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Find Out Which Bird Represents You, Depend On Your Date Of Birth

Unlike any other zodiac, this one is represented by 13 signs, each of which has the role of saying more about your personality.

October 28 – November 24 – The Wind

You are a person with a very sharp mind and are very spontaneous. Your memory helps you retain images or information that can take you very high both in your career and in love. You never make impulsive decisions and you always find the best way out of less pleasant situations. You trust yourself more than other signs of this zodiac and you never give up.

November 25 – December 23 – Raven

You are a very direct person and choose to tell the truth to your face even if you know you could hurt.

Your intelligence is out of the ordinary and you certainly have nothing to gain from it. You are a reliable friend who always offers the best advice, being much more rational than other signs. You stand out without doing anything about it and conquer anyone who comes your way.

December 24 – January 20 – Batlan

You are a person who does not let herself be manipulated at all and who believes in her own values ​​more than anyone else. You often seem harsh and slightly insensitive, but you are betting on the fact that this is the only way you can get over life’s difficulties more easily.

You are a good coordinator because you don’t make friends with subordinates and you know how to keep them in check. You don’t manage anyone as long as you know there is something rotten in the middle.

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January 21 – February 17 – Pretoria

You are a very steadfast person and you fight anyone who wants to spoil the peace in your home. In your relationships with those around you, you show a lot of strength of character and you give up your ideas even when you break your head. You like to contradict yourself even if sometimes you know that you are not right!

February 18 – March 17 – Bottles

You are very strict when it comes to the people around you and you always choose few, but quality people.

You cannot live without affection and you keep in touch even with your very distant relatives. You talk openly about anything and with anyone, but you get angry very quickly when something doesn’t suit you.

March 18 – April 14 – Falcon

You are always the center of attention and you like it. You show a lot of confidence in yourself, and not just in appearance. You are very elegant and you never offend anyone, even if the message you want to convey is quite harsh.

You get along well in any situation and you don’t like to work just for the sake of working.

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Find Out Which Bird Represents You, Depend On Your Date Of Birth

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