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5 Signs That Are Not Good To Date When They Are Nervous

We’re all short-tempered from time to time, but some zodiac signs are known for overreacting when they’re nervous.

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It’s no secret that you shouldn’t date someone if you know how they react to nerves, but we help you find out who to avoid:


Taurus are very stubborn and do not compromise regardless of the situation. When they are upset, there is very little you can say to calm them down. Even if most of the time their reasons are serious and correct, they need time to get over. When they are nervous or frustrated, they can be extremely noisy and have no patience at all with the people they interact with in tense moments.


Leos are very dramatic and dominant. When they are angry, they firmly believe that they are right and will not back down from any argument. They get fired up very quickly and are not afraid to resort to insults when they are really angry with someone. They often exaggerate their anger and even if they realize it, they will never admit it and refuse to apologize.

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Scorpio is assertive and loves to always be right. He is spiteful and vindictive and does not give in easily when he is angry.

They stand out for their passive aggressiveness and sharp remarks when you least expect them. Although Scorpio is generally calm and aloof, he can become mean and naughty when irritated by something or someone.

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Sagittarians are not usually mean, but when they are nervous they will say absolutely anything! Being a fire sign, they catch fire and become naughty from time to time, resorting to quite an aggressive language. When angry, Sagittarians vent with their words, but are able to apologize for their outburst as soon as they calm down.

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Capricorns are usually very calculating and responsible. Even if he doesn’t usually have emotional outbursts, sometimes anger takes over him. Being filled with this feeling, he is not afraid to direct his criticism toward the nearest target. A Capricorn is persistent and will always keep his own, tending rather to blame others.

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