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How did you die in your previous life (according to your zodiac sign)

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We will all die someday and that is the reality. If you believe in reincarnation, then you must have died a few times in your past life.

We all wish that our deaths in previous lives were romantic. Maybe you were Juliet and died with Romeo, or you could have been a witch and burned at the stake.

As the years pass, man accepts the inevitability of death and wonders how and when he will die.

People who are passionate about esotericism have probably heard that our inevitable end must be very similar to death in a previous life.

I’ve been thinking, and I think that I certainly lost my life in a plane crash in my past life because I’m terribly afraid of flying and of heights.

If you believe in transmigration, read about how you died in your previous life according to your zodiac sign. A similar fate awaits you this time too.

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Because Pisces are the depressive representatives of the horoscope, they may have had reason to end their lives in their previous lives because of love. 

Also, the Pisces could easily become a victim of violence since their depressive nature attracts aggressive people.

But there is also a possibility that mystical circumstances ended your life, because Pisces believe in magic and devote a lot of time to studying the rites of the Black Book.

PS Learn to enjoy life and believe more in your own power.

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Aquarius is a rebellious person, down to the bone marrow. Therefore, in your past life, you may have most likely died on the barricades, fully confident that you were fighting for a just cause.

It is also possible that Uranus’ protégé was ruined by banal carelessness, because Aquarius has never taken care of itself and could easily catch a fatal disease on the next trip or while vagrant.

PS Taking care of yourself is a guarantee that you will lead a happy and disease-free life and will please your relatives and friends with your presence for a long time.

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Capricorn is a very thrifty but also a bit tight-fisted personality, and that is why in the last incarnation of this miser, people who knew about Capricorn’s wealth could easily kill a miser.

 If the personalities ruled by Saturn did not fall into the clutches of the bandits, they could easily live to old age and die in boredom. It might just be difficult for those around you to get along with an arrogant and boring Capricorn.

PS You will add more than ten years to your life if you help people and treat them kindly.

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Because Sagittarius lives a fast-paced and restless life, they are unlikely to live to old age.

Surely in your past lives you have discovered new lands and met many lesser known cultures and have never come back from those unknown lands.

Perhaps you experienced a less romantic ending because many shooters who have an adventurous character ended their lives in a prison dungeon or were killed in a crime.

PS You have to understand that nothing is free and you have to pay for everything. This understanding will make your life easier and you will live longer.

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There is a high probability that Scorpios were involved in dark affairs in their previous lives and were disturbed by otherworldly forces, which eventually punished them for this negligence.

Because of your intolerable nature, you are always looking for conflict and seems like tempting death.

It is possible that the insolence and arrogance of the protégé of Mars was punished by a person whom Scorpio, without thinking about the consequences, insulted or humiliated.

PS Behave more kindly and life will smile at you for a long time.

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Libras consider themselves very clever, and in a past life, Venus-Libras skillfully avoided conflict and dangerous situations, which of course helped them outlive their peers.

You don’t like the medical help, think you know everything better and help yourself with alternative means when you are ill. Probably, the protégés of Venus died from a disease with which they did not turn to specialists.

PS Don’t always try to think that you are smarter than everyone else because if you take care of your own health and don’t be arrogant, you will live longer and reach old age.

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In previous lives, Virgos strived to reach incredible heights in order to impress others and get their share of respect and fame. 

Therefore, it is very likely that they did not live to old age, but perished attempting to climb the Himalayas or attempting to cross the ocean by ship alone.

You have an extremely keen sense of competition and therefore you could be killed at the hands of a stronger and more skillful opponent with whom you engaged in mortal combat.

PS If you want to live long, you should stop competing with others. You should understand that you are your own biggest competition and your reason must triumph over your feelings.

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It may be that the lion died heroically in his past life to accomplish an important task.

Perhaps they were also killed for the truth, defending not only their position, but also the happiness of the people who lived near the lions.

You have a sharp tongue and hot temper, so it’s possible you didn’t live to old age.

But there is no doubt that the death of the lion in a previous life was a landmark event that stirred the minds of many people.

PS Because you only follow and walk your own path, it would be good if you take someone with you on this path.

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Surely the Cancerians worked in a hospital in their previous lives or were most likely involved in caring for and rescuing people.

Death could overtake them in the water, while rescuing a drowning person, or in a burning house from which they were lifting suffocating people. You are always willing to make sacrifices if you can do it to save someone else’s life.

You could also die because of your naivety because you believe everything someone tells you.

PS You should stop trusting others blindly and you should also take care of yourself, not just others.

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With their sharp tongues, the Gemini have made many enemies, so it is very likely that these individuals ended their former lives after a treacherous blow from one of the enemies.

In addition, the personalities ruled by Mercury have always been adventurous, which means that they could meet their end in war, as part of conquerors or colonialists, or even in a brothel, among bandits and adventurers of various kinds.

PS To live longer, you should stop embarking on senseless adventures.

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You are a workaholic and your whole life you have worked hard without taking it easy.

Therefore, Taurus most likely ended their career on Earth in the work place, dying from overwork or from diseases caused by the lack of rest.

In general, many Tauruses have successfully survived to old age in their previous lives and then died of old age as they tried to avoid extremes.

PS You should get more rest and try to eat sensibly.

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Surely you ended your previous life, rushing from one adventure to another.

Since the characters of this zodiac sign are passionate lovers, it is likely that they committed their deaths as a result of a crime because of a burning passion.

Outbursts of jealousy or aggression cloud the spirit of the Martian sign, and in this state these people can take desperate steps without hesitation, but in the end they will be punished for it.

PS You should start thinking more sensibly because your feelings can kill you.

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