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The behavior of the zodiac signs when they are dissatisfied in the relationship

Wondering how you or your partner behave in a relationship if you are not happy with the relationship? Astrology has the answers!

We can use the zodiac sign to find an answer on how to behave in a relationship when we are not satisfied, fulfilled and happy.

Astrology helps us to recognize the signs of dissatisfaction in ourselves or in our partners when we are not happy and content in a relationship.

Read how the individual zodiac signs behave when things are not going so well and when someone is unhappy and dissatisfied in a romantic relationship.


Aries are known for being very open and direct in their intentions, so they will share with you every little detail about their lives. 

However, when Aries are unsatisfied and unhappy in a relationship, they will stop sharing with you everything that moves, inspires and makes them happy.

They will close in on their partner and communication will be weaker. Aries is an active sign and does not like boredom.

Suggest him interesting ideas, events, activities, how to refresh and improve your relationship.


Taurus are not lovers of change and want to live a comfortable and pleasant, relaxed life.

When she is unhappy in a relationship, they will try their best to show how happy they are, even when they are not, so they will pretend to be happy.

Here it is crucial to recognize what is really bothering the Taurus partner, even though he does not show it at first. Talk about it openly and honestly with your Taurus in a pleasant atmosphere with good food and candles.


Geminis find it very difficult to bond over the long term, so it is very difficult for them to accept the slightly different reality that the relationship brings.

Because of the new way of life that the relationship brings, they may be unhappy and dissatisfied. You love freedom, sociability, travel, social networks.

Of course, if they have no other choice, they will come to terms with reality.

But because of this they will be disinterested in the relationship, they will stagnate at work, and they will be unbearable in friendship.

Geminis love meaningful, witty and intelligent conversation, captivate them with an interesting story. Communication is crucial for Gemini, it needs to be smart and fun.


Cancers are very emotional and sensitive.

However, when things aren’t going well in their relationship, they can become very passive-aggressive with very direct comments and emotional insults.

On the other hand, they will complain to their friends, but they will not try to solve the problem directly.

If Cancers are depressed, sad and disinterested in communication, this is a sign that they are suffering in a relationship.

Try talking to your unhappy Cancer, but beware of their hypersensitivity.


Leo is constantly trying to impress and be the center of their partner’s universe.

If Leo changes and stops trying to please and impress you, it means that he does not feel good and satisfied in the relationship.

Leo likes to be the center of attention and when they feel that they are not being noticed, they are very dissatisfied and unhappy.

He doesn’t like to talk to his partner about what makes him unhappy in the relationship.


Virgos don’t like to feel weak, submissive, and neglected, so they may try to find another distraction that takes their mind off existing relationship issues.

They will overwhelm themselves with work, commitments, cleaning the house, analyzes just so they don’t have to think about their relationship.

Virgos act cold and won’t often be the first to start a conversation about relationship issues. So you need to start a conversation and ask them how they feel when you see something wrong.

They can seem difficult, complicated and calculated, so you need to find the right connection to their heart!


Libra strives for harmony and balance in love and always likes to be right.

If there is trouble in her love paradise, she will focus on her career, her hobbies and will overwhelm herself with work.

It may be difficult for her to say in words and conversation that she is unhappy, but it will show in her actions and behavior.

Libra knows very well how to fake and hide real emotions, turning everything into a joke and sarcasm.

So you need to learn ways to get their true emotions out of them and somehow get them to open up to you so you can speak honestly about problems.


Scorpio is one of the most intense and emotional zodiac signs.

If they are not satisfied, they will become colder and disinterested, they will become less intimate, and they will distance themselves emotionally from the relationship.

But if his dissatisfaction does not improve soon, Scorpio will bring everything out very brutally and honestly. So talk to him before it’s too late.

You need to be open and honest with Scorpio, do not try to deceive him, because he has strong intuition and easily spot lies. Just honesty!


An emotional and fluttering sign, Sagittarius loves the concept of love, but they become very irritable and passive-aggressive when unhappy in a relationship.

They isolate themselves or avoid their partner so they don’t have to have a really honest conversation about the problems in the relationship.

Sagittarius is a solo player and loves adventure and new challenges in life. He loves his freedom very much.

So be careful not to bind him too tightly or be careful not to limit his freedom. Sagittarius wants ease and enthusiasm, not restraint.


Capricorn likes to be in control of everything they do in life. He is very stubborn in his intentions and will fight for a relationship. For him, the relationship represents stability and security.

He needs fidelity and loyalty, structure and commitment in a relationship.

If he is unhappy in a relationship, he will overwhelm himself with commitments, career and work and will be less emotionally available in the relationship.

Capricorn is looking for a stable relationship as support in life. If you want to inspire Capricorn, plan in detail some activities such as sports, travel, shopping and the like.

Talk to your Capricorn in as much detail and directly as possible, and take as much time as you think is sufficient.


Once Aquarius is dissatisfied, he begins to focus on something else without much concern and understanding for the relationship and his partner.

This can be unbearable for the partner as the partner feels left out and alienated.

Aquarius lives in their world and they will find something to occupy themselves with when things are not going well in a relationship.

The partner has to initiate the conversation if things are not going well in the relationship, because Aquarius will not be the initiator of the conversation, he will pretend nothing is happening.

It will be difficult to convince Aquarius of something they don’t like and aren’t interested in.

So be creative in how you present something to Aquarius, how you get them interested and evoke their understanding and support. Be willing to compromise.


When Pisces are unhappy in a relationship, they flee into their world. Then they spend their time in solitude, isolation and fantasy.

They are acting strange, they are irritable, nervous and very unhappy and they will let you know very well, if not through words then through behavior, anger and dissatisfaction.

She will delve into her world of fantasy and idealization about the perfect relationship and partner. Be careful with them because they are very emotional and sensitive.

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