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What your zodiac sign says about your travel plans

People like to travel to different places on vacation. Traveling not only introduces you to new places, people, food, cultures and traditions, it is also therapeutic. In order to escape the daily hustle and bustle, you should travel at least once a year.


You can do absolutely nothing without work. Traveling for work is of paramount importance to every Aries. In addition to business trips, Aries almost dislikes other trips and rarely travels privately.

If you can combine travel with business or career advancement, that will be to your advantage. It is actually a double win for you, because you combine the pleasant with the useful.

And although it is actually taboo to combine business with private life, it is sometimes necessary.

It may still be best to extend such a trip a bit after you have completed all your business duties.

Add an extra day or two to your work trips so you can explore the destination as a weekend getaway, whether you’re heading to New York, London or anywhere else.


If ever there was a foodie among the signs of the zodiac, it is Taurus. Enjoying the most decadent food while experiencing the beautiful country and culture where it originated is a must for you.

You love travel with rich content and about the destination you visit you explore everything that can be explored.

You often want to visit several countries at the same time or when you are in one country you should definitely visit several cities and famous places.

From artworks to wine tastings to private tours where you can learn a lot. You’re constantly expanding your horizons, so your travels should be too.

This is what an ideal journey should be for an earth sign, and you love order as much as luxury.

With a mix of cultural immersion and the natural beauty of nature, you will move to the rhythm of good taste, in the most delicious way.


Witty and intellectual, Gemini enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city, Gemini are academically minded and want to travel to places where they can learn something.

It is ideal for them to visit historical places, museums and old libraries, but sometimes they make a trip just to visit an exhibition or a fair.

If you’re planning a trip this year, find a place to visit, such as a wellness retreat or a hot spring trip.

Geminis are adaptable and versatile, but they also need to be kept busy during travel. Travel to energetic places like Hong Kong, Japan and Rio!

The Gemini like to do several things at the same time and are sometimes unaware of how much work they have put in and how tired they actually are.

Many short trips at any time of the year would do you good.


Cancers are not for experimentation, they love comfort and a familiar environment. They rarely take off their shells, often choosing to stay in the comfort of the familiar instead.

As sympathetic and emotional people, Cancers would love to travel to developing countries.

Unfortunately, as creatures of habit, crabs tend to find a place they like and often make multiple trips to the same place.

Visit every beautiful winery in France with your best friends. If you are married, you can rekindle the fire with your partner, for example on a romantic trip to Madrid.

Cancers crave warmth and comfort when traveling and should enjoy the nice weather in Greece, Venice or Cape Cod.


These traveling souls long for a vibrant atmosphere, for places where they are seen as royalty.

Yes, Leos demand that they always be at least noticed, if not king of the fun or celebration.

And what better place to be loud and be seen than an island party? Here you have the opportunity to see or experience the best entertainment.

From five-star dining to world-renowned DJ sets to lavish beach extravaganzas.

They are generous and always happy to give expensive gifts to the people they love.

They will most likely spend money like crazy on their friends and family who decide to take them with them on trips. The hotel will be within walking distance of the beach and the coveted electronic scene.


As perfectionists, Virgos find it difficult to relax as they constantly have to analyze and process the current situation.

You need some kind of constructive fun that allows you to recreate yourself. Wherever you vacation, you should start your vacation with a visit to the spa because you really need relaxation.

They will only enjoy the vacation if the trip is planned in detail and they can be productive in some way. In fact, planning and analyzing trips is a kind of vacation for them.

Eager to gain practical skills while traveling, you should consider volunteering abroad on conservation projects in India, Thailand or Bolivia.


Always charming and romantic, Libra, often indecisive and sociable, will likely have a hard time deciding where to travel.

Because you keep everything around you in constant balance, you sometimes feel that you don’t need rest or travel. First of all you need distance to the world to see how much you need for a trip.

Travel anywhere you can breathe fresh air, eat well, and be with the people you love. That is why a group tour with their loved ones is a good option for them.

Libras thrive in a balanced environment where things are organized up front and require little preparation.

Group tours are an ideal vacation, as everyone will find something for themselves on the trip. Libras like to let loose, and they would be happiest relaxing during their trip in Denmark, Ireland, the Golden Coast, or some other small private island.


You can usually find them on the train reading a crime novel or playing with their minds.

As the most passionate and greatest philosopher among the zodiac signs, they fulfill challenging adventures such as hiking, diving and bungee jumping.

Scorpios absorb everything on their travels and often return as deeply changed individuals. It is a sign that the trip did him good and that he recovered well.

Follow your favorite band, especially if it’s an open-air concert. Or go to America and visit as many national parks as you can this year.

On their travels, Scorpios are drawn to inspirational cities and should visit New Orleans, Nepal, South Africa and the Galapagos Islands.


They like to visit different places, get new experiences and bring back souvenirs from there. They know how to live life to the fullest and travel is their best answer to that.

A Sagittarius is unlikely to go on vacation to sit on the beach. Instead, these people prefer to explore places that most would shy away from and challenge themselves.

Upbeat and cheerful, Sagittarians make great travel companions. A Sagittarius is a free spirit who longs to explore new places.

They don’t like organized tourist tours, in their opinion the trip needs to be more spontaneous, or even unpredictable.

A Sagittarius, who always longs to immerse himself in culture, is happiest spending a few months somewhere off the beaten track.

Places like western China, inland Argentina, or Siberia


Since Capricorns never shy away from a challenge, sometimes they need a reminder that it’s okay to relax.

Capricorn loves all things old and traditional and enjoys routine. This ambitious and patient zodiac sign often works hard to achieve their next goal rather than taking time off to travel.

However, when that time comes, Capricorns do everything right, because they like to spend money! You’re not someone who travels to learn new things, you go on vacation to enjoy and relax.

Nightlife in Mallorca, always lively Rome or Amsterdam are the ideal choice for the Capricorn. They like both individual and group travel and prefer to visit new places every time they plan a trip.


Aquarians like to travel a lot and to different places. They are always curious about things, and traveling satisfies their thirst for knowledge.

Aquarians have a strong social conscience, so they prefer to go to places where they can do something good, and they also enjoy nature travel.

Whether they’re seeing the Northern Lights or staying in a cabin in Hawaii, they like to keep things eco-friendly and green.

Aquarians tend not to stay in one place for too long as they get bored easily. The more they can see, do and learn, the better the trip for them.

During your travels you also want to give something back and should consider joining social projects in Nicaragua and Romania.


As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces carries the wisdom of all signs. This intuitive water sign prefers places where there is a lot of art and beauty to explore.

The Pisces have no particular choice of destination. They love both adventure and leisure, but often seek tranquility wherever they go.

Pisces crave the romantic and beautiful and should consider a trip to Santorini, Casablanca, Sydney on their next travel adventure!

They don’t believe in showing off like booking 5* accommodation. A cheap holiday in Spain is perfect for them. They are usually found gazing out at the water, where they are said to find the most peace.

Be careful with your travel plans if you decide to ignore the universe and go somewhere else!

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