be trusted.

Burberry is known for its highly fashionable and luxurious trench coats that will be in perfect condition throughout your life because their quality is unmatched by any other brand.

Their well-known checked pattern is timeless – it is not obtrusive and can be combined with many things.

Burberry isn’t flashy, doesn’t yell at us, is as old as time itself and will never leave the fashion scene or be forgotten.

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Twins: Prada

Gemini are very feminine.

Your tenderness and gentleness guide you through your life and you walk almost weightlessly.

The worst thing that could happen to you is boredom and routine because you are curious and always looking for something new that can give you a kick.

You change your mind often, but you can’t be blamed because you always need an adventure in your life.

Prada is your brand because, like you, it is dynamic.

They sell classic stuff, but also unusual pieces that for you is the ideal combination.

The always moving You need variety that Burberry can offer you because if you get bored of a piece of clothing you can always combine it with something extravagant.

Prada is idiosyncratic, as are you, and your versatility connects you. 

The Galleria bag fits your personality perfectly.

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Cancer: Ralph Luren

Cancers carry their hearts on their hands and everyone can see how they feel.

You are very emphatic and because of that you are a good friend and listener because you can put yourself in other people’s shoes.

Because you are so emotional you tend to dress simply because when your complicated feelings dominate you don’t want your appearance to be complicated too.

That’s why Ralph Lauren is the perfect luxury fashion brand for you.

Remember when Gwyneth Paltrow got the Oscar wearing her pink dress? That was Ralph Lauren.

This luxury brand offers middle-end fashion , like Polo Ralph Louren, as well as high fashion.

This fashion brand is all about clean, simple lines and luxurious fabrics.

Our skin thanks us when we wear Ralph Lauren because these fabrics give us a very special feeling.

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Leo: Versace

You are the embodiment of attention.

If you don’t get enough attention, you die a little inside.

You’re in your element when all eyes are on you – that’s why you’re most definitely a Versace woman.

Because Versace has bold patterns and bright colors, you’re sure to not go unnoticed.

The first of the two most recognizable Versace dresses is the black dress that has been held together with safety pins on the sides.

Elizabeth Hurley wore this dress and it made her a fashion icon.

The second was worn by Jennifer Lopez and it is the low-cut dress, green with jungle print.

This dress is the most searched dress on the internet.

You don’t copy anyone and you have your own style, my lioness.

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Virgo: Hermes

Virgo works a lot and she enjoys it.

Many people will probably tell you to take a break from the constant work, but you don’t mind because you love your work and have a great work ethic.

Work is your meditation that relaxes you.

You are very critical of yourself, so you shy away from flashy clothing and prefer to dress a little more reservedly.

You like not to take risks and that is why you are a Hermes woman because they are classy and not flashy.

Hermes is the oldest fashion brand that has ever existed.

This luxury brand is stable and hard working, as are you.

The best known is their Birkin Bag , which can even cost a million euros.

There are even women who collect these bags.

You ca n’t buy the Birkin bag that easily, you have to wait on the waiting list for some time because they don’t produce that many and it takes them a long time to finish one.

A Birkin bag is your style: simple and chic. She is unique like you.

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Libra: Dolce & Gabbana

Libras love to be in a family, positive and comfortable environment.

You are always helpful and always make sure that everyone gets along well and harmonizes with each other.

Libras never cause trouble and always avoid arguments.

You are Dolce & Gabbana because you are family and you are tranquility itself.

Dolce & Gabbana fashion can be down to earth, but it can also be playful.

You can look like a fairy in the Versace dresses.

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana founded this brand together.

That’s why it’s exactly your luxury brand, because there is a family atmosphere in your company.

Be yourself and be playful, Libra.

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Scorpio: Givenchy

Scorpio does everything with passion, even when it comes to clothing. 

Passion is your middle name because you do everything in your life with passion.

You risk a lot with your passion, but it is important for you that you always remain true to yourself.

You love to be sexy but you never show a lot of skin.

You don a dress with a lower neckline—but everything else about you remains subtle.

You like to show off just one part of your body that draws attention.

You love to attract attention and flirt, that’s why you’re a Givenchy woman: sexy with style.

Givenchy is a good mix of classy, ​​stylish and sexy.

You can see that by looking at Audry Hepburn’s dresses because Givenchy designed almost all of her dresses.

They’ve been dressing Kim Kardashian lately. They also designed her wedding dress.

We will never forget Meghan Markel’s wedding dress, which is also designed by Givenchy.

So my Scorpio, buy a Givenchy dress (if you can of course afford it) and conquer the world.

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Sagittarius: Christian Dior

You are free as a bird.

You look at everything through rose-colored glasses, idealize a lot and see the future very positively.

When you travel you feel the freedom you need like the air to breathe.

The trips help you to open your mind.

Because you are an idealist, you are clearly a Christian Dior woman.

He was a revolutionary and with his clean lines he emphasized the figure of women.

Dior has always stayed up to date and you can still feel the perfect silhouettes in all collections.

Dior fashion is just as idealistic as you Sagittarius.

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Capricorn: Louis Vuitton

Capricorns are responsible, disciplined, and strict.

You are someone who has wonderful manners, you look very well groomed and the clothes you wear look very thoughtful.

Because you’re so traditional, you’re a Louis Vuitton woman.

Louis Vuitton first made suitcases and then his company expanded into handbags and clothing.

Louis Vuitton’s monogram is one of the most chic and stylish.

Because of the craftsmanship and reputation of being one of the biggest fashion brands, you are most definitely a Louis Vuitton woman.

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Aquarius: Gucci

You are and always will be an original.

You love talking to different people because you love hearing different opinions and ideas.

Because you love everything new and original, you are most definitely a Gucci woman.

An Aquarius loves to be out of the ordinary.

Gucci always pushes the limits with its collections.

Gucci’s filigree designs appeal to you and you love the different color combinations and fun cuts.

The finest example of a new Gucci style is Brie Larson’s custom made dress she wore to her Oscars.

Find inspiration and step through life with confidence.

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Pisces: Fendi

You are very intuitive and should always rely on your gut feeling.

You are a wise owl because your intuition makes you wise.

Because of your intuition you are also artistically talented.

With your instincts you can feel the overall atmosphere of a room or the energy of a person.

You are most definitely Fendi because you are artistic and wise.

Because Fendi is always bringing new patterns, textures and new fabrics to its clothes, its clothes look exactly like your personality.

The models in the Fendi collections speak to you with traditional wisdom, knowing that they will never go out of style.

The bold colors and patterns appeal to the spirited side of you.

You are the perfect mix of a free spirit and a classic soul.

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