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What type of drunk are you (according to your zodiac sign)

We drink to recover from everyday life and to forget our problems.

We drink to relax.

We drink to have fun.

We change after a few drinks, and that’s normal.

It’s not bad as long as we set boundaries and don’t end up in an emergency room.

drink responsible? Thumbs up!

As you read this article, imagine yourself standing in front of a mirror and contemplating your drunk self.

If you think the stars and we weren’t telling the truth, consider asking a Virgo friend of yours for a second opinion—but only if you’re ready to hear the truth.

If you drink beyond your thirst and suddenly feel out of sorts, you are surely one of twelve types of drunks that we have described here.

We now see how you behave when you are drunk.

Let’s go, the first round is on me!


When Aries is drunk, they love to do a good push-up contest.

They always want to show off their superior strength, even when they don’t have it.

Also, women love to show off their gym body when they’re a little drunk and maybe lift their girlfriends up so everyone can see how strong they are.

They would love to have a superhero body and act out whatever comes to mind when they’ve had a few too many drinks.

The next day they have a headache and sore muscles.

Big power needs big recovery.


And when you’re super drunk, you chill like everything’s normal.

You drink one after the other and when you’re dead drunk you can’t tell you’re drunk because Tauruses have a lot of dignity (that’s Venus’ influence) and would never allow themselves to be made a fool of – even in situations , when they make themselves absolutely ridiculous.

Taurus is a lot more drunk than they look and when they stumble, they stumble gracefully.

After an evening of measured pleasures, Taurus gets up with an expression on his face as if he is completely sober.

That’s just another thing they do better than most.


When twins are drunk, all they have is gossip on their minds and tongues.

You can’t keep anything to yourself and you can’t hide anything.

When alcohol is involved, they start spreading information.

What better opportunity to socialize than to share hot secrets — or even scandalous, controversial hot tips that they shouldn’t go public with?

Regardless of the consequences, they know they can talk their way out of it the next morning.


Only his closest friends get to see the soft core of the cancer.

Alcohol, however, can temporarily open a cancer’s shell so wide that the tide of emotion swells, which means tear flooding.

Whatever the emotion, the tears will flow from her eyes like seawater.

Even when they’re happy, overly silly, or just plain overwhelmed, without their usual defenses, they’re willing to cry.

You act the next day as if nothing happened.


Leos can also party in the kitchen and turn a living room into a concert stage.

Whether it’s karaoke, drunken toasts, confrontations with people who have wronged them – it doesn’t matter; everything is on the wallpaper when they’re drunk.

When the lion is in his element and has had a few too many drinks, he’s sure to be the center of attention and the main actor in the pictures across all social networks.

They are sure to be needed at any party to set the mood.

Without a lion at the party, it’s sure to get boring.


Virgos aren’t evil, but they know everyone’s weaknesses.

Deep down they know that they came into the world to fix things according to their own high standards.

When they get a little drunk, they get even more honest than they usually are.

If they think your shoes don’t match your dress, they will surely tell you.

And in the fire of their alcohol-fueled criticism you will be redeemed. Amen.


When Libra is drunk, they love everyone around them.

The drunken Libra is all about love in all forms, and if she’s just met someone at that moment, the new acquaintance can morph into best friend status after the first beer.

Libras like to make everyone feel welcome and everyone will have their say because Libras prefer equality.

After each speech they like to toast and that’s the best part.


The drunk Scorpio likes to flirt.

Scorpios are the symbol of desire, and when a Scorpio has a crush on someone, their usually imperceptible flirting becomes more apparent around the second or third sip.

When their walls come down after a few drinks, you can then see the thirst for love and attention.

At a party you can see the scorpion in a corner with his swarm.

The way Scorpio touches has something erotic about it.

Everything Scorpio does always works.


Sagittarians are born party people.

After drinking alcohol, their mood increases from 10 to 100.

Sagittarius is a physical zodiac sign and needs the dance floor where they will set the mood with some light choreography they may have practiced in their room.

They’re the clowns of the zodiac and aren’t afraid to look silly – which means their moves are usually pretty good.

Sagittarians have the heart and soul of a pop star.


When drunk, Capricorns look composed and professional.

When you’re drunk, remember that you might meet someone important and that’s why you should control yourself.

They always look business like that, they drink like that too and they look like that too.

Do you ever really get drunk? Yes, when it comes to the question of whether or not they should go home. But spiritually and astrologically? no No, they are not.

If you need someone who will take care of you when you’re drunk, Capricorn is the one.


Drunk Aquarius talks a lot and wants everyone to listen to him.

If Aquarius has had a few too many glasses, he talks a lot and turns into a philosopher.

Climate change, Amazon rainforests, ozone depletion – Aquarius has an opinion on everything and likes to debate with a glass of wine in hand.

Aquarians always think that their point of view is always the right one and contradict everyone who thinks differently.

They are the geniuses of the horoscope and therefore we cannot blame them for their conceit and omniscience.

How well you enjoy yourself with someone is directly related to how much they agree with you.


Fish always find the furthest corner of the bar and camp there.

Pisces is the sign of intoxication and their base level of empathy and intuition is heightened.

Basically, when they’re drunk, they’re kind of high too.

They are drawn to the most meaningful discussions, the tastiest morsels, and the most fulfilling spiritual energy.

The Pisces could make your life better if you let them.

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