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The favorite foods of each zodiac sign

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As the old saying goes, you are what you eat. The contents of your fridge are so personal that they could even replace a traditional dating profile.

For example, people ruled by Venus like Libras tend to love sweets, while people ruled by Mars like Scorpios tend to love spicy foods. These differences are due to the meanings of the planets – Venus is about indulgence, while Mars is the fiery planet of the sky.

Birth charts are a language, and if you can speak it fluently, you can figure out what’s on your astrological menu. That’s why we’ve combined everything we know about food with everything we know about astrology to bring you the ultimate guide to the zodiac signs as food.

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Since Mars is their ruler, their menu always has something concrete, but it doesn’t have to be juicy. Many Aries cannot imagine a meal without meat, and it must be well roasted.

They also enjoy barbecuing and prefer to grill in the company of friends. Some Aries like to cook their own food and they are great at it because they are true individuals.

They like everything that is solid, concrete, and they care that food gives them strength and energy for many activities they are engaged in, preferring salty rather than sweet foods.

Aries should be careful not to overeat and avoid fast food. Vegetables must be eaten as an accompaniment to meat.

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They can easily be described as the zodiac’s greatest foodies and are often overweight. This zodiac sign has the best appetite of any zodiac sign.

Taurus love food, they are great hedonists and the easiest way to win their heart is with a full plate. Food is important to them and a way for them to enjoy life.

The meal must be concrete and succulent, and the quantity must be large. You have nothing against fats and greasy baked goods, on the contrary. They eat slowly and enjoy every bite.

Tauruses love meat dishes and you won’t go hungry at dinner with Taurus.

They like to prepare a barbecue evening and there are no limits to their creativity on such occasions. Whether it’s veal steak or chicken wings, they simply enjoy the meat.

You can’t even resist chicken stew. Any meal is good when meat is the main ingredient. Lions love cakes of all kinds, and they need to be as sweet and high-calorie as possible.

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You are definitely the pickiest zodiac sign when it comes to food. Geminis are attracted to exotic dishes from distant lands, as well as a range of incompatible tastes.

They are characterized by a mixture of sweet and salty as well as spicy and sour flavors. Sweet and sour chicken is one of her favorite dishes.

They like meals with friends and lunches with family, so their meals are always rich. If you want to take Gemini out to dinner, take them to a Chinese, Korean, or Indian restaurant.

They like foods with different tastes, but also different colors. You are always open to new things, just let it be exciting.

If you want to impress Geminis, then offer them something new and crazy, because they don’t like anything boring, not even classic food.

What is wrong is that they are prone to getting nervous or even skipping meals. This is because of their lifestyle and because they like to do multiple things at the same time.

It is important for them to have different combinations of flavors and colors on their plate, because they cannot stand boredom. The twins only have to work on the right rhythm of eating, sleeping and exercise in the fresh air.

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The moon affects not only the mood of Cancer, but also their well-being. This is probably not that surprising, but Cancer is a big seafood lover.

The moon, the ruler of her zodiac sign, correlates with the salty and the seafood is very flavorful. No one knows better than the crab how to cook shrimp, all kinds of fish and pasta.

The dishes are served in a very imaginative way and are pleasing to the eye. They also know the ways and methods of alternative nutrition, such as macrobiotics.

They really have no flaws when it comes to nutrition. What they exaggerate is the excessive amount of alcoholic beverages.

Just make sure to drink enough water if you’re sensitive to sodium-rich foods. Sensitive Cancer also loves cakes and sweets, balancing lovesickness and life problems.

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Leos like to cook complicated dishes. It is important to them that the food exudes luxury and looks rich, almost glamorous.

Some go to the extreme and only eat from gilded or similar, very elegant crockery.

The sweets must be prepared and arranged as if welcoming the king. Leos love cakes of different colors that look festive.

For Leo it is important that the table is as rich and luxurious as possible, because there is no such thing as a modest Leo. Of course, roasted meat should not be missing here.

Not only is Leo a great foodie, he also loves to show off his phenomenal cooking skills. The wine must be of the best quality and the right brand. Only the years of the best harvests come into play.

Despite not eating much, some members of this zodiac sign still gain extra pounds and then go to the other extreme – fasting. It only takes them to be happy with themselves again, and then they go back to old habits.

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The Virgo zodiac sign traditionally rules everything to do with nutrition, so here we find the right experts in this field.

Some Virgos weigh their food like pharmacists, but there are also those who usually analyze everything they have bought and only then prepare a meal.

If there is someone who knows exactly the prices of food in the markets or who can only buy a certain product, then it is certainly Virgo.

Your meals are carefully prepared in terms of both content and quantity. They eat exactly what they want and how they want.

These typically include healthy foods, grains, specially prepared vegetables, and smaller amounts of white meat.

If they’re too picky, a sandwich is a great way to play it safe while incorporating it into their meals if they’re looking for variety.

Cakes are usually made from fruit, as naturally as possible.

The downside of Virgos is that they lose all spontaneity through too much preparation, so their stay at the table sometimes feels more like a stay in a health facility than a relaxed lunch.

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As an earth sign, Libra likes to eat healthy. The food must be tasty and balanced. They don’t like fat and are inclined to all vegetables, although they don’t mind meat. They like best boiled meat in small amounts with lots of salad.

Their ideal foods are, for example, vegetable lasagna with chicken or crab soup.

For them, nutrition is another in a series of sophisticated rituals in which what is put into the body should be carefully composed and prepared.

It is particularly important to them that the dishes look good because they love aesthetics. You must always have a rose or similar flower on the table.

They know how to eat calmly and in moderation when they are in balance with themselves. Otherwise there are Libras who know how to exaggerate and their biggest weakness is delicately prepared cakes and sweets.

They prefer the creamy or fruity with light colors of the most diverse creams. They also like ice cream and their favorite cereal is rice. Libras are very adept at making cakes and enjoy it.

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Scorpio is another zodiac hedonist who loves spicy food. Like the lion, he tends to exaggerate. He’s a real fan of grilling and anything that makes the oven shake. What is certain is that he never overdoes the quantities of his meals.

The food he puts into his body needs to be flavorful and he is happiest when it is very spicy. Besides this spicy food, he likes to drink different types of carbonated drinks and also alcoholic beverages.

Spices are his weakness, and he often knows how to overdo it. It is very important to him that the food has a strong taste and a variety of salads, which he likes to cook well with a specific spice.

He also likes different types of cheese, which he also likes spicy. If he overdoes the spices, he is usually treated with an extended diet of eating almost nothing.

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This is another great gourmet of the zodiac. This is because Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, a planet of expansion, goodwill and opportunity.

Sagittarius will literally eat anything they can get their hands on. Sagittarius isn’t afraid to try something new, especially if it means he’s going to try a new and interesting taste.

Since he really knows how to enjoy food, he often finds himself at larger gatherings with large amounts of food. Meat, fish, vegetables, cakes, honey and milk easily disappear in his stomach.

The perfect meal for Sagittarians is pizza, which includes different flavors.

Pizza can also be baked many different ways, and the toppings are endless, meaning Sagittarius will never get bored.

Many of them feel the effects of such a varied diet in their stomachs, so there are members of this zodiac sign who know how to approach radical changes.

Some Sagittarians choose methods of eating only one food throughout the day, such as apples, to help flush the toxins out of their bodies.

In any case, the measure and balance of food is very important to him, and when he succeeds in this, he becomes a real example of quality of life and enjoyment of food and drink.

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When it comes to diet, Capricorns are one of the most humble zodiac signs. They are ruled by Saturn, the planet of renunciation, progress, and earnest intentions.

The most important thing for them is to eat something and less important for them what they eat. Capricorns could easily survive on just bread and water. It is important to them that food fulfills its function or purpose.

They like food that keeps them full for a long time because they don’t eat often. So they bring in concrete things like meat and various stews, very consciously, because it gives them the strength for the long-term struggles they face.

Since Capricorns were born in winter, they also prefer warm and cozy food. Due to their cold sign, they are real fans of the Mediterranean diet, because olive oil, olives, fish, various pastes and the like warm soul and body perfectly.

With that in mind, they prefer a warm casserole of chicken or vegetable salmon.

Capricorns prefer traditional homemade food, natural foods, so among them you can also find lovers of fruits and grains.

They prefer salty things, don’t like anything artificial and aren’t fond of cakes, except sometimes chocolate. They eat intelligently and are very frugal.

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Everything new and unexplored can be found on their menu. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to try a completely new and never-before-seen dish, surely the chef was Aquarius.

They like all kinds of the most unusual sauces, exotic spices, so they add them to the dishes. They prefer to eat boiled vegetables and seafood.

As a fixed zodiac sign, you are quite patient when preparing food. Aquarius is slow to prepare their meals, but this allows them to think of new ways and ways to prepare meals.

For them, the kitchen is an experiment and they enjoy preparing food. Aquarius can spend several hours in the kitchen preparing meals.

Fans of traditional cuisine will surely stay hungry with Aquarius.

Temperate Aquarians are very susceptible to alternative diets, so many of them are vegetarians and this is a result of their attitude towards animal welfare and not the need for health.

For them it is only important not to overdo it in eccentricity and to eat as calmly as possible, without outbursts and nervousness.

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The deep sea knows no boundaries, as does the imagination of the fish. You can also eat seaweed and all kinds of shellfish, crab, fish and even plankton are successfully prepared on their menu.

They are true masters of sea delicacies. Sushi is her number one choice as you can add different types of fish, sauces and other ingredients depending on your mood.

They are fans of pasta and Italian specialties because they love dishes with sauces.

With good organization, Pisces excels at preparing Mediterranean and any type of seafood that pleases their body.

Her weakness is mixing different styles, so you can often find more dishes on her table that don’t usually go together.

Also, their downside is that they love to make cocktails, often mixing different flavors and alcohols.

Members of this zodiac often try a variety of diets, more out of habit than effectiveness. It is also important to wash the food well before preparing it, because fish are susceptible to infections and poisoning.

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