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4 ways to make a narcissistic Aries dance to your tune

Force an Aries to do something? Yes, you are crazy! – exclaim all who are well acquainted with the representative of the fiery element. And no one spoke about “force”: we will ask, and the pet of Mars, like a cute little one, will dance the hopak to our tune. The stars will share tricky ways to help manipulate Aries.

Method 1. Flattery

Yes, that same rude … well, not rude, but very subtle and veiled flattery. Just list all the virtues of Aries in his presence. Now complain about life and in the meantime (very carefully) hint that only such a wonderful (what to say – ideal) person like Aries can save you .

Method 2. Competition

Somewhere in the universe some people are smarter, stronger, and more beautiful than Aries. But if the ward of Mars does this and that (well, like these most wonderful mythical guys), then he will certainly be at the first number. Yes, Aries will not only dance to your tune … he will crawl out of his skin, just to prove that the signs of fire are the coolest of all.

Method 3. Self-destruction

Look out from under the baseboard at the moment when Aries passes by. Let him feel great and powerful. The generous sign of fire will give you a helping hand and save you from all misfortunes. Don’t forget to bow and give thanks. And repeat that you do not need anything and that you are dust under the feet of the magnificent and perfect Aries. A pet of Mars will do anything to show his nobility: play the pipe louder until Aries changes his mind.

Method 4. Criticism

Here you need to act very, very carefully, because if you overdo it, then Aries will not dance, and will break your pipe (and you along with it). Practice on someone else first. And then go to the sign of fire. And start all phrases with praise. You are cool, but … You are beautiful, but … You are smart, but … Aries has already become thoughtful and is about to start proving that there is no “but”. There are many more ways. But Aries would not be Aries if he told the rest of the secrets. He is the one and only. And dances to your tune only because he wanted to dance.

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