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“I gave a swing from fear”: 5 main fears in the life of the Pisces sign

So sweet, so touching – Pisces hear such compliments throughout their lives. It would seem – live and rejoice. But Neptune’s pets are not looking for easy ways and are always waiting for some kind of trick. And it would seem, why to torment yourself until nothing happened? But, alas, sometimes Pisces just can’t let go of the situation and live a normal life. What are the representatives of this zodiac sign afraid of?

Fear 1 – Loneliness

Pisces often cry that no one loves or understands them. Of course, deep down they are well aware that there are many people around who will support, understand and listen, but still, the fear of being forgotten and useless constantly haunts the representatives of this sign. They are afraid that people will one-day “score” their problems and leave Pisces alone with difficulties – like in the story about the boy who shouted “Wolves!”

Fear 2 – Old age

Many people are afraid of old age, but in Pisces, this fear is especially pronounced. They do not present themselves with wrinkles and sores. Pisces are eternal children and struggle with age as best they can. Usually successful – representatives of this sign (both women and men) usually look younger than their real age. But sometimes the fear of age-related changes obscures Pisces’ eyes, and they do stupid things – they buy fraudulent miracle dietary supplements that promise eternal youth, or go under the knife of a plastic surgeon.

Fear 3 – Poverty

Probably, in a past life, Pisces were vagabonds without money and without housing. How else to explain that they panic as soon as they hear about the next economic crisis, and run to buy matches, buckwheat, and pasta? At the same time, Pisces is prone to rash spending – since bankruptcy is inevitably coming tomorrow, you need to urgently lower all your savings.

Fear 4 – Betrayal

Pisces rarely think about the feelings of others. By hurting others, Neptune’s wards believe in the law of the boomerang and are waiting for an “answer”. And so they live – they offend others and then hide under armored scales. And they do not even understand that people do not betray, but only reciprocate.

Fear 5 – Unrequited love

Pisces never confess their love first – what if they are denied? Suffer, be sad and cry – why do Pisces need such sadness in life? It’s better to entertain yourself with thoughts of castles in the air. As a result, they often miss their halves and live according to the principle that “maybe everything will work out.” “But it doesn’t hurt us!” Pisces exclaim and swim away into the sunset.

It may seem that Pisces is afraid of everything and everyone. But do not consider Pisces defenseless squishy. They do not like to take the initiative if their problems can be solved by someone else. But in a pan-or-miss situation, Pisces turn into predators – and here everyone who stands in the way should beware.

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