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Top 6 Most Naughty Signs. Who Is Ashamed Of Her Shadow?

The Virgo native is the shyest representative of the zodiac and she only feels at ease with the people she knows very well.

1. Virgo

You are the shyest representative of the zodiac and everyone knows it, including you. You only feel at ease with people you know very well, which is why you are often labeled as an introvert or withdrawn. You don’t trust your own strength and exude weakness, most of the time fake.

2. Cancer

You are quite restrained at first glance, but over time the situation changes. You need people you trust a lot to start talking.

You are not the type of person to present your ideas, even if they are extremely good. The herd effect works for you, if others do a certain thing that coincides with your wishes, only then do you do it too.

3. Capricorn

You are quite shy and it is difficult for those around you. Only they can make you act with more confidence through encouragement and friends, otherwise you will never have the courage to initiate anything. Most of the time, you keep things inside of you that you should let go of in order not to accumulate even more frustrations.

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4. Pisces

You are a very sensitive and shy person, and your attitude is greatly influenced by the way those around you treat you.

If someone laughs at you, you will certainly never again dare to do the thing that brought you to this situation.

5. Aries

You are shy at first and you don’t like to be put in new situations. You’re the type of person who wants to know what he’s going to say, what he’s going to do or who he’s going to interact with, otherwise, he’ll be totally lost. Although you are spontaneous, you don’t like surprises!

6. Sagittarius

You always need a little help to overcome your shyness, after which no one will be able to stop you from your courageous actions.

You think too much about what others think of you and calculate your movements until you sometimes end up doing nothing, thus becoming restrained.

Top 6 Most Naughty Signs. Who Is Ashamed Of Her Shadow?

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