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This is the type of parent you will be according to your zodiac sign

Your birth chart provides a complete picture of how you treat your children and what type of parent you are based on your zodiac sign.

See what an astrologer thinks is the basic information about you as a mother or father or what kind of parents you could be if you have children one day.


Aries are energetic parents. From an early age, children are taught that sport and recreation are the most important things because this is how children develop properly. Disagreements arise because Aries like to command but don’t listen to others. It is the same with their children.

Aries as a parent forces their children to engage in various activities and maybe sometimes they overdo it a bit. Sometimes it may happen that the child is not destined for sports, but Aries parents insist.

The key moment is listening to the other party, in this case the child. On the other hand, Aries parents always treat the child as a friend and don’t have that dry and overly serious parenting.

Children are always supported by them when it comes to their ideas and wishes. They are modern and versatile parents who always want their children to try something new and modern.


Taurus are patient and gentle parents. It is certain that they will play the role of parents perfectly while their children are still quite small. As a child begins to grow, so does parental care.

In fact, the problem is that they never accept their children as adults, but constantly impose their will on them and justify themselves with the desire to protect them.

While the children are quite small, the bulls show unlimited patience and are a great help in the first days of school. Very often, however, Tauruses tie children to themselves with money, often keeping them in some kind of lifelong material dependency.

Since Taurus judges the world solely by their standards and cannot change their point of view, they are convinced that their children will be just as happy as they are. Although Taurus keep their eyes on them, they often don’t know how to make their children happy.


They may not be the most perfect parents, but they are certainly the most sociable parents and their way of raising children is mainly based on communication. They are modern, flighty and never limit their children.

If there is any problem of any kind, they solve the problem through communication. They don’t care about leaving their children with their grandparents, nannies to spend a wonderful weekend or a nice evening with their friends.

Geminis are generally the “future” parents who accept trends, allow their children to make their own decisions and never interfere in their lives and plans.

It can be said that Gemini teaches their children to keep up with the times and solve their life problems through communication.


Cancers can be an example to many of what it means to be a true parent. They are excellent educators and intuitively know what children need.

Cancers will convince their children that a family home is the safest place on earth and a parental hug is the warmest place.

Cancerians think their children deserve only the best and are willing to do anything for them. They subtly listen to their children’s needs, and before they say what they want, the Cancer parents offer it on a plate.

When the children are hungry they are given delicious home-made food, at the first sign of a cold they are given syrup and put in a warm bed. More specifically, they will dress too warmly than they should for fear of catching a cold.

If they overdo their protective instincts, they can spoil their child too much. It is very difficult for them to endure the child’s puberty because they feel rejected and try to attach the child to them in different ways.


Leo parents do not hide their ambition that their children should one day become successful people. They will do anything to help them, they just won’t ask the child if they want the same. 

They take on the boring parenting responsibilities with ease but fail to notice their children’s faults because love blinds them completely. However, when they discover their child’s flaws, they will resolutely begin transformation.

Leos require their children to show them the respect they deserve and teach them to be confident and independent through their personal example.

Lion parents shower their children with love and attention, playing with them, rolling on the floor and engaging in friendly conversations, but they also teach them obedience and respect for their elders.

It’s hard to believe, but despite the severity, Leo fathers are especially talented at raising a child wrong. The greatest danger is that they give children too much money and buy them gifts that are too expensive.


People born under the sign of Virgo are not enthusiastic about parenthood, as disorder is their first association with the word child.

Hardworking and above all resourceful, Virgo parents are sometimes overly conscientious but also anxious. The health of their children is particularly important to them.

From a young age, they are taught to eat healthily by always offering them fruit instead of chocolate.

The negative traits of Virgo parents are manifested through distrust of their children’s abilities, so their little ones may grow up to be people who lack self-confidence.

Due to the pursuit of perfection, Virgo parents are very critical and constantly find faults in their children.

Such behavior motivates some children and blocks others, so it is best if they first understand how their children respond to criticism and apply it accordingly.


Libra will not let anything jeopardize their comfortable life, not even because of their child. The thought of a child in them makes them fear that they will have to wait for small pleasures like the first morning coffee, lying in the bathtub in the afternoon or reading a favorite book in the evening.

Because of this, Libra finds it difficult to choose parenthood. And when that finally happens, her spouse remains the number one priority. This does not mean that they neglect the child, but they never neglect their spouse.

And even if she does not live in harmony with her partner, she will teach her offspring to respect the other parent as well.

Their choice is an education in the spirit of art and beautiful manners, but it can happen that from an early age they take children to miss contests, enroll them in dance, music schools or model courses.


They usually raise children in a Spartan spirit, trying to prepare them for the “cruel world” that awaits them when they leave the warm family home.

The punishments they impose are sometimes similar to army punishment, so their little ones are often not allowed to go to bed without supper or are not allowed to leave the house on weekends. There is always a line that children must not cross.

We must not forget about the gentle and emotional trait that each representative of this zodiac sign has. They feel a great responsibility towards children and the need to protect them.

However, since they become parents at a later age, they can be very lenient to the child’s wishes and even spoil it.

Scorpios are people who easily break up with children and even encourage them to become independent as soon as possible.


Sagittarians have a strong sense of morality and justice, always looking out for the weak and downtrodden. The moment they become parents, the part of their personality that never grows up comes to the fore.

They find it difficult to endure the period when their children are still quite young, so Sagittarians spend very little time next to the newborn. Sagittarius can’t stand the crying and monotony of daily commitments around them.

However, when the baby starts walking and talking, things change and Sagittarius starts playing with their child and acting like they are a child themselves. You could say they grow up together in a weird way.

Both mothers and fathers born under the sign of Sagittarius believe that nature is the best place for their child to grow up.

So if you don’t have a house on the mountain, at least try to spend weekends and holidays with children far away from civilization.


Members of this zodiac sign work very hard to provide for their child, but the fact is that they are overwhelmed with this aspect of life.

Capricorn will teach his children moral values ​​​​and practical principles of life, but he will not forget to have fun with the children.

A typical representative of this zodiac sign will tell their children about the honorable past of their family before they go to sleep.

Father Capricorn will be strict and will not spoil his children. The most important thing for him is to provide her with the livelihood, and in the frantic race for money he can neglect the emotional needs of the child.

They are very clumsy at expressing feelings, so they usually substitute gifts for kisses, hugs, and compliments.

However, the children raised by Capricorns grow into responsible and balanced personalities. A Capricorn mother can be such a powerful influence on her son that he never manages to break up with her.


Parents who respect their child’s personality, desires and opinions are sure to be born under the Aquarius zodiac sign. They give the children complete freedom to organize their free time.

It is very interesting that Aquarius’ parents do not force their offspring to do anything, sincerely believing that this creates dislike for what needs to be done.

Children, regardless of their age, will consider them the best listeners, experts at telling wonderful fairy tales, but also at solving complicated homework.

The most important thing for them is to be friends with their child, and most of the time they succeed.

The most difficult period for their children is puberty, because Aquarius’ excessive understanding of all life situations, even teenage problems, will certainly annoy them.


Before attempting parenting, Pisces are convinced they won’t do the job well.

Pisces usually crave tenderness but not family because they are afraid of the responsibilities that family life entails.

However, the moment they become parents, they realize that they have all the wisdom needed to raise the offspring.

In a way, they read their child’s mind. The connection between Pisces parents and children is huge. Being artistic, they pass their creative abilities on to the child.

They will teach their children to draw, they will love to show them magic tricks, they will listen to their problems, but they will not know how to deal with their children’s everyday problems.

Children whose parents are Pisces are very optimistic, but the problem can arise when the parents often change their mood and often go from the phase of optimism to the phase of pessimism.

In this case, the child can become a confused person.

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