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What type of ex are you based on your zodiac sign

First of all good luck to everyone who is about to break up with a Scorpio.

Your zodiac sign can say a lot about you, like where you like to go on your first date, where you make mistakes on a date, which zodiac sign you fall in love with the most, and so on.

Also, your zodiac sign can tell you how you behave after you end a relationship.

Now we’re going to talk a little bit about what kind of ex you are. 

Maybe you are a Scorpio who is a scary ex?

A never looking back Aquarius or the Pisces who wants to be friends with their ex?

We will now see how we react according to our zodiac sign when we end a relationship.

If you don’t recognize yourself here, think again.

ARIES: The ex who got away

Every one of your exes misses you because afterwards they realize what they lost.

Your ex misses your spontaneity, your wild streak and your confidence.

You are the leader in your relationship and you will certainly take the first step if you like a man.

Dates you suggested are the best.

You are not very sad when someone breaks up with you.

You’re just mad because your ego is getting hurt and you can’t understand why this person doesn’t want to be with your awesomeness anymore.

After the breakup, you go on a blind date so that you stop thinking about your ex as soon as possible.

“Goodbye my lover..” and you’re off to the future!

TAURUS: The cool ex

You often remain friends with your ex after the breakup.

You think very logically and when you see that the relationship isn’t working or you feel like you can’t live your whole life with this person, you just break up because you are stable and you are always moving forward.

But if you stay friends with your ex, you can harm him because he will always think that maybe you will give him a second chance. 

If you really like your ex, let him go because you can hurt him if you’re still seeing each other after the breakup.

After the breakup you dye your hair a different color, redecorate your apartment because you need a new and fresh start.

Your ex misses your taste because you choose the best restaurants, bars, and movies.

No tears, just keep going.

TWINS: The recurring ex

Your dualistic nature and charisma make you a perfect storm for recurring relationships.

You have to be calm and try to think differently because sometimes it’s best to break up with someone and find someone else.

Going back to your ex is like reading a book twice and knowing everything that is going to happen. 

After the breakup, you long for a therapeutic talk with your friends to clarify the situation.

You relax best when you’re surrounded by lots of love and verbal affirmations.

Most likely, you’ll meet up with your ex after the breakup to find out how he’s doing after the breakup; but you should take care of yourself, think of yourself and put it in your head that this relationship had no future.

Your ex misses your cleverness and sense of humor.

Be free and put yourself first!

CANCER: Ex blocking on all social networks

Because you’re very emotional, the breakups hit you pretty hard.

The breakups hurt you because you have a good heart, you are there for everyone, and you have a shoulder for everyone to lean on.

When someone tests your trust and commitment, it hits you right in the heart.

After the breakup you are on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter all the time to see if your ex has someone new.

You end up blocking him, trying to move on and doing everything you can to avoid crossing his path.

Your ex misses your nonchalance and how you see the world through rose-tinted glasses.

…after the rain comes the sun.

LION: The picky ex

You’re just a little offended and upset because you dated someone who isn’t as great as you are.

You put a lot of nerve and work into this person, helping him find the perfect haircut, suit, toothpaste, and now someone else will surely be happy with the result.

You’re an honest guy and you don’t play any games with anyone.

After your breakup, you try to keep your cool and be friends with your ex.

After some time you see that this idea was not good and you end all relationships with this person.

If you can’t forget your ex and you still miss him, you will take revenge and let him see what he lost.

Maybe 10 years later you invite him to a movie premiere where you play the lead role so he can see how successful you have become.

Your ex will surely miss your energy, your charisma and your happiness.

Oh my lioness, you’re a star and it’s a problem for your ex if he didn’t appreciate it. 

VIRGIN: Ex who can’t let go

You vacillate between tears and thanks to heaven that the universe got rid of that bastard.

You analyze every step and think deeply about everything, but you can’t be blamed for that because that’s the Virgo nature.

Now you feel better when it’s all over but you can’t understand why you fell in love with him, why you stayed together for so long and why you broke up in the first place.

After a breakup you are in shock and no longer understand the world.

You need a lot of time to process everything and to mourn.

Your ex surely misses your organization that made his life better too.

There are hundreds of question marks in your head and you struggle to understand why your relationship didn’t work out.

LIBRA: The friendly ex

You just feel most comfortable when you’re in a relationship.

You’ll do everything you can to not break up, but know that it only leads to unspoken bitterness for both partners.

After breaking up with him you try not to show that you are angry with him, but in reality you are very hurt and will never forgive yourself for wasting so much time with him. 

Your ex misses that you understood everything.

He also misses your sense of style.

He will not find your warmth and humor in anyone else.

SCORPIO: The cold ex

Damn it, where do I start Scorpio?

First of all, all your exes are afraid of you.

You know that, don’t you?

You are very quick to reprimand and do not hesitate to produce receipts from four tax years ago.

And good luck to those who hurt you because you will spend many hours getting back at them.

Should your ex be lucky enough to escape your wrath, you will simply freeze them and cut off all contact with them forever.

You deal with separations very intensively and can blame yourself for doing something in the relationship that failed because of you.

You may appear tough on the outside, but on the inside you are vulnerable.

After the breakup you become detectives; you probably keep a close eye on your ex’s social media to see what he’s doing.

You also take revenge on your ex, for example you flirt with his best friend when he is around.

Your ex misses your kisses.

SAGITTARIUS: The ex who secretly always hopes for something more

Being so funny and witty makes it a little too easy for you to befriend your ex.

You and your ex remain friends and you swear by your friendship, but at the same time you would reach out immediately if he ever wanted to be romantic with you again.

You are known for being direct.

You tell your partner exactly what they did wrong – their most annoying habits, which you miss the least about them. 

Hey, the truth hurts!

A situation can drive you crazy: you see him on Tinder and you realize he’s actively looking out for other people, which hurts you in a way even though you’ve been apart for months.

You’re about to decide whether you should move away.

Your ex misses your spontaneity and your craziness: spontaneously going abroad at the weekend or swimming naked in a neighboring lake at night.

CAPRICORN: The radiant ex

You’re honestly thrilled to be single again.

You really missed meeting new people and when you tell your friends that you’re not grieving because of your ex, they don’t believe you and find it a bit cruel.

Your ex was a bit boring anyway, and he always let you down in one way or another.

He probably just didn’t get along with you.

Sure, it hurts a little, but ultimately you’re grateful for the chance to get rid of someone who brought you down.

Now you can meet someone who really understands you.

After the breakup, you are sure to date someone who is the complete opposite of your ex.

Your ex misses you because you. wherever you have been. you were dressed first-rate and had fun anytime, anywhere.

With you it was never boring.

But hey, life goes on!

AQUARIUS: The ex who doesn’t look back

You are independent and you need space to be who you want to be, otherwise you get antsy.

You like it when you can go away for three days without reporting to anyone. 

You don’t tend to get upset after a breakup because you don’t have trouble finding someone else.

But you should be careful because one day you may fall in love so much that after the breakup you won’t be able to look for someone else right away.

After the separation you love the freedom because you can then live out what you could not do in the partnership.

Your ex will surely miss how you see the world in a special way, and without you in his life everything will become boring.

PISCES: The nice ex

You are very nice to everyone.

Your friends are excited about your breakup.

You’re super romantic and because of that you can sometimes have a hard time realizing that your relationship just isn’t working anymore.

Because you are very compassionate and kind, you try to keep things as friendly as possible with your ex-boyfriends.

Your sensitive side also means that you feel breakups quite intensely.

Your ex will surely miss how you cared for him.

The men who didn’t appreciate you didn’t deserve you and it’s their own fault if they lose you.

What type of ex are you based on your zodiac sign

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