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Books to Read Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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If you don’t know what book to read next, or you want to start reading the books again, then you’ve come to the right place.

We thought about each zodiac sign and what book would be the most ideal for them.

Books mean a lot to me and when I read a book I feel like I’m living a new life every time. When I immerse myself in a book, everything around me disappears; only this book remains and the universe that this book created. For me, reading is pure relaxation and nothing can give me as much peace and quiet as a good book.

I am convinced that reading can give everyone the same peace of mind that it did me, you should just try it and let the words guide you.

Not in this world is the same, neither are the people and the zodiac signs under which we were born. Some love romance, some love action, so the books that we are going to present to you here are different for each zodiac sign.

They are all classic books that you have surely heard of. There are certainly some of you who have already read them all.

Here are the 12 books for each zodiac sign that you can read on vacation, at the weekend, or even on the subway to work.

I hope you enjoy reading!

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His Dark Materials (Book One: The Golden Compass ; Book Two: The Magic Knife ; Book Three: The Amber Telescope ) novel series by Philip Pullman

Scorpio is one of the strongest zodiac signs in the horoscope and has no problem expressing its views .

You speak your opinions out loud and are not afraid of problems and changes.

The main character of this series of novels is Lyra – a fighter like the scorpion.

This vision is full of tension and uncertainty. The adventures that Lyra experiences will take you to a new dimension. When you start reading it, you won’t be able to get it out of your hands.

It will inspire you to stand up for what you believe in even more than you already do.

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1984 – George Orwell

Virgo is the epitome of perfection.

Steps taken by people born under this zodiac sign are calculated in advance.

Nothing is out of place in your world. Basically, you are the epitome of perfection.

Since you inherently live in your own version of a utopian society, this 1984 dystopian society book by George Orwell will give you the nudge you need to break out of your scheme and finally live a little.

This book will show you how perfection is not perfect at all, strict rules only bring bad luck and all beings in this world are born to be free.

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Anna Karenina -Lev Tolstoy

Cancer is a sensitive and loving being.

You sometimes let your emotions get the better of you, but only because you have a ton of love to give to everyone you meet.

That is why you are a real sweetheart and admired by everyone.

Because of her emotional personality, Anna Karenina is the right novel for you because there are different loves in this book that you won’t find in other books .

There is tragedy and happy endings and most of all in this book there is passion and pain.

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Mind and Feeling – Jane Austen

Because you’re a Libra in love, you’re considered a hopeless romantic who gets a little too fond of love from time to time.

Since you are very interested in relationships and romance, Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility is a must-read classic.

You can easily identify with the female protagonists.

You will not regret reading this book and I am sure this book will be your favorite book.

I wouldn’t recommend watching the film first. Read the book first because you can make the characters in your head however you want.

This is a love story as old as time.

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The Picture of Dorian Gray – Oscar Wilde

You don’t mind being the center of attention, which is why you’re often thought to be overly self-centered.

But what is there to say about that? Because you’re just a confident person who knows what you’re capable of, much like Dorian Gray in Oscar Wilde ‘s The Picture of Dorian Gray .

Its story is a bit dark, but every lion in the world should read this masterpiece.

If there’s a more narcissistic fictional character besides Greek mythology’s Narcissus, it’s surely Dorian Gray. The two are unique and one of a kind.

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The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde – Robert Louis Stevenson

The Gemini personality has two very different sides.

Sometimes you’re outgoing and the ultimate party animal, other times you’re sitting at home watching your favorite series on Netflix.

On one of those lazy days, head to the library and read The Curious Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Have you read the Hulk comic or seen the movie from Marvel? This story is very similar to this book.

It is about the dark life of Dr. Jekyll and his alter ego – Mr Hyde.

An absolute must for every Gemini.

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Harry Potter – JKRowling

As an Aquarius, you live in a world of unlimited imagination.

Life fascinates you again and again and you see the world as a place of unlimited possibilities.

You are a progressive person with your vision and that is why Harry Potter by JKRowling is the right book(s) for you.

The fantastic storyline in the magical world of magic will help you delve deeper into your own imagination.

These books are about good and evil and they show how good always wins in the end, you just have to fight for it and have a bit of patience.

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The Great Gatsby – F.Scott Fitzgerald

You are a money-making machine in everything you do, and you are known to be particularly successful.

Because of your thirst for the finer things in life, you constantly buy a variety of fine items.

Because of your success and your way of thinking, you are most like Jay Gatsby, the protagonist of this novel.

I have to warn you: This book isn’t just about the beauty and the glitter , it’s also about the superficiality of humanity .

When it comes to the beautiful scenes, you’ll have no trouble empathizing with the book’s extravagant party scenes.

Are you thinking of dressing up in something nice?

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Gulliver’s Travels – Jonathan Swift

They are curious and love to get as much information as possible about everything.

You are an adventurer who enjoys traveling the world to meet the many different characters that inhabit this planet.

Much like you, Lemuel Gulliver is a real globetrotter.

In Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels , Gulliver embarks on a series of exciting adventure journeys that are worth experiencing for yourself by reading this novel.

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Lord of the Flies -William Golding

As the most active sign of the zodiac, you are by no means lacking in life energy.

You are always on the go, trying to accomplish as much as you can in as little time as possible.

Lord of the Flies by William Golding would be the perfect novel for when you need a break.

This book is full of suspense and will keep you busy, just like you do in life.

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Keepers of Memory – Lois Lowry

Pisces is one of the most caring and sensitive zodiac signs out there.

They do their best to make everyone comfortable.

So it’s logical that Lois Lowry’s The Keeper of Memories is the novel you should definitely put on your reading list.

The main character Jonas, who deals with learning the secrets of the society in which he lives, will get very close to you.

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Mockingbird – Harper Lee

I have to admit that I haven’t read those books, but when it comes to movies, these movies are my favorite trilogy to watch over and over again.

We recommend this book to you because we know that Capricorns are big family people.

You are all about your family, your loved ones and you strive to have a prosperous future so you can take care of your loved ones.

This book will remind you of the importance of family, love and a pure heart – not that you don’t know it all beforehand.

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