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8 zodiac couples who should never get married

Some zodiac couples should never get married. Why, you ask? The answer ist quite easy!

The marriage between the two would lead to many disagreements that would unfortunately be insurmountable for them. Regardless of their relationship, the two fail to have a stable and lasting marriage.

1. Aries and Cancer

Aries and Cancer marriage comes with many uncertainties.

It is a combination where fire and water are present, and water can easily ignite Aries’ fire, but it can also quench it, which is very common in this combination of signs.

At first, Aries is very interested in Cancer and is attracted to Cancer’s sentimental and emotional qualities, but over time passion and interest die out like water quenches fire.

In any case, there is a big difference in temperament here that creates really noticeable differences over time that both signs have a hard time getting used to.

Cancer’s typical mood swings can be very annoying for Aries, and Cancer is plagued by Aries’ impulsiveness, which they have little control over.

Aries is adventurous, often away from home and can be prone to adventures that are basically meaningless to them, while Cancer experiences this very emotionally and the smallest detail can hurt them.

Cancer will not only be emotionally hurt, but it will also have a lasting effect on his emotional life, and he will remember such failures for a long time, which will have a negative effect on the further course of this marriage.

2. Gemini and Capricorn

The connection between Gemini and Capricorn offers many different opportunities, but especially in business.

A marriage between these two zodiac signs is only possible if both have enough patience and understanding for each other. But they never have.

Their characters, their personalities, the way they function in everyday life, the way they experience and give love are completely different.

Gemini is very changeable, often reckless, which is the complete opposite of Capricorn, who is more than serious, stubborn and stubborn.

These opposites lead to disagreements and quarrels right at the beginning of the relationship.

Capricorn will not tolerate Gemini, who is very fickle and interested in several projects at once, without finishing any of them.

For Capricorn, this is a complete waste of time and disrupts their disciplined and responsible nature.

In addition, it is very difficult for a Gemini to accept such a serious person next to him, who has his own criteria and a certain pattern of behavior and work. For Gemini, this is simply incomprehensible.

3. Leo and Scorpio

When Leo and Scorpio merge in love, the result is a very complex situation.

Indeed, in such a love-astro combination, these personalities will sooner or later face some conflicting and confusing feelings.

In this pair of lovers, unbridled passion, strong feelings and a strong emotional cooling of the love relationship alternate again and again.

This fiery couple often goes from one extreme to the other, so tumultuous is the best way to describe their love affair.

One moment they are in the ecstasy of their love together in a sweet passion of love, while the next moment they are emotional enemies.

In some situations, they can be inconsiderate to each other. They often lack open and warm, two-way communication.

Sometimes they do not care too much about each other’s needs and desires, which leads to greater inconsistency and frequent disruption of the balance and harmony of their love relationship.

Lack of understanding and lack of tolerance. All of this leads to an uncertain future together and a greater risk of ending a romantic relationship or getting divorced.

4. Sagittarius and Aquarius

Sagittarius and Aquarius is a fiery combination, which in practice often proves to be an uncertain love relationship.

The love relationship between Sagittarius and Aquarius can be very turbulent, and these zodiac signs often need more effort, investment and better mutual understanding to achieve harmonious love and maintain marital stability.

They usually never succeed in doing this.

With this love combination, there is a risk that the quality of mutual communication will deteriorate more often.

This is due to the insufficient willingness of Sagittarius to listen to Aquarius, because Sagittarius, as a fire sign, can sometimes be very impatient, stubborn and impulsive in communication and in some of their actions.

Sagittarius can also hurt Aquarius’ feelings with some of their inappropriate words.

Communication problems can easily arise due to Aquarius’ possibly unwillingness to be open and clear with Sagittarius about their feelings in love.

Thus, in marriage, Aquarius and Sagittarius can often have the impression that they are so close and yet so far away.

5. Gemini and Taurus

This is a combination of earth and air and two completely opposite temperaments. Taurus is often passive and slow while Gemini is more than active and versatile.

Taurus just can’t keep up with this pace that Gemini lives and Gemini just doesn’t have the time or patience for a calculated Taurus.

Taurus is an earth sign and is mostly practical oriented, seeks material security and is only attracted to things that are safe and proven, while Gemini tends to be more intellectual and abstract.

Anything uncertain represents a potential failure for Taurus, and that can irk them greatly in their Gemini partner.

For Gemini, Taurus can become completely uninteresting over time and the relationship will cool off permanently.

Therefore, both of them must be willing to adapt to the partner’s traits and temperament if they want this marriage to have a future.

Quarrels can cause big problems, especially if Gemini doesn’t know how to use their vocabulary and it hurts Taurus.

Taurus can suffer a lot, but as soon as a drop spills over the glass, it is better to avoid him. The twin has to understand that.

Over time, these two signs fail to get over these differences between them and their marriage ends in a tumultuous breakup.

6. Aquarius and Pisces

Aquarius and Pisces are among the complicated love astro combinations. Pisces as a water sign enter into a relationship guided by their strong intuition and feelings.

As an air sign in a love relationship, Aquarius tries to be guided primarily by reason.

When it comes to feelings, Aquarius in love often gives the impression of being an emotionally cold person.

It is obvious that there are differences in expectations, so in this love story there can be greater dissatisfaction and disappointment due to unfulfilled expectations.

The sign Pisces expects more commitment and devotion from Aquarius in a love relationship, a higher degree of tenderness, romance and passion as well as a more open and clear expression of the feelings of love.

In a love relationship with Pisces, Aquarius expects more intense communication about things that interest them.

Then he wishes that the zodiac sign Pisces would be funnier and more interesting for him in an original way.

All of this is very difficult to reconcile because their characters are just different. No matter how long the marriage lasts, they will not have enough time for everyone to get their needs met.

7. Libra and Aries

The juxtaposition of these two signs in the zodiac sky speaks of two completely opposite characters and temperaments.

However, these are the two opposites that are marked with minus and plus and therefore feel very attracted to each other. Both Aries and Libra secretly and unconsciously long for each other.

The contradictions, which are largely present here, are actually a great challenge for the two.

Here we have the clash of Venus as the ruler of Libra and Mars as the ruler of Aries, creating a lot of love energy and passion between them.

The energetic attraction was felt from the moment they first met, as Aries fell for Libra’s charm and Libra for Aries’ passion.

Their acquaintance and relationship are really full of energy and passion. But in marriage, the two don’t get along very well.

The two just burn out quickly and when the passion fades, everything that connects them is gone. Then the perfect balance is permanently disturbed and it is very difficult to harmonize relationships.

The opposites are then even more pronounced, but marked by the bad energy of the relationship that leads to divorce.

8. Virgo and Aquarius

The connection between Virgo and Aquarius can be very uncertain.

After all, they are two different temperaments and there is an obvious difference in the way these two signs function in everyday life.

Virgo focuses on details and analysis, while Aquarius has a much broader picture and interests.

Virgo will dwell on one thing for a long time before getting to the heart of the problem, while Aquarius has several different interests at the same time on a global level where it is necessary to see the bigger picture of the problem.

It’s not a problem for Aquarius to just turn around and leave if something doesn’t suit them, and they can make such a decision very suddenly.

Virgo’s need to create a perfect love relationship that they think is perfect doesn’t sit well with Aquarius because their views of the world are really very different.

This is precisely the reason why this couple cannot survive in the long run, and in marriage they find this out very quickly.

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