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Your guardian fairy based on your zodiac sign

In their natural state, the fairies are actually pure energy.

Fairies also take shape depending on their character or the area they are in.

The wings of the fairies are also made of light, feelings and energy. Fairies’ eyes are like a mirror for their soul.

Some of them even have red ears, which is a sign of their supernatural powers.

Sometimes the fairies like a person so much that they start bringing him valuables or money.

However, a person who has this honor and fortune must keep their secret, otherwise the gifts will stop coming.

Likewise, fairies love receiving gifts, but only when they deem them appropriate.

Fairies feature in all mythologies and are responsible for countless things, being magical creatures capable of miracles and magic.

But if until now you thought that only a guardian angel would protect you, you should know that you also have your own fairy who will accompany you from the moment you were born and help you in difficult situations.

1. Aries – Paradise

At the moment of your birth, this strong and passionate fairy looked at you and said:

“I will take care of you even when you are in the most difficult life situations, and when you are surrounded by great darkness, you can count on me.”

She helps you to be ambitious, passionate and beautiful, and to break down all the walls in front of you with positivity.

With your charisma and cheerfulness, you also wrap members of the opposite sex around your little finger!

2. Taurus—Vivian

Sensitivity and kindness literally radiated from you when you first came into this world.

But also while you were crying because this fairy protects you in a wonderful way so that you can remain your wonderful and kind self even after all the pain you are enduring.

No matter how hard things get, if you believe in your fairy, you know that a happy and beautiful life awaits you.

Vivian also helps you to meet sincere partners on your way and to deepen your passion for art.

3. Gemini – Melior

She is your fairy of success and joy and you are very lucky if she protects you!

Even the secret of eternal youth can be whispered to you, with the help of which you will always be energetic and fit.

You are of exceptional intellect and if you find a common spiritual connection with this fairy you will be able to thrive in every area of ​​life.

Melinor will help you achieve your goals along a path surrounded by small wonders, but it’s up to you to follow their signs.

4. Cancer—Melisina 

Melisina is a fairy of sincere love that will be imprinted in your heart.

Thanks to her, children and animals are also kind to you and will always be your faithful company.

However, it also gives you the power to heal pain and adversity, and as a result you are capable of miracles.

So she helps you to create a wonderful and creative world full of details that show that you are under her protection at all times.

5. Leo – Morgan

The creator of great plans saw you at birth and took you under his protection because he saw something special in you.

So you can thank him for a dignified and noble fairy who always finds a solution to all your problems.

So sometimes she whispers a message to you or appears in your dreams but if you are careful you will always notice her messages.

With their help, you will be not only a wise soul, but also a noble one, and therefore very respected by those around you.

6. Virgo – Holda 

Holda is a fairy of good opportunities who, in her secret language, carves success and happiness into your destiny.

Whatever you begin, if her blessings accompany you, all your hopes and desires will be effortlessly fulfilled.

Rejoice, because from birth she surrounded you with her magical energy, and even in the most difficult situations you will always find harmony.

You also received your beauty from her, which is in harmony with your inner goodness.

7. Libra – Elvenia

She is a fairy of self-knowledge and optimism, and thanks to her you have a lot of enthusiasm and curiosity.

Your job is to put a smile on your face from birth.

Because of her you also love long journeys, which means not only getting from one point to another, but also learning something along the way, and it is precisely this knowledge that will lead you to the deepest self-knowledge.

But only then will you discover all the wondrous talents that Fairy Elvenia saw in you when she began to protect you.

8. Scorpio – Sol

Being under the protection of the fairy Sol means you have been blessed with one of the most useful gifts and that is cunning.

This allows you to be able to draw people in, but also not easily fall under their influence.

This fairy also protects you from any kind of illusion that threatens to negatively affect your life.

Because of this, people who are watched by this guardian fairy mostly get what they want and have a successful career.

9. Sagittarius – Estrella

Estrella is a fiery little fairy who brings happiness to all areas of your life.

With her you will always be able to get the best out of yourself.

For you there will not be so many problems in life either, because your fairy always has an eye on you.

Additionally, unwavering will, immeasurable courage is the gift she grants you at birth.

10. Capricorn – Peri

The human being protected by the fairy Peri has exceptional beauty, but also intelligence.

They are also able to sense other people’s feelings and clearly discern whether someone is good or bad.

In addition, they stay true to themselves and can become anything they want with the help of Peri.

Namely, Peri monitors their every step and allows them to reach higher goals.

11. Aquarius – Selkie

Selkie is the fairy of happiness and harmony that will protect you in life’s most difficult moments.

So any wish you send her will be blessed because her wish is your happiness.

Because of your humility, you are not always able to take on great things, but sometimes you have to think of yourself so that your spiritual powers come into their own.

There is also a big surprise waiting for you in life that only Selkie can help you discover.

12. Pisces – Ariel 

Ariel is a fairy of creativity that gives you wonderful powers.

Therefore, wherever you go, you will leave a mark on the world.

In addition to the talents, at any stage of life, she will also send you incredible dreams that contain messages from another world or are related to the fulfillment of your destiny.

So it is certain that throughout your life you will experience many miracles, sometimes revealing the truth about some things, which will make you feel obliged to help others.

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