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What type of smoker are you based on your zodiac sign?

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As nice as it is, smoking kills, as we all know. When we smoke, we always forget. Some even get addicted to smoking, which is the worst thing for any human being.

Quitting smoking or any other form of addiction is not easy because our bodies adapt to the activities and we become weak from within.

Nicotine addiction as a result of smoking has been a problem for many people since ancient times. Many people want to quit smoking.

The signs of the zodiac have a different tendency to consume tobacco products.

There are many people inquiring about the best ways to quit smoking through astrology.

Astrology reveals exactly why each zodiac sign starts smoking and how best to quit.

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These stubborn people usually start smoking in their rebellious youth.

Although physical rejection accompanied her first use of tobacco, the desire to feel like an adult was stronger.

Those who listen more to their bodies reject the cigarette immediately, and those who then accept it have long been addicted to it.

Their innate stubbornness and fear of the consequences help them quit smoking, compensating for the lack of stamina and the stressful lives they lead most of the time.

Mars can give them determination, and because of this they are more apt to forgo some pleasures.

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Taurus tries smoke because they equate smoking with comfort. However, he belongs to the non-smoker zodiac sign, since his body instinctively rejects everything that harms him.

His heightened senses can also react violently to bad smells and tastes, so he’s more likely to wave his hand around smokers than reach for a cigarette.

Above all, Taurus is more prone to malignant throat diseases than other zodiac signs, which smoking has been shown to contribute to. Decisions to quit smoking are, in principle, followed regularly.

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While Taurus’s weak point is their throat, Gemini’s are their lungs, so smoking is strictly forbidden! You are also an air sign and need clean air, free of nicotine and other pollutants.

Due to their innate nervousness and need to try everything that is offered to them, Gemini will start smoking early and since they are not very determined, the smoking cessation process will take a long time.

Media pressure and the well-known fact that smoking has become a laughing stock in developed countries contribute to her determination to end the vice at last.

Mercury brings them determination, and so they have a new chance to make a fresh start and live a healthier life.

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Literally, this is a very sensitive person who instinctively feels all the negative effects of smoking.

On the other hand, there are Cancers that smoking helps in stressful situations and emotional insecurity. So they start smoking.

Most Cancerians quit smoking when they start a family, and some even give up cigarettes once they find their loved one.

If Cancer’s partner smokes, they will soon follow. For this reason, couples therapy is best for him when he and his partner are engaged in a battle called quitting smoking.

The best time to do this is in the spring and summer months.

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If the lion smokes, he is a big smoker.

But since the lion has an increased risk of heart disease, when he realizes how much it threatens him, he will stop smoking overnight and take more care of his health.

Leo is determined and selfish, he doesn’t like anything that harms him.

Therefore, he needs a psychological approach, and realizing that smoking threatens his health and appearance, very soon he will consider this vice as an enemy.

It’s also important that he says he’s quitting in front of everyone, because the audience is very important to him. If he decides to take such a step in August, he has a great chance of success.

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Virgo smokers are very rare, especially in developed countries.

However, since environmental and health awareness is sufficiently developed in our country, smokers are probably aware that all smoking poses a risk to them.

She often lacks the strength to quit smoking, so many describe her smoking preferences as casual entertainment or social activity.

For Virgos, the doctor plays a big part in rehab, and he or she should be adamant about the possible consequences. In the second half of 2022, the stars are in their favor!

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The Libra who chronically lacks determination will make a resolution to quit smoking every day.

It’s amazing that most smokers are among the members of this aesthetic sign.

However, it is not difficult to convince them that smoking is harmful, especially if they have someone close to them who is sick from smoking.

But quitting smoking for good also takes a lot of determination, perseverance, renunciation and focus, and various spiritual disciplines help you a lot.

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Scorpios are immensely stubborn, stubborn, determined and principled. When they want something, they will do anything to get it, but they have to feel it – from the inside out!

Their problem is that they tend to self-destruct. Indeed, they enjoy what harms them and what destroys them.

But it is also true that a strong motive can lead them to fight against anything destructive, and then they will see their vice as a living adversary.

Scorpios love to show off their skills and regularly do much out of spite. So it’s best to bet someone that they will quit smoking!

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The typical Sagittarius loves nature, clean air and sports, so smoking is a foreign word for him.

They usually smoke at a young age when cigarettes go hand in hand with their love of adventure, hectic nightlife and other vices.

There are a large number of shooters who do not inhale the smoke deeply or only smoke in company.

Despite the fact that they think that the number of cigarettes does not matter, it would be good to completely deprive their body of such inhalations.

Spending time in nature and exercising are her allies, helping her body produce pleasure hormones on its own, making it easier to forget about cigarettes.

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For the pessimistic and depressed Capricorn, cigarettes can be the best company. Enveloped in tobacco smoke, this only increases his sadness.

Luckily, a member of this zodiac sign is very stubborn, so once they start rehab, they usually complete it successfully.

To quit smoking, he also needs the unobtrusive support of those around him, confirmation that he can do it and that he is loved.

Sometimes the right word and even the threat of a doctor can work wonders, because Capricorn, like Virgo, is prone to hypochondria. In September he will find it easiest to throw away his cigarette.

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The whimsical Aquarius is a smoker today and maybe a fierce fighter for the protection of non-smokers’ rights tomorrow.

He is one of those people who quickly forget the habits of the day before yesterday, which he only stopped because of an inner impulse or a banal reason.

It’s hard to say that he’s addicted to cigarettes, but if he spends a lot of time in cafes, he’ll do it with a cigarette.

If he changes his environment, he will change his habits, and so quit smoking. However, he can start smoking again.

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Often these are smokers who are aware of the dangers of smoking but are not trying to quit. The only reason they quit smoking is for love!

This is a zodiac sign willing to make sacrifices for those they love. The problem is that when love ends, they can easily go back to the old bad habit.

And the biggest problem is that Pisces are in frail health, and in moments of malice or apathy they smoke one cigarette after another.

To quit smoking, they need the support of those around them, a lot of persuasion and encouragement.

It is best if someone takes them by the hand and takes them to a professional who will recommend an appropriate method. The best months for this are July and November.

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