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Astromedicine. Healing according to your zodiac sign

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Medical astrology is a branch of astrology that deals with health and disease based on the zodiac sign.

Each zodiac sign represents one or more organs in the body that are its weak points, starting with Aries, which symbolizes the head, to Pisces, which symbolizes the feet.

Any disease can be prevented and the horoscope can help you with this.

The roots of medical astrology go far back in history. In the past, this form of astrology was highly valued, but today it is experiencing renewed popularity due to the growing interest of doctors in its knowledge.

As always, these first steps are being taken by courageous and open-minded people.

In ancient Egypt, the horoscope was used to diagnose and treat diseases, and the most famous Greek doctor, Hippocrates, observed the movement of the stars because he considered them a very powerful weapon in the hands of experts.

Depending on which zodiac sign you were born in, find out which diseases you are more prone to than others.

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Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, its ruler is Mars, which means that this sign is dominated by great energy.

Because of the strength and power of Mars, they are prone to fevers, high fevers, headaches, migraines, strokes, and can also have memory problems.

Aries are stubborn, brave, open-minded and therefore prone to situations where the head, eyes and teeth suffer the most.
You should visit the dentist regularly and take care of oral hygiene.

Aries are very proud and are often tormented by the fear of failure, which creates additional burdens for you.

But in Aries, and their planet Mars, lies the power that allows them to recover quickly from illness. This strong life force allows them not to give up, even in the face of health problems.

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Taurus is one of the greatest hedonists in the horoscope, he likes to exaggerate and indulges in all earthly pleasures. As a result, he is prone to health problems associated with overeating and drinking, obesity, and sometimes bulimia.

Venus as ruler in negative aspects can lead to promiscuous behavior. For this reason, infections of the gonads, bladder or ovaries in women are to be expected.

They also have pretty poor circulation and can often swell, so it’s important for them to exercise daily.
Goiter can also be symptomatic of this sign and they should get an adequate amount of iodine.

Taurus tip: develop optimism and flexibility, do not cultivate indulgence and stubbornness, and eventually move on.

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This zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Mercury, which otherwise symbolizes reason, intelligence and knowledge, so people in this zodiac sign are characterized by great mental and physical agility.

They want to be everywhere so it is difficult to keep them in place and therefore energy is wasted in their haste and nervous tension. As a result, nerves weaken over time.

When they are ill, the twins behave very carelessly and do not take anything seriously, which can lead to problems later. Sensitive body parts in Gemini are shoulders, arms, lungs, fingers and hips.

They are prone to pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, so this zodiac sign should definitely avoid cigarettes.

In order for their nerves to relax, Geminis should avoid wasting energy and being too jittery or superficial. Don’t deal with a million things at once, develop patience, calmness and self-discipline.

Potassium chloride is very good for twins and vitamin D for calcium absorption.

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A family sign that has a protective, maternal instinct and love for family.

When Cancer feels that those closest to them dislike, ignore, or belittle them, their health becomes problematic.

Emotional inconsistency is fatal for him and therefore he suffers from severe mood swings.

Digestive organs, ulcers, gastritis and indigestion can be problematic in cancer. It is well known that crabs are good cooks, but they also have to watch their diet, because they tend to overeat, which is a good prerequisite for metabolic disorders.

Cancer Health Tips: Avoid anything that makes you depressed, even if you are the children of the moon and feel every vibration.

Also avoid a provocative attitude and overeating, if you feel dissatisfied and do not keep the pain to yourself for long, speak it out loud.

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Stress is his number one enemy, as is greasy food and nicotine, which builds up deposits on the walls of his blood vessels. He is prone to heart problems, high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, clogged blood vessels, heart attack, stroke.

Leos should check their cholesterol levels early, their spinal curvature very early, and run and walk regularly. His meals should include fish, blue, then foods rich in vitamins A and C.

Bodybuilding is considered an ideal sport for people born under the sign of Leo. By strengthening their muscles, the sport gives them a look that many envy.

Lions need a lot of sleep to regenerate.

Leo tip: Try to tame too much vanity, develop tact and patience, and avoid haste and excitement.

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Virgos are among the most hypochondriacs of all zodiac signs. Sensitive areas of their body are pancreas, spleen, stomach, nerves and appendix.

Mercury is the ruler of this zodiac sign and is associated with nerves, so this easily depressed and shy zodiac sign can have nerve problems and all these problems can be transferred to the stomach.

You often just need a positive attitude to heal, although Virgos are very suspicious by nature.

In addition, they have a very sensitive mucous membrane of the digestive organs, so they need to be very careful when taking medication.

Virgos excel at perfectionism, so self-discipline can lead them to perfectionism, and they should avoid falling into despair and nervousness if they don’t succeed immediately.

Advice for Virgo: Don’t get upset about unimportant things, develop a broad view and understanding, optimism and trust in people. Mercury is by your side to support you in this.

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Libra brings balance and harmony to our world. One of the most indecisive zodiac signs in the horoscope because they hesitate and think too much. Of course, the more they hesitate in a situation, the more it affects their health.

They can feel disappointment, fall into depression, become neurotic and this will affect the kidneys first as the kidneys are the most sensitive in this zodiac sign.

Diabetes can also be a problem for this zodiac sign, as can skin, sacrum, and veins. The best therapy for this sign is rest and relaxation in a harmonious atmosphere with your loved ones.

Tip for Libra: Control indecisiveness, develop self-confidence and the ability to face facts, avoid all sorts of vices.

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Serious traits can affect the health of this zodiac sign. Her biggest flaw is vindictiveness, in which there is no sympathy for her, even among developed types of this zodiac sign.

The result of all this is great nervous tension, and therefore also hysteria. The most common problems for Scorpios are infections and common bacteria in the throat or nose.

Prone to all inflammations, both genital and urinary, hemorrhoids, bruises, but when he recovers he feels stronger than before. You should avoid fatty foods as they often have high levels of lipids in the blood and consume proteins.

Tip for Scorpios: Avoid revenge, jealousy, develop compassion, forgiveness and social adaptability.

Participating in intense exercise programs like martial arts or going to the gym regularly are essential for your mental and physical health. This way you will get rid of accumulated stress and excess energy.

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He is adorned with indestructible optimism and generosity, great energy and benevolence.

Sagittarius loves sports and adheres to the body cult, in keeping with the Olympic proverb “In a healthy body there is a healthy mind”.

But his spirit of adventure and hedonism may prevail, and he will increasingly choose worldly pleasures over physical activity. Over time, he becomes lazy and overdoes it on barbecues, sweets, and drinks.

Alcohol and fizzy drinks, sweets and fatty foods are most harmful to the liver and bile organs.

He is prone to congenital hip problems, hip dislocation, rheumatism, sciatica, liver disease, poisoning, phlebitis and blood disorders.

For good health and maintaining fitness, it is necessary to give up harmful foods, alcohol and cigarettes. Asparagus, dandelion leaves, artichokes and arugula will help him a lot.

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Capricorn is said to be like wine – the older the better! The same goes for his health. Painful in childhood, with age it becomes firmer, tougher and more resilient.

Capricorn develops an awareness of self-help, knows what harms and what helps, and follows the instructions of experts in a disciplined manner.

He is not prone to improvisation, he is suspicious of quacks and everything unscientific and untested.

Although he is afraid of the dentist, blood tests and similar medical procedures, if something helps him recover and relieve the pain, he will bravely endure anything.

He is prone to fractures, lumbago, rheumatism, anemia, anorexia, mineral deficiencies, and mental illnesses such as paranoia, phobias, and depression.

Capricorn needs everything that boosts self-confidence and self-awareness, and best of all autogenic training, meditation and socializing with happy and patient people.

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Aquarius is prone to problems with blood and lymph circulation, varicose veins, leg swelling, blood clots, ankle fractures and strains, as well as hormonal imbalance and psychosomatic disorders.

Some difficulties can also arise due to his way of life, since he has no measure of what he likes, and since he is curious, he will try everything, even what is bad for his health.

So he will seriously damage his innate good constitution through an unhealthy lifestyle, irregular sleep and wrong diet.

Aquarius accepts alternative forms of treatment and naturopathy. Of the essential oils, rosemary works the most for external use and valerian for internal use – for calming down and a good night’s sleep.

When they are nervous and not expressing their feelings, they can bite their nails and cuticles. Deep breathing, especially in the morning, can help you with all your efforts throughout the day.

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Pisces is a rather passive zodiac sign and their emotions directly affect their health, so they need to be careful when choosing their partner and environment as they also absorb other people’s bad energy.

Although this zodiac sign appears calm and relaxed, on the inside they are full of fears and worries. Because of the ruler of Neptune, diseases of this sign are often vague and difficult to treat.

Fish can suffer from tumors, soft tissue, conjunctivitis, mucus in the lungs and glandular problems.

With a well-positioned Neptune, this zodiac sign can be treated with prayer, which is a symbol of spirituality and the importance of the entire journey through the zodiac.

Tip for Pisces: avoid alcohol and cigarettes, control hypersensitivity and sensitivity, develop rationality and will, and always keep at least one foot on the ground.

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