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Some people clearly find it harder than others to engage in a relationship and love. They often prefer to stay alone and carefully examine a potential partner before they let them in on them. It is particularly common for people who have one of the following three zodiac signs …

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star sign Cancer

They are known as family people and self-sacrificing, empathetic personalities. They are particularly concerned about getting involved with the wrong person and being disappointed and hurt – which is why they protect their feelings and are reluctant to engage in a relationship. But if you are sure that everything fits, you are loyal and honest partners who are always at your side of your favorite person. You can only switch off your head if you have checked everything thoroughly. And without that they don’t get involved in anything.

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Zodiac sign Scorpio

People with this zodiac sign like to be in control and have difficulty opening up to others. Even if scorpions have a fascinating effect on their fellow human beings, they are rather hesitant about love when it comes to their feelings. Her self-protection instinct is just very big and saves her from disappointments. But when a scorpion loves and allows his feelings, he is a wonderful and attentive partner. Until that happens, however, a potential partner has to fight for a place in the planned life of the scorpion. Because they travel a lot and are active and strongly involved everywhere. The fear of having to give up this free and independent life is very great with the zodiac sign Scorpio.

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Sagittarius zodiac sign

Shooters are also people who love an active and outward-looking life. Sometimes that means hurting other people, but they only enter into a relationship if they are absolutely sure. Sagittarius can become a literal elephant in the china shop when it comes to feelings and leave the field regardless of losses when they no longer feel comfortable in a relationship. At some point, however, the longing for recognition, love and an emotional home becomes so great that they drop their resistance and engage in love and a partner. Anyone who manages to give a shooter the necessary freedom will be rewarded with a warm and loyal partner.

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