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Here is your lucky charm according to your zodiac sign

Even the ancient Greeks and Romans used lucky charms to protect themselves from something and to bring luck into life.

Many people say that a person needs more luck than brains and I agree with them.

Some have some kind of good luck charm that has accompanied them since childhood, such as a toy, a drawing, a photograph or something similar.

Even Heidi Klum has her own amulet that she carries with her wherever she goes, and believe it or not, her amulet is her milk teeth.

Each of us has an object that we feel that happiness accompanies us when it is with us.

My lucky charms, which I always have with me, are firstly a photo of my grandfather and the second lucky charm is a pendant with an angel that I got from my husband.

When I travel, I always have to double-check to make sure I have the photo and keychain with me so I don’t accidentally leave them at home because I don’t feel protected without my lucky charms.

If they were not with me, I would think that luck would not accompany me on my paths.

This is all very strange, but I believe our charms work and I will always carry mine because we never know when we might need a little extra luck to get something done.

The astrologers studied the character of each zodiac sign and created a list of lucky charms that correspond to the characteristics of each zodiac sign.

Maybe you already have a lucky charm, then add another one from your zodiac sign because you can never be too lucky.


The sun is important for Pisces to activate, invigorate and move them.

sun charm will bring you self-confidence, pull you out of the “dark waters” of your hypersensitivity and mood swings, help you unleash your inner strength and focus properly.


For Aquarius, choose a charm with a religious symbol – choose a charm that reflects your beliefs, and if you are not religious, choose a charm that is closest to your values ​​and beliefs.

The lucky charm will protect you from negative energy, strengthen your spiritual world and give you back inspiration and enthusiasm for your daily life.


The lucky charm in the form of a dragonfly is ideal for Capricorns.

This earth sign lacks lightness, panache and playfulness, and the amulet will attract the energy of good humor, luck and activity. 

In difficult times, the dragonfly helps regain self-confidence, find enthusiasm and achieve success.


Fiery, dynamic, and boisterous Sagittarius needs some composure, thought, and wisdom, and that will bring them a turtle-shaped good luck charm.

In moments when patience and calm are required, the turtle will reduce impulsive energy.

With the turtle for good luck, the energy is balanced and it bestows wisdom and patience.


Mystical symbols are best for the mysterious Scorpio.

It should be a metal lucky charm with a line symbol and the addition of a red crystal .

It can be a pin with a red crystal, a circle of small red crystals with a metal vertical or horizontal line, and can be worn as jewelry, brooch, buckle.

With this lucky charm you can protect yourself from negative energy and overcome difficult situations and times.

Also, it strengthens Scorpio vitality and protects against dishonest intentions of those around you.


Since Libra is a binary sign and the only object in the horoscope, it needs a lucky charm in the form of a double horseshoe .

Such charms can be found in markets, and if that bothers you – this symbol does not suit your refined taste – then carry it in a purse or under the most conspicuous pieces of jewelery to avoid attracting attention.

With the double horseshoe, you will see new opportunities, attract pleasant experiences into your life, and achieve material goals.


To be a stable Virgo, she must always do things her way, wisely and without much ambition – to overcome obstacles in all walks of life, wear a lucky charm in the form of a golden grain of wheat as a pendant.

You may have to order such a pendant first, and until then you can paint a golden grain of wheat and carry the picture with you.

Such a pendant will help you to realize your ideas and goals and will attract success.


A large, strong and dominant Leo lacks lightness and panache, and they will attract this energy with a good luck charm in the shape of a bird ‘s feather , that is, wearing a feather for good luck.

It’s that simple: the feather can always be carried with you, in the smallest compartment of your bag or in the pocket of a garment that has a pocket.

With this lucky charm you get energy balance, optimism and creativity.


Cancer suits the lucky charm that brings success in both love and business, and that is a four-leaf clover .

It can be an inconspicuous charm or one of several on your bracelet or necklace if you’re worried about it looking tacky like jewelry.

If you want to attract the attention of the opposite sex, that is, to restore harmony in your relationship, it is recommended to wear a lucky charm in the form of a snake decorated with a moonstone.


The creative side of Gemini needs to be strengthened in order to achieve balance and energy balance, harmony and harmony between intellect and emotions, and between the two, sometimes opposing, sides of the personality.

The lucky charm should be in the shape of a star – and this is a very beautiful shape and has wide application as an ornament.

You can wear it as a large pendant on a necklace or as a small pendant on a bracelet or earrings.


It is advisable for Taurus to carry a good luck charm depicting or symbolizing a cat .

This energy helps Taurus to better assess the situations in which they find themselves, to feel the atmosphere and mood, and to adapt their behavior to the circumstances, for their own good.

This amulet encourages a more flexible approach and protects against conflict situations.

This can be jewelry, but also a cat silhouette or a cat picture on the cover of the phone or wallet.


For those born under the sign of Aries, the lucky charm should be in the form of a key .

It will attract professional success and a better balance of energy in certain situations.

The amulet can be worn as jewelry or as a pendant.

It is recommended to choose a silver key that neutralizes all bad energy directed at you.

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