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4 most emotional gentlemen according to the signs of the zodiac

All men are different: there are beeches and silent people, and there are darlings and cheerful slobs. But the stars decided to talk about overly emotional guys. If they hug, then so that the bones crack. And if they sort things out, then those around them plug their ears. Under what constellations were these unrestrained guys born?


Well, no one is surprised – our urchin has ripened everywhere. Aries comes first in both the zodiac and the emotional list. The fiery cavalier can stir up the most frozen (and inhibited) lady – his charisma blows her off her feet. The stars suspect that the bright man was born in Italy: Aries expressively gesticulates and cannot be in a calm state. Emotions run high, what can I say?


Hide feelings, hide emotions, close from people? No, this is not about Gemini: when Mercury’s ward was born, an endless battery was implanted into him. And why be surprised – the element is air. Here Gemini behaves like the wind: it will fly in and spin, then it will pick it up and drag it away. The girls are delighted – what pressure, what passion!


Temperament is just a bomb: broads, and all Khan. In the presence of Leo, it is impossible to remain calm because he charges everyone around with his energy. The girls squeak and clap their hands – a magical man! The pet of the Sun sparkles and sparkles, because the element of fire makes Leo’s emotions enchanting. Yes, and he is like New Year’s fireworks – wow, what a hot Finnish guy!


Meet another fiery passionate man – how much strength does he have? One gets the impression that Sagittarius is in constant ecstasy because his flame does not fade at all. Jupiter’s pet is perhaps the most emotional of all emotional gentlemen – women of any age are ready to succumb to the charm of Sagittarius and fall at his feet. Or maybe the fiery boy steals energy from the girls so that they have no strength left to resist?

This emotional list did not include Cancers and Pisces – they are also sensitive gentlemen. Alas, the guys of the air and fire elements simply “pushed out” the water boys – there is nothing to breed competition here.

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