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Who should you marry according to your zodiac sign

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When we were smaller and younger, we all dreamed of a fairytale wedding. I did that too, wondering what my dress will look like, where the place will be, where I will get married; but never have I thought about the man I’m going to marry. Maybe it’s just me.

Let me know what your reverie was like and if you’ve been thinking about your future lover. Obviously my wedding dress was more important to me than the man I’m going to marry, but everything has changed now because now my husband and his love is the most important thing in this colorful world to me.

Surely by now you have noticed that one zodiac sign attracts you more than the others and you make a deeper connection with them more quickly. On the other hand, you find some people with a specific zodiac sign totally repulsive.

It has sometimes happened to me that I would feel strongly attracted to someone and I thought that this person had the potential to be a soul mate, but as time went by I saw that I was wrong. After some time I discovered what the zodiac sign of this person was and everything was clear to me.

The stars and your zodiac sign have a big impact on what type of people you choose as your partners, also what types of personality you date and date, and ultimately what type of person you are likely to marry.

Imagine your natal chart as an energetic handwriting that is special and unique to you, with your sun sign radiating the center of your identity. Your sign reveals your most important desires, values, triggers and much more.

Surely some people make you feel good, while others repel you and some you don’t care about at all. We all feel this energy that feels like a big magnet.

Find out which zodiac sign would be the ideal life partner for you. We have compiled for you the best astrological matches and how you can live happily ever after.

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No one can understand an Aries like a Sagittarius, and you certainly feel the same way.

Because you need someone who can keep up with you, it can only be Sagittarius because they are just as passionate, energetic, and adventurous as you.

You hate it when you get bored and turn into a little monster when you are. That’s why your life partner has to set the mood, experience spontaneous adventures with you and explore new horizons.

Their general outlook on life needs to be on par with yours, otherwise Aries may move on to the next partner adventure.

You should travel with your partner, try new things, eat well. Also, in general, you should look at life in your marriage as an adventure and your fire will never be extinguished.

Leo and Libra are also good marriage partners for Aries. Libra will keep you balanced and Leo will keep you on your toes with his over-the-top adventures.

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When it comes to love and partnership, you value consistency, patience, slowness and steadiness.

Because Virgos are meticulous, dependable, and stable, you bring all of the qualities you seek and need in a relationship.

So, the perfect partner for a Taurus is Virgo .

Because Virgos are perfectionists, they will try to be the best lovers and create a perfect home for them.

But you should make sure that the Virgo doesn’t get too much for you because of her perfectionism and her pushiness and she could even get on your nerves. When Virgo gets too picky, the best thing to do is speak up and ask what’s on her mind. One should fix matters in a partnership and not throw the whole thing in the trash. 

A Virgo hates it most when the house is messy and when things are not in their right places. Therefore, you should help Virgo with household chores so that there will be peace.

Capricorn and Scorpio could also be good partner choices. Capricorn appreciates the finer things in life, and Scorpio brings out your inner shadows and inner freak.

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Gemini’s attention is not easy to get.

The absolute best spouse for Gemini is Libra because they will talk, debate, discuss and share information with you.

Communication is a necessity for you and it can also be sexy (if you know what I mean).

Libra will broaden your horizons by telling you about their experiences and adventures. People born under this zodiac sign like to meet other people and visit different places. If you’re not there, Libra will tell you everything, down to the last detail, how it was and what she did.

It’s important to be with someone who has a life of their own and isn’t solely dependent on you for entertainment and free time. This way you can independently explore what you want and what comes into your head, and at the end you have a partner to share all your new discoveries with.

Take your time and do something with your partner. The moments when you are alone are very good for you because you get to know each other better. Surely you will never be bored because you are both very energetic zodiac signs.

Sagittarius and Aquarius can also be good marriage partners for Gemini.

Because Aquarius will stimulate your intellect, and Sagittarius will keep marriage fresh by making your life together a great adventure.

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For Cancer, caring, consideration and loyalty are the most important qualities that a partner should have.

Given these qualities, the best zodiac sign to marry is Pisces. You’ll appreciate how caring, loyal, and empathetic a Pisces can be, especially when they’re in love. Pisces will anticipate all your dreams and desires and will charm you with such charm that anyone would melt away.

Pisces has the same range of emotions as you, which is very important for a Cancer because other zodiac signs would have a hard time understanding the depth of your emotions.

When you focus on kindness, you keep that atmosphere of security in your relationship, and that relationship gives you a sacred place to call home forever.

Capricorn and Scorpio are also good mate choices for Cancer.

Capricorn protects your honor and home until death do you part. It brings balance into your life through stability when you feel like you’re falling apart.

Scorpio will do anything to make your light shine like a star.

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Sagittarius is the only one who would adore every inch of your being and would call out to you just to tell you that.

He would be your number one fan , applaud your successes, comfort you in your failures, and accompany you in all your adventures.

Sagittarius will surely plan something romantic for you that you won’t easily forget and will make you feel special about it.

You can always count on his free-spirited, funny nature and you will appreciate how easily he deals with all the situations you find yourself in that are difficult for you.

These two zodiac signs need a lot of stimulation to stay interested, so they should go on trips together, visit different places, eat in interesting restaurants and surely they will not get bored.

Leo’s magical partners could also be Aries or Aquarius . An Aries has the stamina to keep up with you, and an Aquarius thinks outside the box, pushing you to new heights in and out of the bedroom.

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You need a spouse who can understand your perfectionist behavior.

Taurus is certainly such a partner because they share the same values ​​with you, are reliable, consistent and also down-to-earth.

He would spoil you like no other because he is very sensual, charming and seductive which makes him a great lover.

You both surely love to take away food from a super nice restaurant, then go home and eat it in front of the TV. If it’s still raining out there, you’re in your element. This is pure love and romance.

If you want to have a stable relationship, then you should communicate very honestly, clearly and openly with each other.

Capricorn or Pisces can also go well with a Virgo.

Capricorn would spoil you until the end of your life, and Pisces would always understand your feelings before you even know you have them.

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A Libra needs and always seeks balance. She looks for wisdom in a man. He should also be a seducer and shouldn’t lack panache either. You don’t look for what you don’t have yourself, but you are also like that and much more.

Gemini can give everything Libra is looking for.

Most of all, they love to share experiences and knowledge because it broadens their horizons and deepens their knowledge.

Gemini know how to balance mind and body stimulation by taking turns at an exciting pace. And when their partner needs some time to themselves, Gemini doesn’t mind withdrawing.

Both of these zodiac signs need their freedom to feel good about themselves, but they should also share experiences and stories with their partner.

Aries and Aquarius are also exciting marriage candidates for Libra .

An Aquarius will push you to become the best version of yourself as they are always proposing new ways for you to grow.

Aries always finds exciting places, things and people, so he brings adventure into your life.

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A Scorpio should find a partner who will go with them into the murky and dark depths of the soul to explore them.

As spouses, Pisces bring a flashlight to the picnic of married life for this trip.

Marriage should be the deepest and closest relationship of your life, and that includes being able to face each other’s shadows together.

Pisces will always sense when something is wrong with you and will use their best qualities to calm you down, face your fears and fight them with you.

Your Pisces partner will cheer you on, spurring you on to swim deeper and pulling you out of the dark when needed.

You’ve probably already felt that Pisces draws you to them like a magnet, and that’s why you should keep this relationship going by getting used to going deeper and deeper with your love.

The best thing for this zodiac sign combination is to engage in deep conversations, as superficial conversations can soon lose interest.

Scorpio can also have a wonderful marriage with Cancer or Taurus.

Cancer will not run away if you reveal deep feelings for them and Taurus will be your anchor as you dive deep to explore your soul.

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Sagittarius was born an explorer and with your great instinct you need to explore places, people, ideas, everything and everyone.

Aries is the right partner for you because they are willing to explore the world with you and are also adventurous.

Because sometimes you don’t have a plan for life and you get lost in your head, Aries can help you find your bearings so that you can find your way around.

He’ll cheer you up when you’re feeling down and won’t be afraid to go silly to get you laughing again.

You both have the same energy and enthusiasm for all of life’s wonders. That’s why he’s compatible with you to try everything and your life becomes a firework.

These two zodiac signs should always discover something new and explore their limits in a marriage because the adrenaline keeps them alive. Enjoy life and love; planning crazy adventures, laughing till your stomach hurts to keep your love flowing.

Leo and Gemini also have magical potential for marriage .

Gemini is your number one confidant with whom you can talk about anything and everything, and Leo will be happy to try anything with you, which will bond the two of you together.

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Capricorn is conservative, but that doesn’t mean they’re boring and need a boring spouse.

The perfect partner for you would be a Taurus who appreciates your extraordinary lifestyle. He would support you in your career and show you how important hard work is to your success. He would certainly change your eating style to improve your health and stamina.

You both appreciate the beautiful things in life and value aesthetics in your home and in your clothes.

Keep that wonderful connection alive and maintain a work-life balance because he’ll surely run away if you don’t have time for him.

Cancer and Virgo are also good marriage choices.

A Cancer will always be ready to hug you before you even realize you need a hug. He would take care of your needs and cater to all your desires.

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You need a partner who will let your unusual, extraordinary and crazy nature (all in a good way) shine.

The Gemini is like a puzzle for you because they will go along with you with everything that comes to your mind and in this situation he certainly brings banter that would get your mind going.

Gemini is very independent and you will appreciate it because you are the same. You both hate feeling overly committed. It makes it even more interesting if you both have different friends, hobbies, and interests so you can both talk about different things.

He will encourage you to shine and bring you the missing information you didn’t know you needed until the most magical moment.

Both of you should find a way and schedule your time so that you have enough time for each other, but also go your own way as individuals. I say this because you need the time you take to recharge so that you can be there for your partner.

Leo and Libra also agree on marriage partners .

A Leo will appreciate being with someone who will do their bidding as long as you don’t take the shine off them (consider if it’s a good thing), but they love the extraordinary and the qualities you have , because the more festivities you offer, the better.

Libras are all about intellectual stimulation and have no problem giving themselves the space they need when you need it.

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The physical and the mental are equally important to Pisces.

Scorpio is the ideal partner for you because it can enable you to do both. He will also seek to discover all aspects of you. He will have exactly what your soul, body and spirit need.

Both of you would know each other so well that you would know what the other is thinking and feeling in any given situation. Also, you would discover parts of yourself that neither of you knew existed.

Surely the love and marriage between these two zodiac signs is a fairy tale that we all want to experience in our lives.

Make sure that you don’t dig too deep, but also come to the surface – everything needs a balance. You should also make sure that you loosen up your shadow hunt together with a little fun and light-heartedness.

You could have a bright future with Virgo and Cancer .

Virgo could bring efficiency, discipline and order into your life.

The crabs would take care of you like no other person in this world. He would also want to know your dreams in order to try to realize them together with you.

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