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The best and worst bosses under the zodiac signs

Chief Aries

Aries boss is not popular in the eyes of lazy employees.

He just can’t settle for a job done “at half strength.”

He expects your full commitment to the company.

You must be prepared for frequent overtime.

Although he is generous when it comes to holidays and salary, he expects you to forget about your personal plans when it is in the interest of the company or when an important task suddenly arises.

He appreciates employees who make creative and original suggestions.

Your salary will be higher than your friends who work in other similar companies.

His secret need is to be popular with employees.

chief bull

Taurus as a boss is much more unpleasant than it seems at first glance.

You must always be careful with him. Do not irritate his impatience too much or you will meet the angry bull.

Not content with small businesses, he aspires to create his own business empire.

He expects the canvas to be sewn after his cut. As long as his methods make him money, he will practice them with great tenacity.

Not only does he never change his mind, but nothing will ever change his mind.

When he loses patience, he shuts his mouth, then rants angrily, and finally yells out loud, “You’re fired!”

boss twins

A Gemini boss can be a great if somewhat restless nature.

He always does his job successfully.

He always does his job successfully.

It is not easy for him to sit in one place for more than an hour.

Ruled by the planet Mercury, your boss must be constantly on the move.

He is happy when work sends him on a business trip.

He has ideas, principles and knows how to deal with abstract “things”.

With his progressive concepts and original plans, he contributes to the development of the company.

He does not tolerate boredom and hesitation. You can be sure of one thing: you will never be bored!

boss cancer

A serious, hard-working boss Cancer does not tolerate fun at work.

Seven hours and 59 minutes out of 8 hours of work will be completely humorless.

And he can be too strict! In business there is only one goal – to make money.

If he relaxed a little more and was more forgiving with breaks and created a slightly more intimate atmosphere, he would not only be more successful but also a happier boss.

He’s an expert at finding out what people want and giving it to them, but of course to great benefit for himself.

Beware of what he remembers because he remembers everything and forgets nothing.

This includes the time you come to work and go home. Success calms his inner fears, which is why he chases after it.

chief lion

Most Leos are excellent organizers because they know how to delegate work to others.

Leos don’t like details.

They prefer to paint with broad strokes and leave you to deal with annoying little things like numbers and statistics.

Give him your original ideas and he will admire you for them.

If you’re able to capture his imagination, you’re worth his weight in gold.

Leo always has a workspace all to themselves, and of course that’s luxurious.

Any awards or certificates he has ever received will be beautifully framed and placed in a conspicuous place.

The staff are proud of its public reputation.

boss virgin

If you have a boss born under Virgo, be nice to them because they are probably secretly worried and unhappy.

They are not born for powerful leaders who lead others strongly, and they soon regret choosing to bite more than they could swallow.

The typical Virgo is best suited to the power behind the throne, that is, as someone who confidently implements the original ideas of others.

Another reason they feel unhappy in the boss role is that they tend to just see the tree without noticing the forest beyond.

Chief Libra

A boss born under the sign of Libra tends to have a business partner on a “halfway” basis, due to their unconscious need to always connect two things or two personalities.

If you’re a woman, chances are you’re a little bit in love with him, whether you realize it or not.

The Libra boss is extremely excited and burdened with obligations, but he never gives the impression that he is in a hurry.

This is a contradiction that few can manage.

He has a constant need to express himself in some way and to communicate with others.

Have you noticed that he often asks for your opinion as well?

He wants to be honest and doesn’t like to make an unfair or unpopular decision.

Chief Scorpio

For Scorpio, life means the quest for wisdom and power.

He wants to know all the secrets of heaven and hell – no matter what is behind them.

In addition, he is also interested in your secrets and will try to find out what is hidden in your beautiful head.

He will never pressure you openly.

You will probably do that yourself.

A long, mesmerizing gaze from Scorpio eyes is enough to get your approval.

Scorpio self-control inspires awe.

One of Scorpio’s strongest weapons is secrecy about their reasons and intentions. He hides his motives and deceives the enemy.

Chief Sagittarius

He’s brutally honest when you make a mistake.

In general, as a boss, Sagittarius is quite a happy, cheerful, optimistic and cheerful guy.

He’s pretty honest about sick leave and vacations.

He is a great moralizer.

Maybe you admire him in a way because he’s a man who fights hard for what he thinks is right, and that’s why you’re glad to work for him.

Sagittarius is honest with themselves and their moral code, whatever that may be.

It is difficult to discern whether he is a saint or a sinner or both at the same time.

Boss Capricorn

His day never ends.

He begins at dawn, and by midnight he is engrossed in the elaboration of a plan that should be made early in the morning and carefully executed.

He shaves regularly, showers and changes at the office.

If he leaves the situation when things get critical, everyone knows that a mad house is coming.

He never neglects family life in favor of work.

He is a father figure to his employees – strict but fair.

His voice is hoarse but calm, except on the rare occasions when it explodes at someone’s stupidity or recklessness.

Visitors can sometimes be intimidated by its seriousness and strict formalism.

Chief Aquarius

He can be distracted, forgetful, weird, unpredictable, and shy, only to become extremely determined and reveal the intelligence that was previously hidden behind those odd eyes and indifferent, withdrawn demeanor.

In addition, there is a strong intuition that gives you the feeling that you have a crystal ball in your pocket. He sees miles ahead and takes in the big picture while the others stumble over the little things.

boss fish

Most Pisces prefer to swim alone—indefinitely, as a writer, salesman, artist, actor, traveling circus performer, or singer.

There are some areas where Pisces can use their talents and make themselves an irreplaceable boss or director.

He is highly skilled in television and radio broadcasting, media promotion and public relations.

If he runs one of these establishments, he will give creative ideas from his overflowing geyser of imagination.

He’s a first class boss when he can be creative.

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