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How to get your PMS under control with the help of astrology

The PMS phase of our menstrual cycle is associated with cramps, bloating, headaches and mood swings and these are just a few of the uncomfortable symptoms.

I don’t know about you girls when you have PMS. You may not feel anything, or you may have many symptoms. All I know is that these are my most hated days of the month.

I hate this period before menstruation. 7 days before my period I’m in a bad mood, irritable and I can cry about anything. And when my period comes, all PMS symptoms are gone like magic.

We can relieve the symptoms with the help of pills and a heat pack can also help us.

Believe it or not, astrology can also help us alleviate our hated PMS symptoms. We can let the stars guide us and give them a chance to help us manage our symptoms.

The connection between astrology and your menstrual cycle

The four major cycles of the moon coincide with the four cycles of a woman’s monthly menstrual cycle.

Although the moon takes 27.3 days to orbit the earth, the lunar phase cycle it goes through lasts 29.5 days, which roughly matches the average length of our menstrual cycles.

The young moon (new moon) – menstrual phase:

The young moon is compared to the menstrual phase because it means a new beginning and it is a new phase for you.

Quarter moon phase – follicular phase:

This phase is one where one gains strength after the period and the energies start to rise.

Full moon – ovulation phase:

You are most fertile during the full moon, as well as during ovulation. In this phase you feel lively and good in your own skin. As does the full moon, which shines in all its beauty.

Third Quarter – Luteal Phase:

This is the time when PMS symptoms are at their strongest and it’s the time to take care of yourself, drink lots of water, rest and switch off. 

Your menstrual cycle doesn’t have to match that of the moon. The chances of that happening are slim. Do not look for correspondence with the moon in your calendar.

It is more about recognizing the existence of the cycle and the way cycles flow, rather than synchronizing with the moon itself.

The astrologers believe that by knowing this we can gain a better understanding of our cycle and our bodies and that we can allow ourselves to recover from the things that may be causing us stress, anxiety or blockages.

The moon is associated with women and the mother within us, also with our fertility, emotions and our inner world.

What PMS symptoms to expect based on your zodiac sign

The menstrual cycle is closely related to the phases of the moon and therefore the moon sign plays an important role here. So that’s the zodiac sign where the moon was at the time you were born.

Different women with different zodiac signs experience some symptoms more than others.

As part of the general astrological elements, you can look at either your sun or moon sign to see which behaviors and feelings are more likely to flare up during your luteal phase.

Fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius)

Fire signs are passionate, but sometimes they can overdo it.

When they’re feeling overwhelmed, they suddenly become irritable and moody about something that excited them last week.

They argue with others about unimportant things just to vent their anger.

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn)

These zodiac signs need calm and stability, and when they can’t get that, they can get fussy and exhausting. 

They worry about the future and small mistakes they’ve made instead of taking the time to process their feelings.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius)

They are very communicative and outgoing signs, but in the PMS phase they can take it up a notch and cause drama.

They question their friendships and everything they’ve done or said. When someone looks at you the wrong way, you become a little monster.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces)

These signs are very emotional and when they have PMS they can become overly sensitive and their insecurities can become even more apparent.

They worry about all sorts of things and nothing is as they wish it to be.

Their clothes, hair, body weight, housing… nothing is as it should be and they shed many tears over it.

How to use the moon to manage PMS

Focus on your moon sign to learn about the behaviors that astrologers say can help your period cycle feel smoother and end without emotional swings.

The moon can tell us how to approach others and how to find comfort because the moon represents our hidden feelings and we should not ignore them so easily.

Let’s take a look at what our moon sign is revealing about our PMS journey.


This sign is strong and determined, but with the arrival of the third quarter moon, that all changes. 

When you’re not feeling well, you love it when someone takes care of you.

Make yourself comfortable, spoil yourself and let yourself be spoiled and give yourself the luxury and don’t apologize to the others for small things.


People with the Moon in Taurus should spend time in nature when they are not feeling well. It would be best in a meadow full of flowers.

You can also occupy yourself with the indoor plants, it will certainly do you good.

It’s a good way to visualize your own natural shedding and blooming process.


Communication is Gemini’s middle name and they feel good about talking, laughing and crying with people.

It is best for them to talk about their PMS so that they can express their feelings. For them, talking is the best therapy.

And if you are not in the situation to meet up with your friends, then you can just keep a journal.


The Moon rules Cancer, so I would say Cancer should allow themselves to feel the full range of their emotions and see how they fluctuate throughout their cycle.

It is desired that they engage in something creative. You can make something simple, or draw a picture.


Leos love to talk to others and they feel better when they talk to someone about their feelings or problems.

You could track your cycle and the emotions you have when you are in different phases and share the results with your friends. You could also help them to get to know their cycle better.


It is very important how Virgos behave when they are in a PMS phase.

The virgins should be more careful about what they eat. You should not change your habits and behavior because it can affect and disrupt your natural cycle.

Treat yourself by cooking a delicious and healthy meal for yourself, or you can easily have a meal delivered from a good restaurant. 


Libras are very fashion conscious, so they love curling up on the couch in a pair of satin pajamas.

Enjoy a really luxurious bath with an expensive and very nice smelling bath bomb.

Chocolate cake is a must here – my dear Libra, you only live once, enjoy.


Scorpios love to be alone during their PMS phase and not to be disturbed.

This is right for Scorpios because it allows them to get in tune with themselves.

Creative projects can be good for you; as well as yoga and meditation that will give you strength and inner peace.


As much as you would like to crawl under the covers, movement is very important for the typically lively people of this zodiac sign.

You shouldn’t allow your energy to get stuck inside you. You can go for a walk or do any type of exercise that you enjoy.

It would also be good if you meet your friends and go to the cinema to watch a comedy because laughter heals everything.


Capricorns hate it when something slows them down and they are unable to do their best. This is how Capricorns feel during PMS.

Maybe they can try a period schedule app so they know when it’s time to slow down.

See this time of the month as something positive as you find time for yourself and you take care of yourself. Appreciate your body and try to understand that your body needs rest from time to time.


People in this zodiac sign are often moved by environmental and social issues. When you connect with your body at the micro level, you also understand the larger problems at the macro level.

Take your time and educate yourself about humanitarian rights and issues, because you might be able to do something good that way. We all feel better when we can do something for others.


Pisces are very generous people. They like to give a lot when it comes to their emotions or something material.

It’s nice to take care of other people, but it also feels good when you take time for yourself and pamper yourself.

It’s okay to say no to others, or to disappoint others, because we should all have a little selfishness in us and act it out.

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