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Top 5 Zodiac Masters In Manipulation

We’ve all met at least once in our lives a person who tried to manipulate us, but we found out about his intentions much too late.

Discover the 5 zodiac masters in manipulation!

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Here are the 5 signs extremely skilled in the art of manipulation:



Don’t be fooled by a Scorpio, he is very secretive and untrustworthy. He says he’s tpu’s best friend and then finds a reason to stop trusting you. He will start secretly dating other people. He tends to be very jealous when he sees that you are paying attention to someone else and is annoyed that he is no longer a full priority. He will do his best to eliminate other people from your life and then blame it all on you.


Cancer is very intuitive, which can be a blessing for him. However, in some cases, it could be your biggest nightmare. He has a rich imagination and will blame you for scenarios that never happened in reality. He’s the kind of person who finds reasons to hate you for something you did to him five years ago and still thinks you’re still the same person.


The Gemini native is very caring, but can also change radically. He is an indecisive person, which is why he will always try to mask this by appearing trustworthy.

However, at some point everything will be found out. Pretentious by nature, when he is at a party he will be very sociable and behave like everyone else, but when he gets home he will be with one jaw in the sky and one on the ground.

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The Pisces native leaves the impression that he is totally disinterested and sometimes he is so desperate to help others that you will wonder if he has any interest, and he really does! It is usually the person who creates chaos and complains about it, even though he is the only one responsible. He will blame you for the problems he has because he tried so hard to help you.


Leo is the type of person who will argue to the death to prove that they are right, even though they are not at all. If you are in love with someone, this native will not hesitate to say that he felt it first and has every right to make the first move. He is the person who wants to hide his laziness with a lot of talk.

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