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The most typical behaviors of children according to their zodiac signs

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Raising children is a demanding task for which there are no universal rules. The personality of the children plays a major role in their upbringing.

Each child is an individual with all its virtues and flaws, and education must be adapted to the child’s character. This is how parents adapt the way they raise their children to their character.

In order to better understand the different generations, whether younger or older than us, it is good to familiarize yourself with the typical characteristics of the developmental stages of each zodiac sign.

Traits associated with a child’s zodiac sign can be of great help in parenting.

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From the first days, the Aries child is active, lively and not one of those babies who only sleep. He will show his will to fight from the earliest days.

This means that he persistently searches for the toy until he gets it and that he wants to eat and learn to walk himself.

Little Aries is probably the most energetic child. He never gets bored as he loves to explore, compete and prove himself.

These kids don’t like it when you give them orders. So be careful when you tell them something that it doesn’t appear like you’re giving them orders.

They are good students because they see school as a big competition and they are also very imaginative kids. In addition, they are very imaginative children and know the easiest way to learn and prove the material.

Basically, Aries children do well in life, so with a little help from their parents, they can be extremely successful people.

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It is important for children born under the sign of Taurus to be well fed, clean and spoiled. If these children are happy, their parents will be too.

They are not particularly active, they like to rest and, if possible, observe something pleasing to the eye. Taurus has been a hedonist since childhood.

Taurus children love peace and harmony. So if someone happens to yell or look at you without smiling, the gentle Taurus will cry. As they age, they become less sensitive.

Tell them they’re good, they’re smart, they’re beautiful. Praise them because it will encourage them to do even better to get more praise.

Don’t deny them love and don’t punish them by denying them hugs. This can later lead to serious problems within the family, because Taurus likes to be stubborn.

Talk to them without judgment and they will surely follow your advice. Taurus children enjoy food, so watch the quantity of their meals, especially sugary foods.

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These are curious little children who want to talk right away. Gemini children are very lovable, but in a special way.

They love to talk so they will probably start speaking early and they always want to have their say and be a part of everything. These are future intellectuals and will fascinate you with their thoughts and statements.

These children are quick learners, have good memories, and set an example of good behavior from an early age. They love being with other children and would love to play with their friends all day long.

When this child learns to read, their curiosity will never end. It is desirable to start learning a foreign language, since children born under this sign of the zodiac have an aptitude for learning the foreign language.

They can also be good athletes. In any case, the more commitments the Gemini children have, the better for them.

The more he works the more he learns and this is the best way to raise a twin. So make a to-do list for your little twin.

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Cancers are calm and good children. They are sensitive, perhaps the most sensitive of all children, often cry and are very shy.

These children are very attached to their mother, and when she is not around, they immediately start crying. They will ask their parents’ permission for everything because they don’t trust themselves.

Cancer children are also insecure when they start learning to walk, so they will crawl for a long time. They dislike noise, big company and people unfamiliar to them.

They spook anyone who tries to get close to them. As they get older, they become less and less shy, but while they are little, don’t leave him alone for a moment.

These children love to be petted. They also like it when all their questions are answered. Everything is important to them!

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These beautiful children are very easygoing from birth. It is important that they are fed and accommodated comfortably. They like to enjoy their crib and watch what happens. This is their first kingdom.

Leo children are not overly lively and interested in interaction. As babies, they are content if they are not wet or hungry. It’s very easy to calm these children down when they’re crying, even if something doesn’t sit well with them.

Leos are known to be good actors and attention grabbers. Once little Leo realizes he’s made you laugh, he’ll come up with new ways to fascinate you every day.

They are mostly good and noble children. They’re leaders, but they’re the ones who rule from the shadows, so they’ll gather kids at school who admire their talents and abilities.

Leos of all ages love the stage light and it is their eternal and dearest kingdom.

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These are probably the most grateful babies. They are very calm and well-behaved from birth, they like to sleep and like peace and quiet.

Nutrition and hygiene are very important for these children. Teach them what is healthy and what is not from an early age, they will easily adopt it and it will be useful to them later.

Virgo children are very intelligent but don’t try too hard to prove themselves.

You are able to crush the entire toy to see how it assembles. Rest assured that they will put everything back in place and the toy will work perfectly.

Reclusive, these children have their own world in which to explore and mature at the same time. They are great chess players and like games to think about.

You listen persistently and understand everything quickly, even when you think he doesn’t understand you and how clear he is to what you were trying to say. When they learn to speak and have fun talking to Virgo children.

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These are wonderful children, and later they will also become such adults who, above all, strive for harmony and beauty. These children laugh a lot and conquer everyone with their contagious laughter.

They are groomed from an early age, clean, smile and expect the same from those around them. They show a strong sense of justice from an early age.

They will respond to injustice even if an issue does not affect them. Libra children always speak their minds when they see that something isn’t fair.

They will not be able to look away if they feel justice has not been served. Also, they must protect the weaker, even if that means confronting someone stronger.

Pay attention to these children’s interest in art and support their talents as soon as you notice them.

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Scorpios are very sensitive as babies, and they remain so even when they grow up, well into puberty. So you have to be careful with these kids because they don’t talk much and don’t show how they feel.

It’s not easy to know how Scorpio children are feeling, but they are actually very vulnerable, scared, and insecure. They need family approval for everything they do, even when they know they are right.

As babies, they are hypersensitive and even react to changes in the weather. So it would be good never to leave little Scorpio alone.

You are very shy and see danger in everything, so try to find out what worries, what scares and bothers your little Scorpio.

Of all the children of the zodiac, Scorpios need the support of their parents the most, otherwise they will remain shy and insecure later when they grow up and even throughout their lives.

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As a rule, these are large children who, from an early age, have a very strong build and a special smile.

Characteristic is that they are fun from an early age. You will never be bored with this baby because he will show the ability to make you laugh very early.

They like to play and have fairy tales read to them, even if something is sung to them. When they learn to speak, they make great conversationalists and later friends.

They are very smart and can do many things at the same time, play and listen to you and also watch cartoons on the side.

They learn best through play because they don’t take criticism well. These are very smart children who learn very quickly.

They have to be careful when they go to school. These kids are swept up in company and fun, so they may choose fun over school.

That’s why you have to keep an eye on them forever. They tend to avoid school commitments so you always need to check if they have done their homework.

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With these children everything is simple and clear. Either black or white.

Capricorn children know what they need and what they want, so they will make it clear to you. They are calm and good babies. They eat regularly, sleep and you can really have fun with them.

These children cry very little, smile most of the time, and like to laze about while being told something. They are not demanding, they do not need special attention, but they do not like everything that is typical for their age.

Even as a child, he shows extraordinary maturity and responsibility, so that you will very quickly find yourself in the situation of asking your little Capricorn for his opinion.

Everything comes late for these children, so they learn to walk and talk late.

They prefer money as a gift to toys because it allows them to buy whatever they want. Trust them with savings early on, they love money but also know how to use it.

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These are the liveliest babies. They are restless, so you have to be very careful and don’t be surprised if they fall out of bed at the age of three months.

They progress quickly and everything goes much faster with them than with other zodiac children. You also learn to walk very early.

These children learn to walk and talk at an early age. Raising a little Aquarius takes a lot of energy because when he’s not sleeping, you can’t take your eyes off him.

Anything he’s not allowed to do, he will, so you need to keep an eye on him all the time. These kids are so demanding until puberty.

They can also be aggressive, so be careful and don’t trust anyone to babysit them because they will likely never listen. But when he grows up, Aquarius turns into a wonderful, calm and tolerant person.

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These are probably the zodiac’s favorite babies because of their dreamy looks, beautiful eyes and big lashes. They are extremely calm, cuddly and good babies.

You can see everything in their eyes and when they are happy and when something bothers them, you will easily spot it.

Pisces children love that you read to them, talk to them, sing to them, and they are grateful for every moment you devote to them.

These children are overly cautious and insecure within themselves, and the older they get the more they will relax, but security will always be there.

They don’t like to be noticed, they won’t impose themselves even though they are very talented kids. Pisces are particularly talented in arts such as music or dance.

These children need your support and guidance in everything because they don’t believe in themselves. You have to convince them that they have qualities and are equally important to this society.

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