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This is your power color based on your zodiac sign

Power colors help amplify your inside and out, giving you the confidence to express yourself more freely.

The color of each zodiac sign can also be associated with different aspects of the horoscope, such as the ruling planet or the natural element.

There are also lucky colors in the Chinese Zodiac and people stick to wearing their zodiac color as often as possible.

Each of us has something that gives us the confidence we need to take on the world; it can be a good luck charm or a dress that we prefer when going to a job interview or on a date.

With the help of astrology you can take this idea a step further: For every zodiac sign there is a power color with which it can give its best.

Discover the color that brings out your best qualities so you can update your clothes, home or office.

With the power color of your zodiac sign you can also motivate yourself, inspire yourself and put you in a good mood.


Aries feels strongest when wearing red.

This color brings him courage and dominance.

With this dominant color, you can amplify your courage and presence as a leader whether you’re working, training, or embarking on a new adventure.

In medical astrology, Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, which is responsible for the adrenal glands and the blood, among other things.

This is why red is the color of Aries because it represents their ability to react well in high-pressure situations and enjoy the adrenaline that comes with adventure.


Taurus is an earth sign and because of this, it is deeply rooted in the color green.

The color green is great for inspiring Taurus to use their innate wealth and gift to create abundance.

Taurus is full of splendor and life like the color green.

Their environment should reflect and reinforce this concept so that they can feel at home and share this beauty with others.

You could decorate your home with houseplants. Green gems are also great, such as jade; so you can give your apartment the perfect accent.

TWINS: Yellow

The color yellow represents the brilliant intellect and bright personality of Gemini.

The energetic Gemini is like a bee, always on the move, both physically and mentally. 

You are like a child who is interested in everything and learns new things with your great curiosity.

The bright yellow can inspire and invigorate you, especially in creative areas like decorating your home (maybe you can paint your walls yellow). It would also be good if you buy yellow flowers for your office.

With simple additions like sunflowers and yellow wall art, your zodiac sign’s color can transform a drab interior.

CANCER: silver

Cancer is associated with the moon, so your power color needs to reflect your relationship with the moon.

Ruled by the moon, Cancer is a very soulful and nurturing zodiac sign that always craves connection.

Silver is the color of the moon and as the moon waxes and wanes so does Cancer and those who embrace this hue can embrace who they are.

Silver accents can help Cancer find calm and remind themselves that it’s okay to have big feelings.

LION: Gold or Orange

The lion is ruled by the sun and, like the sun, is often the charismatic focus of those around him.

Orange or gold can help lighten your mood on the days when you’re not feeling so good because not every Leo is confident all the time.

If you have an aversion to the limelight, the color gold or orange can help you get rid of that fear.

With these colors, Leo can shine in their uniqueness and attract attention no matter who is around them.

By using these colors in your everyday life, you can bring your inner glow to the world around you. 

If you haven’t worn gold jewelry before, give it a try and you’ll surely get lots of compliments.


The color brown brings out the best of Virgo.

This color represents the rich and life-giving ground beneath our feet, and because you’re tough and dependable, you’re most comfortable using wood materials and natural tones.

With the color brown, Virgo can be proud of the depth and richness of a full day’s work; For example, when you’re working hard in the gym or finishing a detailed project.

Virgos are a hardworking sign but don’t always get rewarded for their efforts, but that never stops you from doing your best. 


The color pink supports the calm temperament of Libra. 

With pink, Libra can evoke the same lightheartedness in others when it comes to conversations that require resolution.

So if you’re about to have a difficult conversation with your friend or a boss, your power color can help you ease the tension, and this color can also have a calming effect on others.

You should buy yourself a soft soft pink blanket and share it with your lover on the couch.

When you go to work, take a pink coffee mug to a work meeting – this technique could also help you make more money since you can balance things diplomatically.


Scorpio is mysterious, abstract, thoughtful and more comfortable in the unknown than any other zodiac sign.

Unknown is associated with the color black and is not only associated with sadness, unhappiness and darkness.

In times of uncertainty, wearing black can help Scorpio feel a little more grounded.

If you’re going to an interview or have an important company meeting, wear black and you’ll look even stronger than you already are.


In the past, this color was worn only by the nobility and kings because it was very difficult to get this pigment. 

Because Sagittarius has that royal aura, purple is perfect for them.

A Sagittarius loves nothing more than to be admired for all that he has acquired.

If you are perhaps giving a presentation at work or making a public appearance, you should wear purple so that it evokes the role you were created for: Queen/King of Philosophers.


A formidable earth sign, Capricorn aligns with grey, the color of stone and metal.

The color gray is not meant to evoke sadness or melancholy, rather it is a representation of Capricorn’s unique ambition and determination.

It is said to evoke the image of a snow-capped mountain; and if anyone makes it to the top, it’s her.

Capricorns should use gray as a symbol of their far-reaching goals.

This color can motivate you to be more productive when the path ahead looks intimidating.


Aquarius is associated with the sky, which is why the Aquarius power color is blue.

To continue the picture, the sky is not the limit for Aquarius and they can often spend a lot of time being in the clouds.

Aquarians should wear the color blue if they want inspiration for their next innovative project.

You can overcome your mental blocks by wearing this color and you will see how your ideas will flow better.

FISH: Light green

Pisces are delicate and flexible water signs, but they are also very powerful.

Light green is your power color because it is reminiscent of the underwater plants that grow and thrive in a wide variety of conditions. 

If you are going to a party where you will meet different personalities, you should choose light green because it will show your true character.

Embrace your changing nature while remaining steadfast in who you really are.

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