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5 secrets to the success of unflappable Cancer women in men

The gentle Cancer woman is often compared to an unearthly creature – she seems to be out of this world. She is dreamy, mysterious, smart, they are drawn to her, they want to spend time with her, but she doesn’t seem to care. The ward of the moon is in the clouds and does not notice men. And the guys do not lose hope and are trying with all their might to achieve the location of the dreamy beauty and solve the riddle. What is the secret to the success of the Cancer woman?

Secret 1. Inaccessibility

The water lady sits in her shell and is completely oblivious to the hundreds of compliments, passionate serenades and armfuls of flowers that appear daily at her door. It seems that men are not at all interested in her – the lunar beauty has her own world, in which she is much more interesting than in the world of people. But it is precisely such coldness, according to the astrologers that catch men the most. By all means, they want to understand what is the matter: is the Cancer woman stuffing her own worth, or is she so impenetrable?

Secret 2. Coldness

The water queen acts as if she knows all the secrets of the world. She is cold-blooded and unflappable. Well, what man does not want to melt the heart of an impregnable beauty? Here the peasants hover around the Cancer woman and try to pick up the key to her heart. Is there a heart?

Secret 3. Silence

Every second man is ready to kneel before a silent lady. And the Cancer girl is exactly like that: she does not like chatter and will not talk for days on end on the phone with her girlfriend “about important things”. Only on the topic, only on the case – oh, a dream, not a woman!

Secret 4. Sexuality

Yes, she is silent, cold, and inaccessible. But you can’t hide sexuality. Vibes of passion literally fill the space around the Cancer girl. Inaccessible and at the same time temperamental? It’s even better than dumb! the men shout. The guys are even ready to part with their freedom because the moon lady has a motto: before the wedding – no, no.

Secret 5. Romance

The Cancer Woman seemed to come from the century before last – a sort of sophisticated lady. She loves poetry, does not use foul language, dine at a beautifully set table and does not allow herself vulgar gestures. And even an incorrigible male (macho, brutal and marginal in one bottle) in the depths of his soul dreams of such a woman: how to beat her with a baton on a perfect hairstyle, but how to drag her into a dirty cave.

The water girl does not care about male preferences and weaknesses. Lunar indifference touches and the guys are even more inflamed. Almost like a classic – the less we love a man, the more we like him.

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