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The expression that represents you, depending on your zodiac sign

Each zodiac sign stands out through something specific, it can be the style of clothing, the tone of the voice or the vocabulary. What expression characterizes you?


“How pretty!”

You always admire everything around you: nature, people, cars, clothes, songs and much more. You have deep feelings and appreciate the beauty in small things and always express your emotions.


“You deserve more!”

Because you are a strong character and have high standards, you always tell the people around you that they can do more and advise them to aim higher to realize that they deserve more.


“Because I said so!”

Once you set your mind on something, nothing or anyone can change you. You are stubborn, especially when you make public statements and you can’t back down.


“What’s your number? We should go out!”

You always make friends everywhere you go, every day you make new contacts on your phone and it’s very possible to even keep in touch with them and make plans together right after.


“I’m here for you!”

You have a big heart and a protective personality, so you always jump to the aid of those around you and offer them your unconditional support.


“I can do it!”

You always volunteer to do things that other people can’t or won’t do. You love the savior feeling afterwards and you love to feel that you have managed to do those things that others have been afraid of and run away from.


“Let me investigate!”

You check out anyone or anything, even when you have to go somewhere new or meet an admirer. You always research the information that people give you.


“Give love!”

Your balanced and diplomatic nature makes you an extremely conciliatory person and a savior in many cases. You always try to make people befriend, reconcile and love each other.


“I told you so!”

You are always right, or at least you think so. Most of the time it is because you are an intelligent person who knows how to read the people around him.

Your intuition tends to be your greatest quality.


“You only live once!”

You’re always pushing people to do fun things and take bigger risks. You understand that life is too short to be scared, shy or sad. You certainly practice what you preach!


“Let me solve it myself!”

You are known as a person who solves everything, who tries to clean up the garbage left behind by others. You are an organized, cool and calm nature and you know how to adapt according to the situation.


“Nothing is impossible!”

You are a dreamy and rebellious person, you believe that only the sky is the limit and everyone should be able to turn their dreams into reality. You always push people to pursue their goals.

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