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What your zodiac sign says about your cell phone use

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Have you seen the movie The Golden Compass ? If not, then you should check it out because it’s a masterpiece. I mention this movie because the daemons  in this movie remind me of our cell phones. The people in this film cannot live without their daemons , just like we cannot live without our smartphones.

We are totally lost without our phones and cannot leave the house without our smartphones with us.

We need our apps everywhere. With the help of them we decide where and when to eat and what to buy. Our world is in this little device and if we lose it, we literally lose a part of ourselves.

This device is part of our daily routine, just like reading our daily horoscope.

Believe it or not, there are also people who aren’t that connected to their smartphones and hate texting. I know younger people who don’t use social networks and only have the absolutely necessary apps on their cell phones.

When we learn about our zodiac sign, we also learn a lot about ourselves, so I analyzed the stars to see how you use your phone based on your zodiac sign.

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You’re in your element when someone compliments you and admires you. Capricorns always need recognition for their achievements.

The selfies are very important to you and you post them regularly on Facebook and Instagram. When you succeed in something or accomplish something bigger, you need to post it so everyone can admire you and congratulate you.

Most of the time you use your smartphone to talk to your friends and you don’t like to text a lot.

Because you’re a bit self-absorbed, you may tell your friends about your triumphs, whether it’s about a man or about your work. Don’t worry, you won’t be too annoying when you talk to someone on the phone because you’re also a good listener.

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Because you are honest and optimistic, you use your phone the most to express your opinions on social media. When your feelings for you get too heavy, you write them down in the form of a poem and post it.

You always want the world to hear what you have to say because you are very open and you think your opinions are very important.

You are not afraid of what people will say about you. You’re probably already sitting on your phone, writing a post, ranting about this article and the fact that it doesn’t define you or your personality.

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Scorpios are passionate and assertive. You like being right too and when you realize you’re wrong you don’t want to admit it.

Because you are very inquisitive, you like to research on your phone and find answers to anything and everything, and the best way to do that is with Google.

When you’re asked a question you don’t know the answer to, your phone is your go-to resource.

When you get lost, your smartphone is your friend who shows you the way. Everything you need and what you want is literally in the palm of your hand.

You enjoy using your phone to search the internet for random facts about history or to find out when the next solar eclipse will be.

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You love being admired by other people and getting compliments from friends. Because you’re charming and outgoing, your friends and other people can only admire you and certainly don’t lie to you when they adore you.

The scales are real party mice and when you go to parties you like to take selfies with your friends. You don’t just act your luck for the photos, you always have a smile on your face in real life too.

You enjoy using social media to meet other people online, or even signing up for dating apps like Tinder. You’re also very even-tempered, so you’re not seen on your phone 24/7.

You enjoy chatting with your friends online, but you also make sure to meet up with them in person.

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Virgo is very confident and caring. She always cares about others and enjoys helping both people and animals.

You are one of those animal lovers who surely have three cats, a turtle and a dog at home. Surely you adopt your pets from the shelter because you always want to do something good for the world we live in.

You love taking pictures of them with your phone. They’re probably all over your Facebook timeline and Snapchat. You are so proud of your pets and they are a part of you.

What you like to do most is google about animal welfare and on YouTube you like to watch videos of beauty treatments and everything that has to do with preparative cosmetics.

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The radiant lions have a leader and that’s why they don’t have time for social media, they only use their cell phone to make calls.

For you, your smartphone is a very useful device and you only use it to do something important; to answer important emails from your boss or your colleagues. Your phone is more for work than anything else.

You only take photos when you go on a long vacation. Then you photograph yourself in all sorts of poses and post it on Facebook and Instagram.

You check your phone every 5 minutes to see how many people liked your photo.

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We all already know my dear sweet Cancer that you are very emotional, sentimental and intuitive.

Cancerians are very attached to their family and their smartphone is full of pictures of their family and friends. When someone in your family has a baby, you instantly make the baby’s picture your phone’s wallpaper.

You love capturing moments with your phone, but you don’t necessarily post them online, you just like to keep them in case you want to reminisce on cold nights.

Cancers are people of the heart and their cell phones are full of love.

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Adventurous and strong, Gemini love to try new things and activities with their friends, family or alone. 

You want to explore your options and find out more about your skills. You like to watch YouTube and especially the channels where people are building something or renovating their home.

Whether you’re a Virgo woman or a Virgo man, you love playing handyman. Just be careful not to use your smartphone as a hammer.

You also use your cell phone to search for new cooking recipes. After cooking, you like to take photos of the food and post them on Facebook or Instagram.

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Taurus are very well known for their determination and sensuality and that is why you love things that are very sensual.

You have a green thumb and when you are not busy planting new flowers in your garden you read articles on your phone about new types of flowers.

One of the most important apps on your phone is Pinterest because you love looking at beautiful pictures. Most of what you pin in your Pinterest folder are landscapes and beautiful places.

Your phone is your first port of call when you need something, but you are not dependent on it, and not on social media at all.

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You’re definitely an Aries if you take a trip to a different city every weekend or even go camping. You are an explorer and inventor of the beautiful places around you.

Because the world is your playground and you see it through rose-colored glasses, you always try to document your experiences with your phone and post them on Facebook and Instagram.

You have thousands of photos and videos on your computer that you took with your smartphone and you love to look at them from time to time.

When you’re not using it to record a video of you bungee jumping, you’re texting your friends to join you on a hiking trip next week!

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The mysterious Pisces are very private people because you keep your life private and don’t like it when people you are not close with interfere in your life or try to give you advice on something.

You are not a fan of social media. You’re not the type to be on your phone 24/7, posting selfies or status updates on Facebook or Twitter.

You prefer to call your best friend and meet him at your home or your favorite coffee shop.

You are a nostalgic soul and you would like to live in the days when there were no smart phones, cell phones and no phones at all. You love the time when people still sent letters to each other.

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Dear Aquarius, you are a trendsetter and everyone around you loves your style and sense of fashion.

You love trends and know in advance what the trends will be for the next two years. But you also love it when people admire and compliment you for your taste.

You certainly have a lot of Instagram followers from whom you get a lot of messages every day asking you where you got your clothes from.

You love to influence other people, so you share fashion tips on your Facebook and Instagram for your friends or even strangers who follow you on social media.

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