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4 Zodiac Signs Who Sometimes Have Crazy Ideas (And How To Treat It)

Someone wants to communicate with aliens. Someone dreams of creating a cure for old age. We are neither hot nor cold. If they do it, it’s fine; if they don’t, it’s okay. But there are guys whose ideas cause not a smile, but horror – they “smack” too much with madness. Who are these strange people, and how to expel inadequate thoughts from their wise little heads?


“I will save the world. I will bring the required number of sacrifices and destroy the evil.” Stop stop, what victims, what evil? Cancer, where is it taking you? It must be the full moon, and Cancer is once again obsessed with the idea of ​​saving humanity. The topic is good, but the means to achieve the goals are frightening. How will we treat them? It’s simple: you need to throw suffering citizens to the ward of the Moon so that Cancer saves them (and then the Moon will move into another phase).


Save, help! – whisper people who have learned about the thoughts that came into the mind of an eccentric Leo. The worst thing is that the ward of the Sun will not draw up a plan – he will just take it and do it. It is treated simply: shower Leo with compliments, and he will admire himself, forgetting about everything in the world.


It’s good that Scorpio is not a scientist, otherwise, the planet would have changed its trajectory long ago and carried away into space. Cockroaches of a water creature fuss only next to him and with people from the inner circle (thank God, they don’t climb to the rest). It is impossible to cure, but you can reduce the intensity of passions: show Scorpio some kind of trick and behave not quite adequately. So that Scorpio understands: there are more crazy people in the world than he is.


The most harmless lunatic. Today Sagittarius breeds ducks on the balcony. And tomorrow he is buying a batch of rejuvenating artifacts. Yes, imagine – Jupiter’s pet believes in magic. Sagittarius’s ideas do not harm. The fiery dreamer dreams of changing the world but does it as if with reluctance. It is not necessary to treat, because the thoughts in the head of Sagittarius change at the speed of light, and he quickly forgets about the business he was passionate about.

Crazy thoughts, or an attempt to attract attention? The guys from the zodiac four are silent – they will still bring ideas to life. Why be indignant – they are trying for us.

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