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Astrology and Gambling: Which Zodiac Sign is the Luckiest?

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Everyone just wants to make some quick cash sometimes, and what better way to do that than by winning the lottery or casino?

Read who the happiest zodiac signs are and who loses money and how. Three zodiac signs are the luckiest when it comes to gambling.


Intuitive, quick and agile, Aries are comfortable with all types of gambling. For them, their whole life is a kind of game in which they have to be the best, the fastest and the most famous.

They especially love car and horse racing because of the speed, adrenaline and risk. They are so obsessed with it that they don’t think about the consequences at all.

Hence, they tend to make big and risky bets while gambling.

Aries should stick to the company of friends with thoughtful Capricorns or Virgos to resist what attracts them most – danger and risk.

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Taurus are stubborn and very patient, so they don’t make irrational moves like gambling or betting.

Their stubbornness is very positive in such cases, because they can follow the scheme drawn and just wait for their five minutes at the end when everything agrees and fits with them.

This is especially important if you are strategizing in gambling or card games and the game is long and monotonous. A true Taurus knows very well that time is on their side and that they will be lucky when others give up.

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The Gemini doesn’t have to turn to gambling to learn how to enjoy sudden and unplanned wins. Her whole life seems to be one of sudden and unplanned gain.

Playful and in the most serious of situations, Gemini can always succeed in prize puzzles and teleplays with a calculated Mercury.

The twins are so smart that they know something about everything. That makes them quiz heroes. Geminis turn their curiosity into knowledge. There is no risk of losing a lot of money playing such quiz games.

That’s what the twins really like about these games.

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According to many astrology experts, Cancer is one of the happiest signs when it comes to success and wealth. One of the reasons for this is their ability to sense the moment when they need to react.

Intuition, or whatever you would call it, is what sets Cancer apart from other signs in this case. The mixture of rationality and these skills is basically a successful combination.

Whether it’s roulette, cards or SLOTs, Krebs knows how to make money fast. So if you have a Cancer friend who likes to gamble, stick around and do what they do.

It can be very rewarding for you.

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Of all games of chance, lions play the lottery the most.

Although uninterested in combinatorics, like children they are intoxicated by the possibility of drastically improving their financial situation simply by rounding up the numbers.

Many people have been playing the same number for years, but the lions don’t believe in this tactic because they don’t believe in the mystique of numbers.

They first decide their lucky numbers across the table, frowning. And if they don’t win, they stay in a good mood, because these born winners don’t really suffer when they lose at what’s just a game.

When gambling, Leos don’t invest a lot of money, so they don’t lose a lot of money either.

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Virgos don’t think much of gambling, but they do play the lottery sometimes. They do it occasionally but systematically.

They build the systems themselves because they don’t have much faith in others. They proceed systematically, they believe in logic, they record the numbers drawn and draw conclusions and lessons from them.

Above all, they believe in the assumption that numbers that are rarely drawn also appear. The number 4 must be among these numbers.

Virgos are in no hurry, so when going on long trips or vacations, they fill out their ticket several weeks in advance.

They are good natured and don’t get angry if they don’t win. They are advised to multiply their number 4 by other numbers in the system.

Virgos gamble too cautiously to lose a lot of money, but on the other hand, they rarely win at gambling either.

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With a keen sense of style, Libra will always enter sweepstakes where the top prizes are cosmetics and clothing.

For her it is more important that the game of chance she plays corresponds in some way to her true ideal and that is beauty.

Those born under the sign of Libra like to live at a high level. But Libra is aware that this is not always possible. She is not wasteful and does not like to owe anyone anything.

That’s probably why she prefers games of chance where you can’t make big losses.

She chooses the numbers according to their appearance: beautiful and most beautiful, but also those that look harmonious when entered.

For example, Libra likes the numbers 22, 44, 11, so these numbers often appear on their tickets. Libra has its secret trick, for example, the number of leaves on a plant that it is currently holding.

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Who has the right to win at gambling games and who doesn’t? Scorpio wants to know this and thinks they should be among the winners. He is insatiable and will not settle for one-off or occasional wins.

Rather, he wishes that every game of chance would bring him at least something. He chooses numbers that almost no one enters on the note.

Scorpio thinks a lot about big wins and has a slightly odd way of playing numbers games. For example, he will write the numbers 4 and 5 on the bill because it is said that others rarely do.

Or, say, 19 and 21. The number 7 must always be on the bill for Scorpio to make it easier for them to choose other numbers.

This order applied by Scorpio has its variants. He not only enters the numbers that are next to each other on the ticket, but also the numbers that are below or above each other.

Scorpio doesn’t hesitate to write numbers that are believed to bring bad luck, like 13 or 7. They even write everything out of malice – from 7 to 13.

Scorpio is not one of the zodiac signs that often wins at these games of chance. On the other hand, although rarely, he also sometimes makes a large monetary profit.

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This zodiac sign often wins at games of chance, but even if they lose, they don’t get angry. The shooter believes that every number he enters on the ticket must have meaning.

It is almost always numbers that shape history: victory in a war, the birth of a great personality – important historical dates.

The number 9 has the greatest meaning for the Sagittarius and he likes to take advantage of it. The numbers that mark events in his life are also significant: the year of his first love, the date of his first kiss, his recovery from an illness.

Games that require a lot of brain flexing don’t excite him – life is too short to engage in mental exertion in his free time. For him, gambling is also a form of entertainment.

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According to astrologers, Capricorns have a knack for all gambling. They just understand the laws of these games way better than any other zodiac sign.

Whether Black Jack, Poker, Roulette or Lotto, he always wins every game.

They also have an indescribable sense of assessing the true odds of success when embarking on an adventure.

That’s why we never see them lose money when they take action. All this is due to the configuration of their stars and planets, which, according to astrologers, have the best positioning of all the signs.

Capricorns never rely on luck alone. Before filling out the sports lottery, he thinks carefully about the realistic odds of winning. He sees his whole life as a mind game in which nothing should be left to chance.

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Anything is possible for Aquarius. Relaxed and offbeat, they want to try everything life has to offer, especially quick and easy ways to get rich.

There is almost no gambling that the average Aquarius would not want to take part in. Aquarius loves risk and is willing to invest large sums of money in gambling.

As you can imagine, such behavior gets them into big financial troubles.

Sometimes they also make money from gambling. This money is spent on long trips at wind speed. Then he will turn to gambling again.

And so it goes in circles. Aquarius is the zodiac’s biggest gambler.

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Pisces do not like to engage in gambling. Gambling means too much adrenaline for them and disturbs their peaceful everyday life.

They’re always a little confused and afraid they’ll lose what little money they have when they invest in something as questionable as a lottery, sports bet, or poker game.

Pisces is the zodiac sign that definitely gambles the least of all zodiac signs.

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