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How To Choose Your Wedding Date, According To Your Sign

For many people, the zodiac sign and the astrological calendar are major influences in the choice of wedding details.

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Depending on the sign under which you were born, certain periods can be beneficial or, on the contrary, unsuitable for a wedding. An astrological calendar for weddings will always come in handy. We have prepared a guide in which we will explain how to choose the perfect date for your wedding.


Aquarians are people who value personal independence and need a lot of room to move. This is a first indication that the wedding should be organized in a spacious and airy location, preferably close to the water.

An airy and fresh climate will make Aquarius at their best. For this reason, spring is the perfect season for a wedding.


Another water sign, Pisces are the dreamer of the zodiac and need a wedding that satisfies their romantic nature. Their wedding will be a fairy tale, with countless details and a lot of guests. Since they don’t mind the cold and the captivating scenery of winter attracts them, this season seems to be perfect for the wedding.


Impulsive and adventurous, Aries will not be satisfied with a conventional wedding.

By his nature, he always wants to be surprised so he will hesitate a lot before choosing the date that seems perfect to him. An earth sign, strongly connected to nature, Aries is favored by weddings in the warm season. Summer is the ideal period, but the beginning of autumn will also attract him.


Cerebral and well-grounded in reality, Tauruses weigh all options very carefully and choose the period that best resonates with their needs.
Nature lovers will definitely want an outdoor wedding.

But as the excessive heat exhausts them, there is only autumn or spring left.


Dual personalities, Gemini will change their minds countless times until they decide on a final date. And even then they will have doubts
However, Geminis love nature and warmth so a day in spring or summer is an ideal wedding date for them.


Sensitive Cancers want to be surrounded by all their loved ones and suffer if someone cannot make it to the event. Also, they are attached to absolutely everything related to their past and provenance so they will always choose the familiar.

July meets the essential conditions. The warmth outside and the feeling of celebration will turn their wedding into the most beautiful event of the year.

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Leos value the impression they make so they always want to surprise the world. They will choose to have their wedding in unusual places – in the mountains or on a beach. The winter months offer them endless opportunities to be creative. December and January are perfect months for Leo couples.


People born under the sign of Virgo have a practical spirit and will organize the event down to the smallest details.

They will also weigh all aspects and orient themselves according to budget, needs and practicality. The off-season months – like January or March – are to their liking.

How To Choose Your Wedding Date, According To Your Sign

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