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The moment a crush turns into love (according to your zodiac sign)

We all know that moment when it “clicks” and all of a sudden we are in love, can’t get enough of that person and want to see their face in front of our eyes forever.

It’s very little sweet moments when we realize that it’s more than a crush. For example, the moments when he remembers how you like your coffee and orders it for you, or when he brings you your favorite flower.

For me personally it was a look. I was sitting with him (then boyfriend, now my husband) in a coffee shop and we were both lost in our thoughts. I looked at him and he did the same. When our eyes met I felt like I could see all his pain and happiness in his eyes. I saw all the ways of his past and the blue sky of his future. Magical! It only lasted a few seconds, but I knew that in those eyes I also saw our future together.

I love the stars and sometimes I feel like they have an invisible thread to us and know us as we don’t know ourselves.

Now we will turn to each zodiac sign to see when is the exact moment we fall in love.

ARIES: He changes his plans just to be with you.

You are very passionate but also very possessive. It’s not bad, because you keep it all within limits.

Because you are the first sign of the zodiac, you also want (as we all want) to be first for your partner.

You’re furious and overjoyed when your partner cancels their plans just so they can spend their time with you.

You like it best when you watch movies together and cuddle afterwards.

TAURUS: You wake up together and you suddenly realize that you smell just like him.

Your senses are very strong.

Your senses are stimulated very quickly by taste, touch, or smell and when it is strongly stimulated and you love what you see/smell/taste then you fall in love very quickly.

If you spent the night together and in the morning you realize that you smell his perfume on your body, you feel fire in you.

TWINS: When you find that you can talk without speaking.

Geminis love to talk and they don’t mind talking to one person for hours.

You’re good at flirting and you know exactly how to wrap your crush around your fingers.

When you find yourself speaking an unspoken language with your partner, you fall in love and your heart opens like a flower in summer.

It’s one of those moments when you both just look into each other’s eyes and you know exactly what the other is thinking

KREBS: When he cooks with you and you dance in the kitchen.

Cancers feel best when they are at home.

As a very romantic zodiac sign, you find that having dinner at home is better than going out dancing.

When your partner cooks with you and you both listen to loud music and dance in the kitchen, that’s the greatest thing for you.

Those small and tender moments are the key to your heart because you love spending time with someone in a relaxed environment.

LÖWE: You look perfect together in the photos.

The Leo always looks well groomed and he expects the same from his partner.

The moment that gets your heart pumping is when you take a picture with your crush/partner and you realize you both look hot together.

You would love to put this photo on all poster sites in Germany so that everyone can see how the two of you fit together perfectly.

One can imagine what children with your genes would look like – just perfect. What are you waiting for, make babies (LOL).

VIRGIN If he remembers little things.

Virgos are very helpful and often go above and beyond when it comes to helping those they care about.

You pay a lot of attention to detail. For example, when it comes to wrapping presents, you make everything perfect, even remembering the other person’s favorite color. Even the paper has to be the same color.

If your crush or your partner does this too and remembers little things that are important to you, then you are shocked and can’t believe it for the first time. After that, falling in love takes care of itself and your partner is your king.

LIBRA: He says “we” and not just “I”.

Libras love to be in a partnership because they are very romantic and feel best when they are together. 

Love for others and also for their partner is the highest priority and it is more important to you than anything else in the world.

Hearts can be seen in your eyes when you and your partner are with your friends and instead of saying “I” he always says “we” because he doesn’t want to break up with you.

You are the happiest person in the world when someone gives you what you give.

SCORPIO: When your crush or partner recognizes your true feelings.

Scorpios are very passionate and compassionate zodiac signs.

You can’t see it at first glance because they hide it well. They hide it because they are afraid of getting hurt and what if you reveal your feelings and this relationship ends.

When you feel like you’re falling in love, you start sharing a little about your feelings. If the partner accepts the feelings and reciprocates them, then all is right with the world and you give your whole heart away.

SAGITTARIUS: Your heart races when you’re around him.

Sagittarians find it easy to fall in love. Likewise, they get bored in a partnership that isn’t exciting enough.

If you could live your dream life, it would be full of adventures and exciting happenings; This is what you think your love life should feel like. 

For you, romance is when you feel a “rush” that causes adrenaline.

When your partner or crush suggests an adventurous trip, you put your whole heart into it.

You are in the right place when there is diversity in your relationship and surely love will come when you are with such a person.

CAPRICORN: He sees you in his distant future.

Capricorn plans everything in advance and is ambitious like no other zodiac sign.

You struggle to get on top of things and plan everything because you don’t like the unexpected.

You lack spontaneity, but that doesn’t move you because you know your path and follow it.

Your heart will be opened when your partner helps you achieve your goal and respects your plans; whether it’s helping you adopt a dog or helping you fix that old house you inherited (that would be awesome LOL).

AQUARIUS: He respects you and thinks you’re crazy in a good way.

You are a very interesting and intelligent person.

You are known for your unusual and crazy hobbies and when you do something that interests you, you put all your soul and body into it.

You fall in love when you notice your partner showing interest in you and your hobbies and taking the time to learn about you.

For example, he buys tickets for your favorite band even though he’s not a big fan of them. Then you realize that you are slowly falling in love with him.

PISCES: It helps you achieve your dreams.

Pisces are daydreamers and love to think about and long for beautiful things and experiences.

You would faint with excitement if your partner realized one of your dreams. You could marry a man like that, have children and grow old with him… and sorry if I forgot to mention something.

Perhaps you dream of a small ship with which you would sail the seas of Europe.

Imagine that one day your friend comes and tells you that he has rented a ship for the two of you. You’re about to start yelling “Marry me!”

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