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How to shed unwanted pounds (according to your zodiac sign)

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It is very difficult to find what is right for you in this sea of ​​information and when it comes to healthy eating and dieting I believe half the internet is full of this topic.

It can be that every week a new diet is recommended by the doctors and nutritionists and after that we don’t know what to do, who to believe and what diet to do at all.

It’s best to deal with yourself personally and not rely on the general, because not all diets and not all workouts are good for your body.

The first thing you should know is that you should lead a healthier lifestyle, after that all additional information is just plus points and not something you should base your lifestyle on.

This is where your zodiac sign comes into play.

It can help you figure out what gets you going and what helps you stay motivated.

Here we share insights from the astrological point of view that will support you on the way to a healthier lifestyle.

Have fun and stay healthy!

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The best way for an Aries to start their exercise program or diet plan is by capitalizing on their competitive advantage.

The most difficult thing for an Aries to lose weight is because they love starting projects but have a hard time following them.

Competitiveness is a way of motivating Aries when they would otherwise start to slack off.

You are motivated to try new things and be the first to use something.

Their kitchens are full of blenders, food processors or other appliances. Unfortunately, they use these things once or twice and then get bored.

The best thing for people born under the Aries zodiac sign is to find a friend or partner who will support them with their weight loss and workout routines.

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You have to have something mentally stimulating before you can exercise your body because you care more about your soul than your body.

You don’t like strenuous training sessions, it’s important for you to do something that also has something to do with your thoughts.

It would be best for you to practice yoga, meditation, tai chi and qi gong, and preferably in nature where you feel good. With this training you will be physically and mentally fit.

Because Pisces is a water sign, swimming is good for them too. You can swim in the sea or lake in summer, or relax your body in an indoor swimming pool in winter.

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Aquarius enjoys being on their own. You don’t follow trends, you are always two steps ahead of trends. Just to be clear, we’re talking about training and dieting here, which is healthy living.

They never do anything that others do and approach everything in a rebellious and avant-garde manner. When it comes to training, it has to be individual if you are to stay engaged.

With your physical training you also want to be intellectually engaged, so dancing would be ideal for you as it is a combination of an art form and the movement.

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Sticking to the rules and routine is not difficult for Capricorns because they love to have everything arranged. 

Capricorns will take the time to plan their daily defense efforts. You will always choose a responsible approach.

It would be best for you if your work was related to sports and training.

You have known for a long time and you stick to consuming healthy foods and you avoid sweets altogether.

If you don’t have a gym nearby, then the best alternative for you is to run in the morning before work and you will surely be fit for work and the whole day.

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Sport is a burden for the Sagittarius and you certainly don’t like something that feels like a duty.

If you want to lose weight, your best bet is to do something fun and adventurous to exercise.

For you it would be best if you combine adventure with training and that could be climbing, hiking, horseback riding… and it will certainly not be exhausting for you but fun for you.

Sagittarians have a problem with boredom because they lose interest in something very quickly if they don’t get a kick out of it.

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Scorpio loves anything extreme. This also applies to training and all sports.

You have a great fighting spirit and could easily be a professional athlete. You don’t like to just put part of your energy into something, you give it your all.

You should stay away from crash diets because they cause you to gain weight again. A Scorpio should also know what their limits are and stick to them because without them they could easily hurt themselves.

The ideal training for the Scorpio is kick-boxing, weightlifting or running – everything that has to do with a lot of endurance and fighting spirit.

Scorpio will have no trouble achieving their goals, but they still need to give twice as much energy to keep those goals and not give up easily.

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Radical workouts and diet plans deter a Libra. They love it when everything stays within limits.

They only like things that they feel secure in and that give them stability, poise, and a sense of balance.

You want to know everything that’s on the schedule and don’t like being surprised. When you start a workout, you need to know exactly what that workout entails.

Libras need to feel that their efforts to lose weight aren’t adding stress to their lives. This is also why a Libra stays motivated best when working with someone else.

Your best bet if you want to lose weight is to find a partner to exercise with you. If you have someone in your circle of friends who also wants to work on their body, call them right away and make a training plan together.

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I don’t know if your trait of being a perfectionist is good or bad for you. Because of this, you can easily fail and become discouraged, but on the other hand, you can use it to make the best of yourself. A balance would be best, but it’s not easy to achieve.

If you’re trying to shed those unwanted pounds and it’s taking you a long time to see results, you’ll give up very quickly. On the other hand, this situation can make you try even harder. You never know with you.

The best way for Virgos to get the weight loss results they want is to stick to what they love most, which is stability.

Because you love rituals and routine, it won’t be difficult for you to stick to the rules.

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Because Leo loves to be in the spotlight, a team sport would be best for them.

Team sports allow Leos to release all of their pent-up energy. Also, they offer lions a great combination of group sport and the opportunity to be an outstanding player.

Soccer or basketball would be perfect for you and if you scored a goal everyone would celebrate and call your name.

Talk to your friends to organize some games or join a group.

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Cancers love to cook and to spoil themselves and others with their food.

For Cancerians, it’s all about changing their daily menu and diet to lose weight – it can be annoying for them. They also love to comfort themselves with food to hide their true feelings.

You would be motivated to lose weight if diet and nutrition became a family affair, with everyone involved in creating and maintaining healthy habits.

They would certainly enjoy dieting because they could try new recipes or cook their favorite dishes in a healthier way.

It’s not about taking their food away, it’s about making sure the food that’s available to them is good for them.

With the support of their family, they will no doubt improve their health and fitness.

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Geminis love to walk, run and anything involving exercise. Therefore, it should not be difficult for you to decide on a training session and stick to the plan.

Running or brisk walking is great for Gemini. They love to be on the move. They also benefit from being able to converse or communicate with another person while exercising.

It’s always easier to do something in pairs, and you’re made to do everything with one partner.

So you should find a partner that you can run with.

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Taurus are known to be very hedonistic, so they can fail to stick to a plan.

You tend to be slow, methodical and stuck in your habit. You also love sweets and rich foods.

Basically, anything tasty or luxurious will attract a Taurus. So if the training or dieting seems somehow glamorous, a Taurus will find it much easier.

You always have to be dressed properly, if you’re doing something and you don’t feel comfortable in your workout clothes, you’re definitely not going to the gym.

Buy what you think is right and it will surely be worth it when you see your figure in the mirror in a few months.

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